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Saqib Saleem’s Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Workout and Diet Plan for Race 3

When it comes to shaping up for a film role, Hollywood actors lead the chart. They inspire millions of fans across the globe to get fit and lead a proper lifestyle. But did you know that these Hollywood hunks inspire actors from different countries to look good too?

Yes, Indian film actor Saqib Saleem has recently adopted a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool workout to ensure that he looks fit & fine for his upcoming thriller Race 3 (2018). Have a look at his journey and the results he achieved right here.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the talented actor includes working out for around 2 hours a day. His workout starts with stretching and leads to cardio and hitting the weights. The last leg of the program includes core training. He also does yoga for at least two times a week as it helps in keeping him flexible.

He also likes doing a difficult Ryan Reynolds Deadpool (2016) workout to get in shape for Race 3. Indian movie icon Salman Khan’s trainer Rakesh Udiyar has been helping him to train right.

Workout Motivation

The Delhiite says that he has been worried about his weight and was constantly living with the fear that if he didn’t work out often enough, he would gain weight. His fears proved right when he was forced to stop hitting the gym due to a back injury and gained 8-10 kgs in a short amount of time.

When he looked at himself, he felt motivated to hit the gym because he didn’t want to look fat. This is the biggest workout motivation for him. Many people assume that he started working out due to Race 3, but he says he signed the film much later. He lost all the excess weight in just 4 months and looks dashing now.

Ab Weight Loss

The model says that since signing Race 3, he has also been attending many punching and kicking workshops. At these workshops, he spends at least 3 or 4 hours at once.

Amazing Results

Saqib has lost a total of 8 kilos in just four months. He has also got enviable abs that he can’t help but show off on social media. When he looks in the mirror now, he feels that all that weight loss struggle was worth it.

Diet Plan

As the movie star exerted his body too much to look good, one thing that helped him was his determination to follow a good diet. He says that broccoli is his best friend and he has added it to almost every meal.

He also says that as he lived in a family where red meat was freely available so cutting down on butter, meat and Mughlai food has always been a challenge. The skilled actor has also reduced his sugar and milk intake. The exact diet plan of the brother of Huma Qureshi is as follows:


Scrambled eggs and oats

Hourly Meal

A protein shake and some fruit


Chicken, brown rice, cilantro, bell pepper and loads of vegetables.

Evening Meal

Walnuts, nuts, and boiled eggs.

Diet Indulgence

The Mere Dad Ki Maruti (2013) actor says that he enjoys a few pieces of mutton or red meat every Sunday. He knows that huge quantities of this food are not good, so he has only a couple of pieces every week.

Working with Salman

In Race 3, Saleem would be working with Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez. Talking about working with the Tubelight (2017) actor, Saleem said that working with him has been a massive inspiration as he has always looked up at Sallu Bhai. He feels blessed to have an opportunity to work with Khan and doesn’t feel pressured about it. In fact, he feels excited as he sees the opportunity as fun.

An Unfortunate Accident

The Bombay Talkies (2013) actor was injured while filming the Remo D’Souza’s directorial venture. He was shooting for an action scene and opted to do the stunt himself. Unfortunately, he ended up injuring his hand and Salman called his doctor to help him. He has got two stitches to heal his hand injury.

Weight Loss Tips for Saqib Saleem Fans

The Hawaa Hawaai (2014) actor says that if you want to stay fit, you need to hit the gym and you must not forget to warm up, especially when you are about to do weights. You should also stretch as much as possible to make your body flexible and prepare it to take the load. It is also a good idea to strengthen your core and back before setting a fitness goal and chasing it.

Featured Image by Bollywood Hungama / BollywoodHungama.com / CC BY 3.0

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