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Shaun T Workout Tips and Diet Advice

Shaun T is one of the most popular fitness icons in the world, thanks to his amazing workout programs like Insanity, Focus T25, and Another. If you are also among the millions of fans of this amazing fitness expert, then his workout routine and diet advice mentioned below are a must read for you. What are you waiting for? Start scrolling and start learning.

Shaun T as seen in January 2019
Shaun T as seen in January 2019 (Shaun T / Instagram)

How to Stay Fit in 2019

Most people start their New Year with resolutions of staying fit but soon end up losing their vision and start avoiding the gym. If you are among such people, then you should know that the main culprit here is pressure. You should never pressurize yourself to achieve a fitness goal in a specific timeframe, for example building 6-pack abs in 2 months, because when it’s not achieved, you are likely to go off the fitness track. The best solution to this problem is to know yourself enough to set measurable goals that you can achieve rather than the ones someone else has achieved.

Focus on Mind Power

If you want to stay on the path of fitness this year, you should prepare yourself mentally for the same. If your mind is focused enough to do 50 squats in a day, you will do it. In contrast, if your mind tells you to stop only after 10 squats, you won’t be able to attain the goals you have set. The mind can also help you continue on the path of fitness, especially when the results are visible.

Shaun T as seen while working out in December 2018
Shaun T as seen while working out in December 2018 (Shaun T / Instagram)

Don’t Seek Perfection

Many people make the mistake of seeking a perfect body and lose their mental health to achieve their goal. You should not make that mistake and realize that being mentally strong and fit is the most important thing. It’s impossible to seek a perfect body because your body is always changing. Your mind should be fit enough to motivate yourself to be better every single day.

Workout Motivation

If you want to stay motivated to work out regularly, you should learn to mix up the workouts. For instance, you should sign up for a dance class and join a baseball league. You can also play tennis and volleyball like Shaun. Do something that interests you and makes it fun. Never focus on how much you weigh but focus on how fit do you feel each day. Remember, the weight will eventually come off but long-lasting happiness is the most important.

Find Fit Friends

If you want to stay fit, you should surround yourself with people who also like to stay fit. In case most of your friends are couch potatoes, you will turn into one sooner or later. So, you should make friends with people who exercise regularly and can encourage you to live a healthier life.

Be Selfish

The expert also recommends that you should be selfish at times and focus on fitness. You should find the time to focus on your fitness and take time from your professional life and busy schedule to do a workout. You should know that if you work out regularly and stay healthy, the people around you will benefit as well. Your loved ones will be happy if you are fit & happy and your professional organization will benefit if you are healthy because you will take fewer holidays and would be more productive.

Shaun T celebrating his 800k followers on Instagram in December 2018
Shaun T celebrating his 800k followers on Instagram in December 2018 (Shaun T / Instagram)

Diet Advice

If you want to have cinnamon buns every once in a while, have them and enjoy the experience. Don’t think of the exercise you have to do later to compensate for the indulgence. The best diet rule you need to follow is to eat healthy 85 percent times and indulge 15 percent of times. Also, remember to limit the portions when you indulge and cut the doughnut in half.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Shaun has quit alcohol and his life has become better due to the change. He says that he never had a serious drinking problem but when he realized that he was drinking unnecessarily, he decided to stop it. He also realized that he felt a lot of peer pressure to have a drink and he couldn’t say no. This started impacting his life because too much alcohol limited his ability to be more productive.

When he decided to stop drinking and shared the news with his fans, they felt amazing about his decision. The decision changed his life for the better because he felt more energetic than ever after quitting alcohol. He also has a clear mind and better control over his life. Though he doesn’t judge people who have a few drinks every now and then, he suggests that you start ordering water instead of alcohol when you are out with friends to change your life for the better. You can always drink whenever you want to but you should never need a drink.

Bad Phase

Shaun T had a rough childhood and his family lived off food stamps on most days. So, when he had access to unlimited food at college, he overindulged and gained 50 pounds in the freshman year. He didn’t do anything to lose the excess weight despite being unhappy about it because he was too embarrassed to hit the gym.

Shaun T as seen during a jump
Shaun T as seen during a jump (Shaun T / Instagram)

The Turn Towards Fitness

One day, he decided to turn to fitness and started with treadmill runs and dance fitness classes. After losing a few initial pounds, he felt great and even switched his major to Sports Science. He also decided to teach a class at the school rec center. Thankfully, 90 students signed up for his first class that involved doing hip-hop aerobics routine on songs.

Most students loved the experience and even forgot that they were afraid to dance and were stepping out of their comfort zone. It was then that Shaun decided that he wants to become a fitness instructor. He started his career by teaching workers at a nuclear plant in New Jersey and later moved to LA and started creating videos.

Featured Image by Shaun T / Instagram

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