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Side Effect: Skinny – Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet

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Created by Denise Austin, international fitness expert, Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet is one of the most effective weight loss programs, which will rapidly burn fats from your body. Denise has shared all the weight related and several other problems faced by women in her diet program, and has suggested powerful ways of dealing with those problems.

You can easily shed ten to twenty pounds from your body in mere three weeks while going along with the diet program. Denise contends, women don’t necessarily have to become skeleton like to be perfectly healthy. She rather insists on attaining healthy and toned body which look elegant.

The diet program is apt for women of all the age groups; because the diet program has something special to offer to all of them. Denise asserts, should you pay bit more attention on the kinds of foods you feed to your body; you can attain the much sought after body without making your body feel deprived.

What Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet is?

Denise Austin’s fat blast diet is an eminent weight loss program. The diet program has radically changed lives of myriad women in last twenty five years. It works on principle of confusing your metabolism by continually changing the number of calories.

After every seven days, there would be alternation in the number of calories. Number of calories in a day will vary from 1200 to 1500 calories. Alteration in calories is an effective way of keeping dieters motivated about the program, as it saves them from getting bored.

After seven days, you are allowed to savor your favorite foods while remaining within the limit of 1500 calories. On seventh day, you can have light breakfast and lunch, and can use all your saved calories by opting to have your loved foods in dinner. Objective of cheat days is to put break on your cravings. When you know you can eat what you wish to, you naturally stop craving for them.

Seven to Seven Rule of Diet Plan 

Denise Austin’s fat blast diet plan emphasizes on seven to seven eating rule which means whatever you want to eat, you can eat between 7AM to 7PM. After seven in evening, your metabolism goes down and your body comes in rest mode. Feeding foods to your body after seven in evening is just like adding calories into your body in the form of fat. In addition to that, you should have light dinner, and should maintain fair gap between your dinner and sleeping time.

Fat Blast Foods

Here are some fat blast foods which will rev up your metabolism and will kick start fat burning process in your body. Shape of foods is very significant. Just by having a look at the shape of organic foods, you will know which particular organ of your body will get benefit from specifically chosen food items.

Green Tea – Green tea is a natural antioxidant. It contains phytochemical named catechins which boost your metabolism. It also detoxifies your body and improves the functioning of all your body organs.

Red Tomatoes – Red tomatoes are very good for healthy heart.

Sweet Potatoes – Having the shape of pancreas, sweet potatoes improve the functioning of your pancreas.

Beet – Beet purifies your blood and enhances the number of RBC in your blood. When your blood is pure, you stay immune from all kinds of skin problems and allergies.

Walnuts – Walnuts which share the shape of brain enhances your memory, and are very effective in maintaining good health of your brain. As your brain controls all the functions of your body, healthy brain indicates healthy functioning of your body.

Workouts in Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet

Denise has introduced interval walking in her fat blast workouts program which rapidly will burn calories from your body. Dieters can practice weight lifting for seven minutes and can practice various kinds of stretching exercises.

If you are not much comfortable with weight lifting, there is a sigh of relief for you because you don’t need to switch to very heavy weights. You can lift weights ranging from five to eight pounds. Your body will get toned through these exercises.

You need to practice workouts for minimum thirty minutes in a day. Different kinds of stretching exercises are so convenient that you can practice them even in your car, kitchen, office, or at any other small place. Workouts indeed are important, but they alone are not sufficient. You should keep your body in motion as much as is possible for you.

Benefits of Denise Austin’s Fat Blast Diet

Denise Austin’s fat blast diet program will provide you several benefits; let’s have a look at some of them.

  • There are enormous delicious recipes and workouts recommended by the diet program. Both of them will assist dieters in marching towards their weight loss objective.
  • Specifically selected food items such as red tomatoes, walnuts, avocados etc. come under nutrient dense foods. These foods will trigger fat burning process in your body, as a result of which your body will start melting pounds a very fast pace.
  • There are numerous effective strategies in the diet plan, which are very beneficial, especially for women who have very hectic schedule and don’t get much time to look after their bodies. No matter where you are, these strategies will continue fat burning process in your body.
  • Should you want to customize the diet program for you, you can opt for customized diet plan, which will entirely be based on your particular requirements.
  • There are sufficient directions and guidelines provided by the diet solution. You will find long list of nutrient dense foods recommended by the diet plan.

Sample Diet Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of diet solution.


You can have half grapefruit, green tea, hard-boiled egg etc. in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have any fruit such as apple, grapefruit, oatmeal, green tea etc. in your morning snack.


You can have large green salad with tomato and avocado, grilled turkey, chicken breast, one small baked potato etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

You can have handful of walnuts, carrots, avocados, beets, berries, tomatoes etc. in your afternoon snack.


You can have Mexican Lasagna, corn tortillas, whole-wheat pasta etc. in your dinner.

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  1. There are hundreds of Denise Austin clips on YouTube. Just do yourself a favor and don’t read the guys’ comments beneath. I read that Denise Austin was upset over lewd comments made about past clips online. In some Washington DC newspaper story, Denise reportedly giggled when someone asked if she knew she was the object of so much lust and said, “Now I’m worried!” She also said that she was totally unaware of it. She pushed the limit in skimpy exercise wear on her shows. Although I have to give her credit that she has never actually overtly played up her sexuality. Search “Denise Austin Gets Indecent Exposure” to read the article.

  2. Denise Austin has aged well. She seems not to have augmentation, botox, etc. (That is, I’m not saying Denise hasn’t but if she has it’s less discernible.) She does enjoy photo retouching though. 😉


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