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Simone De La Rue 2017 Fitness Advice

Simone De La Rue, the creator of Body by Simone, has an extensive list of celebrity clients that includes the Kardashians, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon. Her approach to fitness is so good that celebs stick to her for years at once. If you want to get some fitness tips from the talented trainer for free, then here’s your best chance. Have a look at some of her best fitness ideas right here and get inspired to make yourself fitter.

Keep Moving

The first bit of advice shared by the popular trainer is that you should just keep moving. You should find an exercise that works for you and connects with you. You should realize that thinking about workouts will not change your body, working out will.

Preferred At-Home Workouts

The at-home workouts she prefers are stretching or foam rolling. She does it while watching TV and it relaxes her after a long and tiring day.

Preferred Full Body Exercises

She prefers plank and its variations the most as it’s the perfect full body exercise. When you try this exercise, you should remember to do the right form and technique. You should know that using your body weight is a fantastic way of building strength.

Fitness Goal of Beginners

If you are hitting the gym for the first time in your life, then you shouldn’t pressurize yourself too much. Your initial goal should be to stay in the room on day one.

Never too Late for a Summer Body

It’s never too late for anyone to have a perfect summer body. If you exercise on a regular basis and eat the right foods, you can get a summer body in just two weeks. Remember, consistency is the key to fitness.

Variety in Workouts

It’s also vital to have variety in your workouts and mixing it up. The best thing about dancing is that the moves are never the same. One needs to make use of different muscle groups, different planes of motion and move in different directions. Variety is good for the body as you won’t be doing the same thing over and over again. It’s also excellent for your brain.

Best Body Shaping Exercise

If you wish to shape your body nicely, then you should try a Pilates exercise. In this exercise, you need to lay on your belly and make a diamond with your legs while driving the heels towards the ceiling. If this booty exercise is too tough for you, you can always rely on a squat and various Arabesque and plies exercises where you need to lift your legs.

Best Fitness Advice

Fitness is 80 percent about diet and just 20 percent about exercise. Calorie intake to exercise input is quite essential. Many people make the mistake of unnecessary indulgence. If they have a salad in lunch, they indulge in wine in the evenings, which is full of calories and set back their efforts. You should not make the same mistake. Instead, you should try to control your diet and exercise consistently to achieve optimal levels of fitness.

How to Recharge?

Simone recharges by using water, eating right, sleeping adequately, listening to her body and going for a massage sometimes. You can also try all these methods as they are quite useful and don’t have any side effects.

Best Workout Product

If you wish to buy a product that enhances your fitness, then you should invest in good shoes as it will prevent you from injuries while doing high impact jumping. You should also replace the shoes regularly and ensure that they have proper insoles if you pronate.

Diet and Exercise

You should eliminate alcohol and sugar if you are trying to lose weight. It’s also vital to up your protein intake when aiming to build muscle. In short, your diet should be in line with your fitness goals.

Diet Tips

You should eat as many fresh foods as you can. It is also essential to stay away from processed foods and keep your diet wholesome. Some of the mainstays trusted by De La Rue are:


If you can’t eat before or after a workout, you should rely on protein smoothies and shakes. It’s a bit easier to digest. You can get half a glass before and half a glass after the exercise session.

Healthy Snacks

When you are too busy and still want to eat healthy snacks, you should boil a bunch of eggs at once. They are a protein packed snack that you can carry around in a zip lock bag.

Pre-Prepared Meal

People with a hectic schedule can also buy chicken breast in bulk, cook it and put it in the fridge so that they can grab it while having a meal.

Pre-Workout Foods

Having protein and carbohydrate rich meals an hour before working out will give you energy. Some of the options you can try are Granola with yogurt, poached egg on toast and eggs with bacon or sausages and sweet potato.

Post-Workout Foods

It’s vital to have post workout protein an hour after your workouts to replenish the muscles. A few options worth trying are chicken vegetable stir-fry, salmon tacos in lettuce leaves and an egg and a smoothie.

Learning from Clients

The things the famous personality learns from celebrities are their discipline, their ambition and their ability to drive themselves. She likes it when celebs train to achieve a goal like getting fit for a movie role or an appearance at Grammys. Their ambition and drive inspire her.

Featured Image via Simone De La Rue / Instagram

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