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Sofia Vergara 2017 Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Sofia Vergara is among the few celebrities who work hard to achieve good health and are blessed with a near perfect body. But the diva is not arrogant about looking so good. She has accepted her flaws and believes that self-acceptance is a significant part of one’s life.

Have a look at how she works out despite hating the gym and who motivates her to stay so fit that she looked flawless on the Annual N@ked Issue of Women’s Health Magazine.

Thoughts on Baring It All

Talking about baring it all for the Women’s Health Magazine, the diva said that she likes the fact that nowadays a woman is allowed to show off her body and being n*de on a magazine cover is not limited to young girls only.

She has accepted herself as who she is. She knows she can’t be perfect, so she doesn’t hate it or be upset about it.

Accepting Aging

The stunner also wants to look great and look her age at the same time. She is not obsessed with looking younger because that kind of obsession is not good for one’s well-being.

Workout Routine

The workout routine of the Colombian actress includes hitting the gym at least 3 to 4 times a week.

She hates exercising but does it regularly. She doesn’t have the excuse of not being able to go to the nearest gym as her husband Joe Manganiello has built a very nice gym in the house. Her hatred for exercising is so strong that she is in a bad mood two hours before doing it, and while doing it, and even after doing it because at that time, she has to schedule the next class.

The Modern Family (2009-Present) actress works out with a trainer and incorporates the Megaformer which is something like an advanced Pilates machine which combines balance, cardio, flexibility, and strength. She shares that she lacks athleticism because she can barely do a pushup.

Workout Motivation

Now, if you are wondering why she exercises regularly if she hates it too much, then you should know that her only aim is to stay healthy. Fitness for her is not about having sexy abs or muscles. She also thinks that she doesn’t need to be a fitness model who has a perfect body and she is happy about it because it would require too much effort.

The aim of her exercises is not even building strength because she has very thin bones and bad knees.

A Hard Worker

The key thing she likes about herself is that she is a hard worker. She says she might not be the youngest or the most intelligent, but she is always the hard working one.

This is the main reason for her successful career. Her belief is that dreams don’t happen if a person just sits down and accepts the things. A person should pursue his or her goals relentlessly to achieve them.

A Real Fitness Inspiration

The model also has a real-life inspiration who motivates her to stay fit. It’s none other than her mother-in-law who is 68 years old and has been working out for a long time.

She was so inspired by her mother-in-law that she made her mother who is also 68 and never worked out before, to start doing Pilates.

Diet Secrets

The diet secrets of the beauty include eating healthy foods and cheating on Thursdays. When given a choice between sweets and jasmine tea and fruits, she goes for the latter option.

Staying Fit for the Shoot

Sofia doesn’t always remain in total control while eating foods. She loses it sometimes and enjoys the foods she loves. She even lost control before the Women Health magazine shoot and ate like an animal (her own word) because she was in Rome.

She didn’t even exercise much and suffered from pneumonia two days before the cover shoot began.

When one sees at how gorgeous she looks, it seems impossible that she didn’t exercise or controlled her diet before the vital shoot. But still, she looked marvelous because she is dedicated to staying healthy most of the times.

If you are also dedicated towards fitness, small mistakes will not ruin your health. Get inspiration from Vergara and get started on your fitness journey.

Featured Image via Udarmudar / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

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