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Special K Diet – Attain Slimmer Waist in Two Weeks

Special K Diet Program

Developed by Kellogg cereal Company, Special K Diet is a weight loss program which will melt away pounds from your body in mere two weeks. There are several people out there who have been able to attain trimmed waist with reduced size of hips by using the program.

What is Special K Diet?

Special K diet is a low calorie diet plan. Best part of the diet program is that you don’t need to count the number of calories consumed by you. You can shed minimum six pounds of weight in two weeks while going along with the program.

Special K diet program is a harmonious plan which doesn’t ask its dieters to weed out their favorite foods from the diet regime. Apart from two meals, dieters are free to eat what they want to in their snacks and third meal of the day.

Recommended Foods of Special K Diet?

Special K diet asks its dieters to eat 45 grams of cereal along-with half cup of low fat milk in two meals of the day. The choice regarding selection of meals has been left completely on dieters. Besides breakfast, you can choose to replace your lunch or dinner with cereals.

You need to eat nutritionally dense foods in third meal of the day. You can have fruits, vegetables, low fat yogurt etc. in your third meal and other snacks of the day. Apart from being low in calories, special K cereals are dense in various vital nutrients. You don’t need to spend several hours to design the food items for you.

Except alcoholic beverages, the plan has not limited the consumption of other beverages. You are free to drink the beverages you wish while going along with the plan. Prefer drinking beverages which are not very high in calories.

How to Follow Special K Diet?

If you wish to drop weight in short span of time, without spending much time on preparing and designing your meals, you certainly can stick to the program. Two meals have already been designed by the plan. As far as third meal is concerned, prefer adding plenty of high fiber and protein rich foods in your third meal and snacks. Protein rich snacks will keep check on your consumption of unhealthy snacks by keeping you contented for longer duration.

Workouts in Special K Diet

Special K diet has not sided workouts and has included them in the mainstream of diet program. Dieters are recommended to practice light workouts for minimum thirty minutes in a day. In addition to that, they shall endeavor to maintain a physically active schedule for the day.

Benefits of Special K Diet

Special K diet program is simple and easy to follow diet program. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of the plan.

  • The plan will free your body from several diseases such as high cholesterol level, high blood pressure etc. and will provide your body numerous other health benefits.
  • You shall witness improvement in your concentration and memory while going along with the plan.
  • As compared to other food items eaten in breakfast, cereals are more effective in reducing your body mass index.
  • The program might allure vegans the most because there are numerous refreshing and yummy flavors available for them.
  • Special K diet program is inexpensive and practical to follow. The plan is like a boon to dieters who have very busy schedule and don’t get much time to cook meals for them.
  • There are mind blowing tips and guidelines provided in the plan. Besides assisting you shed weight swifter, they shall also educate you how to track your progress.

Drawbacks of Special K Diet

Special K diet has some drawbacks also; let’s find out what they are.

  • Dieters need to have strong will to stick to the program due to dearth in variety of foods provided by the program, dieters are likely to feel bored and switch to their old eating habits.
  • Cereals of special K diet are not made up of whole grains and therefore are unable to provide complete nourishment to your body. To save your body from becoming deficient of nutrients, you need to feed high dose of nutrients through fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc.
  • Special K diet has high glycemic index and is high in sugar as well. Dieters already finding it difficult to control their hunger might find it daunting to adhere to the plan because high sugar content of cereals will expand their appetite even more.
  • Not many directions have been given about third meal of the day. For instance, there is no intimation regarding the number of calories required to be consumed in third meal. If you consume a lot of calories in your third meal, you might fail to shed pounds from your body.
  • Special K diet cannot be called a healthy diet program, it rather comes under category of fad diet plans. Just like other fad diet plans, you might achieve your weight loss objective in short run, but as you will revert to your old eating patterns, you will resume your lost weight.

Sample Meal Plan

Special K diet insists the consumption of six small meals in a day. While making selection of cereals and bars, make sure that you opt for high fiber and protein rich foods. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of special K diet.


You can have one bowel of special K cereal with chocolate or strawberry flavor, milk, tea or coffee in your breakfast.

Morning Snack

You can have one fruit such as grapefruit, apple etc. in your morning snack.


You can have special K cereals with skimmed milk in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have sugar snap peas, carrot sticks, special K bar etc. in your afternoon snack.


You can have boiled potatoes, carrots, broccoli, grilled salmon, peas etc. in your dinner.


You can have low fat yogurt with banana, fresh fruit salad etc. in your desserts.

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