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Stephanie Rice Workout and Diet Secrets

Stephanie Rice is an Australian former competitive swimmer who showed a lot of discipline regarding her food habits when she was competing in few of the world’s toughest tournaments like the Olympics. Even after retirement, she is maintaining good food and exercise habits and has a few pieces of advice for people who admire her. To know it all, just keep scrolling.

Stephanie Rice workout selfie in May 2018
Stephanie Rice workout selfie in May 2018 (Stephanie Rice / Instagram)

Olympic Diet Plan

The star says that she ate the same thing every day for 4 months. The diet included having two pieces of toast with two eggs for breakfast which was followed by rice with a tin of tuna and some steamed vegetables while dinner included having a piece of meat with a carbohydrate source like veggies or potatoes.

Grueling Exercise Routine

To train for the challenging events, she exercised for about 7 hours a day. The training sessions were in her own word “extreme.” The aim of the exercises was not to look a certain way but to enhance her actual performance, during this time she says, she also got a spinning trainer certification since spinning was one of the commons daily cardio routines for her, it was important for her to learn how to prevent injury.

Food was fuel for her, not entertainment. She was required to consume specific amounts of calories and protein to ensure muscle recovery. So, everything was based on science.

Stephanie Rice on Qantas airlines having a drink in April 2018
Stephanie Rice on Qantas airlines having a drink in April 2018 (Stephanie Rice / Instagram)

Staying Fit Post Retirement in 2018

After the three-time Olympic Gold Medalist retired in 2018, her focus turned more on exercising and eating right for enjoyment. She says that it becomes easy to lose weight when there is no pressure to maintain a specific diet and doing the workouts.

After ending her career, she started doing what she liked (because now, she didn’t have a specific goal to attain) and stopped doing what she was required to do earlier as per science.

New Exercise Regime

After retirement, she started spending just 20 minutes in exercising and that too by following a YouTube workout. She also preferred to exercise in her home because of the comfort factor, and in the case when she didn’t have the time to perform a workout, she forgave herself, forgot about it and moved on with her life.

Stephanie Rice car selfie in June 2018
Stephanie Rice car selfie in June 2018 (Stephanie Rice / Instagram)

New Diet Plan

Her new diet plan consisted of having healthy as well as tasty vegan food that included chocolate, coffee, and even a post-lunch dessert of frozen mango with coconut yogurt.

The Result

The result of her fitness programs made her realize that less is more approach works better for her body and mind.

Tips for Steph Rice Fans

Stephanie knows that a lot of people hit the gym or like exercising because they want to achieve a certain weight loss number. But in her opinion, having a mental goal is also as important as having a physical goal. She wants you to set small goals as it will allow you to see that you are progressing, achieving, and it will also help you to feel the momentum. When you find that momentum, it will lead to motivation to stay fit.

She also advises you to start loving who you are and believe your guidance and intuition. You should find out why you want to stay fit or why you aren’t able to meet your own goals. When you find that out, you should accept where you are and start the process of making yourself a better person.

Featured Image by Stephanie Rice / Instagram

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