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How to Stop Hair Fall and Get Glossy and Healthy Hair?

Stop Hair Fall

Hair indeed plays an important role in enhancing your beauty. They are capable of changing your appearance dramatically. However, due to varied reasons such as stress, chronic diseases, prolonged medication, hormonal imbalance, aging etc., you might become victim of hair problems.

Hair problems are growing at a very fast pace in today’s time, but the good news is these problems are not insurmountable. Should you take adequate care of your hair and consume healthy and nutritious diet, you can get rid of all the hair problems and can get lustrous and dense hair.

Importance of Balanced Diet

Just like other organs of your body, your hair too gets nourishment from foods you consume. Both your skin and hair reflect your diet and your health conditions. If you are perfectly hale, you will have glow both on your hair and face.

Contrary to that, if there is some flaw in the normal functioning of your body, your hair and skin will look dull, and you will face multiple skin and hair problems. Balanced diet will speed up your metabolism and will improve the functioning of your body.

Balanced diet for healthy hair shall be composed of various nutrients. Let’s have a look at some nutrients and minerals which you shall inculcate in your diet to get healthy and beautiful hair.


Proteins are vital for your body mainly because your hair themselves are composed of proteins. Proteins assist both in the building of muscles and growth of hair. You are susceptible of becoming victim of hair loss if there is a lack of protein in your diet. You can get protein by consuming eggs yolks, Greek yogurt, chicken, kale, peas, beans, turkey, lentils, peanuts tofu etc.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Omega 3 fatty acids are not produced by your body; you need to feed them to your body through various food items. Omega-3 fatty acids maintain the shinning of your hair, strengthen them, and enhance their elasticity. You can get omega-3 fatty acids by consuming diverse foods such as walnuts, rapeseed oil, flaxseeds, Brussels, salmon, sprouts, tuna, kale etc.


Zinc renders nourishment to your hair tissues, thus keeps them healthy. It also maintains good health of your scalp. In addition to that, it controls the functioning of oil secreting glands and regulates the release of testosterone hormones in your body. Excess release of testosterone hormones is directly proportional to hair loss. You can nourish your body with zinc by consuming beef, wheat germs, oysters, veal liver, chickpeas etc.

Magnesium and Selenium

Magnesium and Selenium both fire up your metabolism and save your body from inflammatory reactions. Research shows that inflammation is equally responsible for hair fall both in men and women. However, both the nutrients catalyze your growth of hair by enhancing your immunity. You can obtain selenium by consuming halibut, tuna, shrimp sardines, Brazil nuts, ham etc. And for magnesium, you can rely on cashews, spinach, brown rice, almonds, lentils etc.

Vitamin A and C

Both vitamin A and C aid in the release of sebum, which actually is natural oil produced by your scalp. Besdies controlling hair fall, natural oil of your scalp also maintain them lustrous. Both the vitamins are helpful in ensuring good health of your hair and in promoting their growth. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, Swiss chard, etc. are dense in vitamin A and C.


Iron is one the most vital micronutrient required for upholding good health of your hair. Iron accelerates blood circulation in your body. It reaches oxygen to your hair follicles via blood. Dearth of iron in your body triggers hair loss. And that’s the reason why mostly anemic patients suffer from hair problems. You can acquire iron by consuming clams, red meat, dark and leafy vegetables, oysters, mussels, beans, whole grains, turkey etc.

Important Hair Care Tips

Let’s have a look at some important hair care tips.

  • Never brush your hair while they are still wet. Brushing wet hair puts immense pressure on the roots of your hair making them fragile. Besides that, don’t rub your hair with towel to dry them. It will cause unnecessary breakage of hair. Let them dry on their own.
  • Seldom keep your scalp dirty. Oily and dirty scalp attract more dust and thus obstruct the way to breathe for your hair by depositing dandruff on your scalp. In addition to that, don’t go outside after applying oil on your hair because it is just like giving room to dust and other harmful environmental radicals on your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp with tender hands using olive oil, almond oil, sesame oil, or virgin coconut oil. Warm any of these oils before applying them on your hair. Since warm oil easily gets absorbed in your scalp, it renders nourishment to your hair follicles.
  • While maintaining proper hygiene, clean your comb or brush minimum once in a week. With regular use of comb, harmful bacteria get accumulated in the teeth of combs. Use of dirty comb promotes hair fall. So, regularly wash your comb with shampoo or soap.
  • Refrain from hair coloring, hair straightening, perming, and all other artificial ways. All these methods use harmful chemical and put undue pressure on your hair follicles.
  • Apply ginger or onion juice on your scalp, uphold it overnight, and wash your hair in the morning. These two will stimulate the growth of new hair and will put permanent break on hair fall.
  • Since hot water drains the natural moisture of hair and makes them look rough, Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Prefer using cold water or water kept at room temperature.
  • Practice workouts, various yoga postures, and meditation. While workouts and yoga postures speed up the circulation of blood in your body, meditation render you great relief from stress, which is one of the major reasons responsible for hair fall.
  • If you are seeking to get dense hair, apply coconut milk or aloe vera on your scalp. Both of them have wonderful remedial properties. They will eradicate all the skin problems and inflammations taking root on the skin of your scalp.

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