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Sunfare Diet Plan – Slim Down With Low Carb Diet

Sunfare diet plan

Are you several pounds overweight? Does being overweight often put you into embarrassing situations? Well, you don’t have to feel humiliated anymore because Sunfare diet plan will render you concrete solution for all your weight related issues. While maintaining the calorie consumption restrained to 1200 calories in a day, the diet program accentuates consumption of proteins, low GI carbs, and healthy fats in the ratio of 30/40/30.

Celeb Fan Following

The diet plan is prominently used by tons of people in Phoenix and Los Angeles due to its incredible benefits. Among famous celebs, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Audrina Patridge, Garcelle Beauvais, and Britney Spears are some of the famed celeb fans of the diet program.

What is Sunfare Diet Plan?

Sunfare diet plan is a low calorie diet plan which will deliver fresh and nutrient loaded meals at your doorstep at 7 am in the morning. Rather than dwelling on three big meals, the plan focuses on delivering six meals which are comprised of three meals and three snacks. The diet plan is not just meant to strip off extra calories from your body; it will also provide you optimum health benefits.

Six plans of Sunfare Diet

To suit the requirement of dieters, Sunfare diet program has been divided into six plans. Along with customizing your meals, you can also give tailor made directions to use your personally chosen ingredients in the meals. Six plans of the diet program are as follows.

Sunfare Signature Diet

This plan is apt for dieters who wish to shed massive weight. There are around ninety meals and snack options in the plan; you can pick the ones which sounds most appealing to you. In a short time span of three months, you shall shed twenty to twenty five pounds. And since the program is low in carbs, you shall also witness improvement in the health of your heart.

Sunfare Vegetarian Diet

Sunfare vegetarian diet is perfect for the dieters who are looking forward to obtain optimum health. The plan will incorporate bountiful of green veggies, whole grains, and other low carb foods in your diet. As the name of the plan suggests, consumption of high fat animal foods such as red meat etc. is banished in the plan.

Sunfare Family Dinners

Dieters picking this plan will get proficiently cooked and neatly packed family dinners for their family at their doorsteps. As per their preference, users can make choice of meals from ethnic to savory cuisines. In addition to the main course, you can also include veggies, fruits, appetizers, carbs, desserts etc. in your dinner. Depending upon the number of your family members, you can ask to increase or decrease the quantity of dinner plates.

Gluten Free Diet

Gluten free plan is exclusively for people having intolerance towards gluten containing foods. This plan will ensure that all the six meals users eat steam from the category of gluten-free meals. The plan will aid people with gluten sensitivity in both shedding weight and obtaining optimum well-being.

Optimal Cleanse

Optimal Cleanse plan is meant for users who aspire to detoxify their body. The plan points up liquid diet and consumption of numerous antioxidant foods which will kindle the process of detoxification in your body.

Select Plan

Select plan renders you the option to personalize the diet program as per your requirements.

Pros and Cons of Sunfare Diet


  • Mouth watering taste of food items offered by the plan will make you feel tempted to stick to it for really long time.
  • Since one universal diet program is unlikely to benefit all the people at same level, provision of customization in the plan will rev up your chances to get desired benefits from the plan.
  • The plan will nurture healthy eating habits in you. Eating healthy with the program will become easy like eating a piece of cake for you.
  • The program will save you from the mess of cooking meals and designing daily food chart which actually is a lot of work.


  • The plan has limited access. For example, meal delivery system can only be availed by the users residing in LA and Phoenix.
  • The program being expensive is difficult to abide by for longer duration.
  • Although meals delivered by the plan are yum but the plan has not bothered to suggest recipes which can be cooked at home.

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