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Suresh Raina Workout Routine Diet Tips

Suresh Raina Fitness

Suresh Raina is one of the most vital players of Team India. He is an all rounder who has carved a special place in Team India in a short amount of time. The cricketer is renowned for his excellent fielding skills too. On many occasions, he has saved the Indian Team from tough game situations by taking crucial wickets, important catches and scoring fast runs. He also plays a vital role in the IPL Team of Chennai Super Kings and holds the record of scoring highest runs (3325 runs until 2014) and taking highest number of catches (60 catches until 2014) in Indian Premier League (IPL). Raina was also an important part of the World Cup Winning Team India in the year 2011 and is looking forward to being a part of World Cup 2015.

Suresh Raina

Despite his permanent place in Team India that has been quite busy on various tours recently, Raina puts a lot of effort in keeping himself fit and active. He follows some simple tricks to keep himself in shape and remain cool in pressure situations. Some of the tips that have helped this 28 year old cricketer that can be easily adopted by anyone are listed over here. Do try them out as they are literally quite easy to follow.

  • Concentrate on Yoga: The first advice given by this amazing left handed batsman is to focus on yoga. You can learn yoga quite easily by reading about it and trying some basic asanas first. Then, you can increase the intensity of the exercises depending on the stretchability and endurance of your body. Some people may find couple of asanas to be a bit difficult as per their body shape. The solution to this is to join a yoga class or hire a yoga teacher and practice under his / her guidance until you perfect every yoga position. Once you learn all the asanas, you can try them for life without any problems and keep yourself healthy.
  • Don’t miss the Gym: You should also concentrate on hitting the gym on a regular basis. Don’t use a gym only for meeting your immediate health goals like losing 10 pounds or developing great abs. Rather you should focus on gymming on a regular basis so that you can keep yourself in a good shape forever. You should also try to vary the form of exercises you do in a gym so that you don’t end up being dependent on a single form of exercise. As far as the favorite exercises of Raina are concerned, he is focused on doing cardio exercises and lower back exercises more (because he had a knee operation in the past). He believes that if you consume 3000 calories in a day, you should work off 4000 calories in the gym.

Suresh Raina gym workout

  • Consult a Doctor: The middle order batsman, Raina also suggests visiting a doctor on a regular basis. It would help you to keep track of your fitness and lead to early detection of any health issues that may be impacting your body. You should also consult your doctor regularly to keep a log of your fitness level and ensure that your strenuous efforts to be fit are not harming your body or organs in any way.
  • Drink Water: Water is a necessity of life. Well, no one can live without it and Raina, the occasional off spin bowler suggests us to drink a lot of water. It is the simplest and most widely available thing that helps us to clean our body from the inside as well as outside. The more water you drink, the better would be your health and pure water would never have any side effects on your body. Raina suggests on drinking at least 4 to 5 litres of water on a daily basis.
  • Avoid Oily Food: The vice captain of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) also suggests us to avoid oily food as much as we can. Though he has a special fondness for fresh and home cooked meals, but he tries to avoid oily foods with much better options like baked food items or oil free vegetables. Oily food not only makes you fat but it also hampers your progress with regard to eating nutritional food. Consuming oily food on a regular basis can also lead to problems like high cholesterol and increased risk of heart diseases. So, the more you control yourself from eating oily food (no matter how tempting it looks), the better would be your overall health.
  • Play various Games: Raina also believes in participating in games like basketball, badminton and squash to keep his body fit and his reflexes sharp. He does a lot of cricket practice, of course, but he likes to try on these games regularly to keep his schedule far away from getting monotonous. There’s no better exercise than playing your favorite sports as it keeps you happy and help you shed off extra calories. The more you sweat while playing your favorite games, the easier would be your life as you would shed off the toxins from your body too.
  • Good Sleep: Last but not the least, Raina suggests us to have a sound and undisturbed sleep as often as we can. Although as a cricketer he has to face a lot of pressure (especially now when the World Cup has almost started) but he feels that calming your mind and compelling yourself to get a good night’s sleep would keep you healthy. He had followed the same sleeping pattern for over 13 years when he was young, why can’t we do the same? Just let go off your worries and get a solid 8 hours sleep every day.

Keep a focus on staying fit, never take any shortcuts and make yourself feel young and energetic at all times. We hope you’ll follow some of these simple tips and tricks and make your life better. Good Luck!!!

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