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Taylor Kitsch Workout and Diet Secrets for Waco

Taylor Kitsch is a talented actor who believes in doing justice to all his roles. He recently transformed his lifestyle, exercise and food habits entirely to be fit for his role in the upcoming miniseries Waco (2018).

Have a look at his unique workout and diet secrets over here. You can also know how he trained for other roles in the past and realize how dedicated the actor is to his craft and staying fit.

Weight Loss Goal

The actor dropped about 30 pounds for the new role. His role is regarding a cult leader known as David Koresh in the miniseries.

Diet Secrets

He says that his weight loss secret was all about eating the right food at the right time. He ate most of the calories in the morning, about 500 calories for breakfast. After that, he had just vegetables for lunch and chicken broth for dinner.

Workout Secrets

The handsome hunk had to run a lot to burn extra calories and healthily lose weight.

Time Matters

The star says that he had four months to transform his body, so things were more comfortable for him. He divided his workout and diet plan into various segments. He thinks it’s a healthier way of losing weight and opted for losing six or seven pounds each month.

The Feeling

The Canada native says that when you don’t need to lose a lot of weight, that’s when the process seems more difficult as compared to when you start the weight loss process as the initial weight loss inspires you to aim for more.

Putting the Weight On

The brother of Brody Kitsch says that he ate anything and everything he wanted, to gain the weight back. (Well, that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?)

Other Preparations

Apart from transforming his body, the hottie also prepared for the role by spending countless hours in listening to the phone calls of the tapes with Gary Noesner, an FBI negotiator and the phone calls of FBI, ATF and even Child Protective Services. He also read David Thibodeau’s book, a couple of times to understand the situation in a better manner.

The Role

In the miniseries, the model will follow the 51-day standoff that happened between the radical leader & his followers, Branch Davidians, the ATF and the FBI. This confrontation ended in the deaths of about 75 Branch Davidians on April 19, 1993. The deaths included Koresh and 25 children.

Not the First Transformation

This is not the first time Taylor has transformed his body for a role. He played the role of a villainous Ghost in a film called American Assassin (2017) where he trained a lot for a fight scene that appears towards the end of the film.

It is a fact that he rehearsed for that scene until he was blue in the face. He trained for hours and got inspiration from a co-star Dylan O’Brien who demonstrated high energy throughout the training and shooting process.

Why Were Things Easier for Him?

Kitsch admits that working with weapons for American Assassins was more comfortable for him because Navy SEALS had trained him in Lone Survivor (2013).

Are you feeling inspired? Why don’t you learn from the skilled actor and change your lifestyle for better too by adopting healthy exercise and diet habits? Ask a health expert on how you can lose weight as different weight loss strategies work on different people.

And yes, don’t forget to catch the limited series when it airs in January 2018. It will be a six-part series that will show what can happen when people take religious fanaticism to the extreme and blindly start following anything an authority figure tells them is true.

Featured Image by Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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