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How Taylor Swift Maintains Her Svelte Body: Workout & Diet

At the young age of 23, Taylor Swift has achieved more single hits than most artists and is known for some of the most famous country songs in the last few years. So, what does Taylor do to remain fit and fine? Well, for one she does not diet or cut down on her food because she loves eating. If you are one of those who cannot just give up on food but still want to look as fit as Taylor then read further and take some tips to lose those extra pounds. Also take a look at the cool diet she follows to keep her going through all her recordings and live performances.


  • THE TREADMILL GIRL – Taylor, at 5 feet 11 inches has lean legs. She believes that she has the legs to become a potential long distance runner. She does an hour long cardio exercise, no matter where she is. Though she is not much of a road runner, she makes it a point to do a 60 minute cardio workout on her treadmill or her elliptical trainer.
  • SWEAT A LOT – Believe it or not, Taylor likes to sweat and get all disgusting. The more you sweat, the more unwanted toxins are released from your body. Sweating also helps her keep the fat at bay. Taylor is one of the few people in the industry without an inch of fat on her body. Being born like that is one thing but maintaining it that way is another.

Taylor Swift Workout

  • BEING THIN IS NOT IMPORTANT – Taylor believes that working out should not just be focused on losing weight or getting into shape. In fact, she believes that it is a very negative approach towards working out and may take more time for you to achieve results. Even though Taylor does not lift weights or do any special muscular exercises, her main aim is to increase her endurance on stage, so that she does not start panting while performing.
  • KICK OUT THE STRESS – Listening to fellow artists’ music is one of the many ways Taylor has adopted to keep the stress off her life. Stress induces the urge to eat more and that too unhealthy stuffs, which might eventually lead to increasing weight. So the most important tip according to Taylor is to keep oneself always happy and make others happy also. This will give you a good feeling about yourself and boost your self-confidence.


  • THE LOVE TO EAT – Taylor Swift loves to eat and she loves cooking as well. She believes that depriving oneself of eating, only leads to overeating later on. Being a skinny girl, Taylor does not find it difficult to remain in shape but that does not mean, she eats less. In fact, that gives her the motivation to eat more and then workout even more.
  • WATCH FOR THE BEVERAGES – It is said that drinks like coffee have more calories than even burgers. So Taylor likes to stay away from sugary drinks which may prove to be unhealthy, later on. Water is one thing, she binges on and even her friends call her alien looking at the amount of water she consumes. Being hydrated is very important according to her. She also has skinny vanilla lattes on days she wants to keep it light.
  • LIGHT WEEKDAYS – Taylor tries to keep it healthy and light during the week. Since most of the weekdays she is recording, she needs to keep herself well fed and at the same time be fresh and energetic. So, she mostly has salads, yogurt and sandwiches.
  • CRAZY WEEKENDS – When it comes to weekends in Taylor Swift’s life, she breaks all the rules and binges on everything, she finds to eat. She really loves junk food like burgers and fries. She also indulges herself into ice-cream and cookies which she bakes herself. In fact, she loves baking anything.

Thus, you now know that it is not necessary to workout 3-4 hours a day to remain healthy and fit. Nor does exercising actually make one lose all the fat. You are how you live. It’s all about the lifestyle one follows and Taylor Swift definitely does understand that.

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  1. Well that is going to help me alot with my diet and my eatting ways i really love taylor swift like she has changed my life i’m a really big fan and i would love to meet her one day.

  2. ok this is very helpful as i thought she would be cutting down on food but according to this that’s not important plus it’s good to know she likes food as well as the rest of us though it is hard to believe

  3. Taylor Swift is the one who actually inspired me to lose the weight. Now, I’m only four inches shorter than Taylor Swift but weigh the same as her. I love food and people who be surprised how much I do eat. But I’m a runner to, actually I run a little more than she does….close to two hours.

  4. Black coffee has 1 calorie actually… if you’re looking for exercise and diet advice check out the american college of sports medicine website and get the facts and weekly exercise recommendations. It’s important to have a balance of cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as muscular strength and flexibility.

  5. Keep in mind that even though she is in her 20s and she claims she loves food, during the weekdays she eats yogurt, sandwiches, salads – with plenty of water which I assume means more than 2 liters a day. On top of this 1 hour of cardio – I bet that anyone in any age group that would follow her routine would start looking better fast and be able to keep it up.

  6. The article says:

    1. She runs for an hour a day (road, elliptical, treadmill). It claims road not as much. But the photo makes you think otherwise (unless she is walking from a place that has a treadmill)

    2. She eats a lot, and it mentions some of these caloric restricted foods.

    3. Is there a celebrity her age, on top of her game that is going to say “the business states I have to be thin, eve Melissa McCarthy has to lose weight, of course I have an eating disorder, you would too!” No, they state all of that when their careers need to be resurrected.

    4. Her subconscious says otherwise. A lot of people who work out for one hour a day and eat the foods that are listed. Would stay thin. Remember, she works out more than that given her demanding schedule” dance lessons (God, I hope that she hasn’t paid for these)rehearsals for appearances and concerts, etc.

  7. I want to look just like Tay. She has the perfect body, and since I’m tall, thin, and 25, I want to be thinner like her. I wish I knew all of her secrets to staying so thin.


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