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Top 10 Best Celebrity Diets

Jennifer Aniston Celebrity Diets

The celebrities must look good and should have a perfect figure, physique and heath in order to be successful in their careers and have a large fan base. They have customized diets and workout for their bodies. The workouts are especially designed by their physical trainers and the diets plans are especially made by the dieticians and nutritionists. The right diet plans ensure that the celebs get all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients from their diet and at the same time do not acquire any excess weight.

We can have a look at their diet plans and know about the best ways for staying healthy. These diet plans can help us look better and can also give us the physique we desire. Health and looks are important not only for celebs but also for every individual. Ten diet regimens that have been followed by celebs are listed below which helped them to lose fat and weight and made them more healthy.

1. The Zone Diet

The diet was first presented by Barry Sears, a biochemist. It calls for consumption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in such a way that a balance is reached in calorie consumption. Sears says that when 30:40 ratio of proteins and carbohydrates are consumed then certain anti-inflammatory substances are released in the body. The diet which creates this particular zone is termed as the zone diet. These inflammatory chemicals are beneficial for heart and overall health.

Jennifer Aniston lost 9 ponds by employing a zone diet which had the carbohydrate to fat to protein ratio of 40:30:30. With zone diet, weight can be lost in an easy and healthy manner as it has all the essential components of a balanced diet.

2. The Macrobiotic Diet

This diet pattern involves consumption of vegetarian food such as grains and vegetables and avoiding of animal and processed/refined food products. Macrobiotic diet pattern also involves thorough chewing of food before swallowing and avoidance of overeating.

The music artist Madonna was able to lose around 12 pounds of her body weight by feeding on macrobiotic diets. The diets were high in fiber. The macrobiotic diets should not be pursued by cancer patients or by anyone in long run.

3. The Five Factor Diet

This diet pattern involves eating of 5 meals a day. Each of these meals have 5 ingredients like unsaturated fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber and a drink that has no sugar. The diet regimen also involves half hour of workout for 5 days of week. For any 1 day of the week, the dieters can eat whatever they like.

Eva Mendes used this diet regimen to lose 15 pounds of body weight. Since for a day the dieter can eat whatever they like, he/she enjoys the diet regimen more.

4. The Hampton’s Diet

In this diet regimen the dieters are required to focus on the right kind of food and not on the portion size. Fish, lean meat, raw vegetables, cereals, grains, nuts form the main part of the diet. Processed food items should be avoided.

Sarah Jessica Parker lost 15 pounds by using the Hampton’s Diet Plan. The diet pattern can be followed for long term and can be made a part of living. It also helps in losing weight.

5. Blood Type Diet

The diet regimen was created by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, a naturopathic. The diets in this regimen are designed for the specific blood groups of individuals. The theory of Dr. Adamo says that every blood group has got its own unique antigen marker. Therefore every blood group reacts badly with a set of foreign substances and food items that it recognizes as alien. The theory also says the acidic and enzyme level of the stomach also varies with the blood type of any individual. Thus by eating the food that suits the blood type one can stay healthy and avoid many different diseases. It recommends a vegetarian diet for those with blood group A and a non vegetarian diet for those with blood group O. Type B people can have a variety of food items in their meal like meat, dairy, vegetable and grains. Type AB can eat all the food items that A and B eat.

Many celebs got benefitted from this diet regimen. Some of them include Cheryl Cole, Liz Hurley, Sir Cliff Richard, Miranda Kerr.

6. Geno Type Diet

Research in the blood group-diet regimen area by Dr. D’Adamo reveals that certain genes determine the effectiveness of food for a particular blood and type. 6 such genes have been discovered. Eating food according to the gene type helps a person to stay healthier and lose excess weight. Some food items such as eggs, mushroom, vegetables and kelps are good for all gene types. Other food items differ for the different (six) categories of gene types. These gene types are warriors, hunters, gatherers, teachers, explorers and nomads.

Oprah Winfrey was able to lose 19 pounds by following the Geno Type regimen. The book by Dr Adamo describes the various genotype diets in detail.

7. Maple Syrup Diet

The maple syrup is also known as the Lemon Detox and was introduced by Stanley Burroughs, a naturopath. This is a very tough dieting plan and consists of consuming nothing for a fortnight but detox drink. The detox drink includes the Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup( made of sap of palm and maple trees), water, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. By using the diet regimen the calorie count gets reduced to 60 a day.

Beyonce Knowles lost around 19 pounds by adhering to this diet regimen. Cayenne pepper helped her enhance her metabolism rate and the diet in itself is helpful for releasing toxins from the body.

8. Holistic Detox Diet

The Holistic Detox Diet Plan aims at reducing the toxins from the body by flushing them out of it. The elimination of the toxins helps to increase metabolism rate and energy. It also helps to improve digestion, concentration and clarity. The diet consist of organic food, raw vegetables, rice, white meat , eggs, yogurt, peas etc. Alcohol, tobacco, caffeinated rinks, processed foods, shellfish, wheat, roasted and slated nuts, shellfish, gluten, chocolates, jams and spreads and fruits(except bananas) are to be avoided. One can take multivitamins as supplements.

The diet pattern helped Kate Moss to stay healthy. The diet regimen also requires the dieter to chew the food 10 times before swallowing.

9. The 3 Hour Diet Plan

The plan is given by Jorge Cruise, a fitness journalist. The plan involves eating breakfast within an hour of waking up and then eating every three hours. You should stop eating before 3 hours of going to bed. Cruise says that by sticking to the diet plan, one can decrease the appetite as well as increase the metabolism and energy.

Jessica Biel lost 10 pounds by following the diet plan. Dieters are required to identify food with objects. This way they can remember the amount of portions they eat.

10. Raw Food Diet Plan

The diet plan involves eating of uncooked food. The theory is that cooking destroys the nutrients of food items. Actress Demi Moore lost 11 pounds by eating uncooked fruits and vegetables. As eating of uncooked animal products like meat etc. is unhealthy, the dieters should eat vegetarian food like fruits, vegetables, legumes, natural juices and nuts during their dieting regimen.

Almost all the plans have some restriction or another but all of them are beneficial for losing weight and staying healthy. One should follow the diet regimen which suits his health and which can be followed with perfection.

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  1. Many diet plans support the main goal of weight loss. However, the lemonade diet regimen aids in both shedding weight and detoxifying the body.


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