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Tydus Talbott (Mini Jake Paul) Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Tydus Talbott Quick Info
Height 3 ft 8 in
Weight 21 kg
Date of Birth May 24, 2014
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Eye Color Dark Brown

Tydus Talbott is an American social media star and rapper, best known for his resemblance to Jake Paul, which was 1st noticed in his impersonations uploaded to his parents’ family vlogging YouTube channel. The channel, titled “Trav and Cor,” has amassed a fanbase of more than 3.5 million subscribers. Even though his parents created the channel in July 2014, they didn’t post their 1st video until February 3, 2016, which was titled 1 year old Tydus snowboarding! **EPIC**. At that point, they had also collaborated with Madison Nicole Fisher and her family on a holiday trip to Maui. In fact, Madison and her family inspired them to start the channel in the 1st place, and encouraged them on their journey to posting pranks, doing challenges, as well as dressing up Tydus in various outfits, and acting a certain way for “clickbait.”

One of the videos, titled 3 Year Old JAKE PAUL!! (RARE FOOTAGE), published in September 2017, went viral, and got Jake Paul’s attention and brought Tydus the nickname he would adopt later. Jake and his “Team 10” of YouTubers met Tydus for the 1st time on September 12, 2017, in his mansion in Los Angeles, California, United States. From that moment on, he appeared in Jake’s vlogs and has collaborated with other YouTubers such as Erika Costell, Rebecca Zamolo, JoJo Siwa, and the rest of “Team 10” as their honorary member. Tydus has also amassed a large fanbase online with more than 1.5 million followers and more than 700k followers on 2 of his Instagram accounts separately.

Born Name

Tydus Talbott

Nick Name

Mini Jake Paul, Ty

Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post as seen in December 2017
Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post as seen in December 2017 (Tydus Talbott / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Santa Cruz, California, United States


Santa Cruz, California, United States





In July 2018, Tydus attended preschool 2 days per week and was homeschooled for the rest.


Social Media Star, Rapper



Tydus is managed by his parents.








3 ft 8 in or 112 cm


21 kg or 46 lbs

Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post in February 2018
Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post in February 2018 (Tydus Talbott / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


He is of American descent.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Distinctive Features

Messy blonde haircut

Brand Endorsements

Tydus Talbott has endorsed brands such as –

  • Lifesum
  • Lola + The Boys
  • Vans
  • nununu
  • Aviator Nation
  • Pride Socks
  • Appaman
  • OppoSuits
  • POP! Shoes
  • Aporro
  • Gucci
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Burton Snowboards
  • Rags to Raches
Tydus Talbott as seen in May 2018
Tydus Talbott as seen in May 2018 (Tydus Talbott / Instagram)



Best Known For

  • His physical resemblance to Jake Paul, and his impersonation of him
  • His social media fanbase with more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram

As a Singer

Tydus released his 1st song and the accompanying music video, titled Ice Cream, via his parents’ YouTube channel on June 14, 2019.

Tydus Talbott Favorite Things



Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post in October 2018
Tydus Talbott in an Instagram post in October 2018 (Tydus Talbott / Instagram)

Tydus Talbott Facts

  1. He got his blonde hair from his mom, who had an almost identical haircut, hair texture, and hair color at that age.
  2. He started talking earlier than the other kids of his age.
  3. When he was a year and a half old, Tydus spontaneously created what would later become his signature “poo-poo dance”.
  4. When he was only 9 months old, he was pictured with the actor Bill Murray in a gallery named Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California, United States. Bill lifted him above his head during an event that took place there, and the picture surfaced in almost all of the local newspapers.
  5. Both of Tydus’s parents are college graduates and they pay special attention to his education.
  6. His parents have stated that they don’t depend on their YouTube income to get by, and have multiple ventures that are profitable. For that reason, they will let Tydus be in the public eye for as long as he truly enjoys doing it.
  7. In October 2017, when he was a little older than 3, Tydus still wore diapers but only to bed, or if his parents suspected there might be an accident.
  8. His parents got the idea to make him impersonate Jake Paul because they previously put his comedy skits in-between their vlogs, and their audience found them hilarious.
  9. Jake Paul has surprised Tydus with a mini dirtbike, regular bike, and mini cars such as Lamborghini, while Tydus bought Jake a new wristwatch.
  10. His dad honored him by getting Tydus’s name tattooed on his wrist in May 2018.
  11. He can skateboard, box, and snowboard and was also taught how to swim by Jake Paul and Anthony Trujillo in July 2018.
  12. Tydus’s parents took him, and young YouTubers Everleigh Soutas and Ava Foley on “a date” in June 2018.
  13. His parents began teaching him how to ride a bike without training wheels in October 2018.
  14. He has his own brand of merchandise sold through Fanjoy. The company helped his parents sell branded products without having to deal with the logistics of running a business.
  15. Follow him on Instagram, 2nd Instagram, 3rd InstagramTwitter, TikTok, and YouTube.

Featured Image by Tydus Talbott / Instagram

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