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Vanessa Feltz Workout and Diet Secrets

Vanessa Feltz with a fan in April 2018
Vanessa Feltz with a fan in April 2018 (Veronique Cotrel / Instagram)

Vanessa Feltz is a renowned TV personality, a freelance broadcaster, and a journalist who has faced all sorts of weight gain and weight loss issues. Here, you can have a look at what helps her to keep her weight down and how she has learned to be self-confident with time.


Vanessa Feltz Weight Gain and Weight Loss Struggles

The Struggle

While appearing on This Morning (1988-Present) show, the star talked about her weight which included losing and gaining 6 stone over the last few years. She called the journey to be “a battle and a right bore.”

The Reasons for Weight Gain

Vanessa clearly explained how she had gained weight by telling everyone that she was not a fat child and the weight just crept up on her. As a mother, she often ate children’s leftovers, and she was pregnant again before she could have lost the previous pregnancy’s gained weight. These factors lead to unwanted weight gain.

Vanessa Feltz in a fan picture at London Hilton on Park Lane in October 2016
Vanessa Feltz in a fan picture at London Hilton on Park Lane in October 2016 (Natasha Melissa / Instagram)

Being an Emotional Eater

Vanessa explained that she is an emotional eater and often eats more when she is happy, sad, bored or sometimes to reward herself. The last point is quite relatable. Women often think that they deserve that cake because they don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. She did the same.

Reason For Weight Loss

The celebrity lost about 6 stone not by exercising or dieting but because she was miserable after her divorce. Vanessa shared that people assumed that she must be happy after a divorce, but it wasn’t the case with her.

When she picked herself up and started to get away from the grief of a broken marriage, she started gaining weight again. This time she decided to lose the additional weight by undergoing surgery and getting a gastric band fitted. This all happened in 2010.

For those of you who aren’t aware, gastric band addition is one of the popular surgical treatments of obesity in which a silicone device is added to the upper section of a person’s stomach. This creates a small pouch above the band. It restricts the amount of food a person can eat in a comfortable manner.

Vanessa Feltz in a fan pic in August 2017
Vanessa Feltz in a fan pic in August 2017 (Jack Palmer / Instagram)

Diet Indulgence

Though people can’t eat more or indulge a lot when they have a band fitted, Feltz found a solution to this. She indulged in foods that could easily slide into her tummy like chocolate, risotto, or Shepard’s pie. She knows that it’s a bit strange that she paid for the surgery but then she started to drink custard. Overall, she believed that “people are complicated.”

No More Slimming

The diva is quite happy with the way she is now and has no plans to lose any more weight. Though she likes the idea of being super slim and wearing tiny bikinis, she is content with her life that includes two radio shows and two amazing grandchildren.

Her New Love

She is also delighted by the fact that her current boyfriend Ben Ofoedu loves chubby girls.

Being Body Confident

Sharing that she was less body confident about 12 years ago when she met Ben, she said that she kept hiding behind a pillar or potted plants or tried to suck in her cheeks in an attempt to look slimmer. When he realized what she was doing, he made her feel comfortable by admitting the fact that his liking is more inclined towards chubby blonde girls.

Vanessa Feltz at the 1st African Caribbean Comedy show in October 2014
Vanessa Feltz at the 1st African Caribbean Comedy show in October 2014 (Daryl Dyer / Instagram)

Relaxation Techniques

Vanessa prefers to relax by staying away from gadgets. So, she does all the real things such as reading, growing vegetables, meeting with people face to face, and have uninterrupted thoughts by lying down at a place.

She is not a fan of meeting new people and chatting with them on social media platforms when she could easily talk to people in real life that she knows and likes.

Featured Image by Veronique Cotrel / Instagram

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