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Vanessa Hudgens Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Vanessa Hudgens with a food plate
Vanessa Hudgens holding a food plate

Vanessa Hudgens is a popular actress who had to gain weight for the film, Gimme Shelter (2013). She lost that weight quite quickly thanks to a proper workout routine and diet plan. The results are so amazing that she had been looking better than ever before. Let’s find out the workout and diet plan that she is following, know about her competitive streak during workouts and her preferred workout gear. We also explore how confident she is in her own skin and why she thinks she is not perfect.

Workout Routine – 2017 Edition

The workout regime of the stunner consists of SoulCycle, Pilates, and Yoga. She attends a SoulCycle class twice every week and likes the loud music. She considers the classes to be similar to dancing but without the stress of looking good. Revealing her competitive streak, she said that she likes being around people while working out so that she can compete.

The High School Musical babe also tends to ride for the teachers. When she is in the front, she pushes herself harder and offers her energy to the class which makes it a win-win situation. She attends the really early classes because she often has to start filming at 5:15 AM. She is also a huge fan of yoga and considers it to be a big help in keeping fit. It’s more like a therapy for her rather than just a method of fitness.

Vanessa Hudgens in leggings
Vanessa Hudgens in leggings

Workout Motivation

When working out, the California-born likes to wear sports bras instead of t-shirts because seeing her body, works as a motivator for her.

Diet Plan

The diet plan that helps the Powerless (2017-Present) star to look so great is called as Ketogenic diet. It is followed by many other celebrities like Adriana Lima, Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, etc.

In this diet plan, you stick to a healthy fat-fueled, low carb diet and it helps in maintaining high energy levels throughout the day. If Vanessa doesn’t get high fat, her body holds onto the calories. She believes that people are wrong in thinking that all fats are bad, some of them are an excellent source of energy and sustenance. Her diet plan also includes having an avocado daily. Her diet plan also makes her stay away from refined sugar and dairy products.

This diet helps the brown-eyed beauty to have a lot of energy to power through the workouts, stay active all day and have her metabolism working right. 80 percent of the calories as per this diet plan are from fat.

Vanessa Hudgens grabbed a set of smoothie glasses
Vanessa Hudgens grabbed a set of smoothie glasses

Success with Weight Loss

The brunette beauty says that the aforementioned diet plan really works for her as she lost around 10 lbs in about a month.

Diet Indulgence

When the singer is in a mood to indulge, she has all sorts of foods like ramen. She keeps one fun food day every week. She is also a fan of grilled salmon with pear, avocados, greens and pomegranate seeds that she gets from a gourmet bakery-cafe situated in the Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles.

Being Proud of Who She Is

Vanney is proud of who she is and doesn’t let anyone else decide what she finds beautiful. But, she wasn’t always this proud of herself. She was a bit shy as a girl, but she overcame that. She has never felt bad about herself or her body (like many of us do) because her mother taught her to love herself and appreciate who she is.

Vanessa Hudgens flashing her abs
Vanessa Hudgens flashing her abs

Not Perfect

Hudgens also denies that she is perfect. In her opinion, nobody is perfect. People just need to accept that and stop comparing themselves to others. God makes a person who they are for a reason and you should learn to embrace that.

Vanessa Hudgens Workout and Diet Secrets 2018

Like everything else, Vanessa’s workout and diet secrets have changed with time. She recently explained why she does some exercises and why she watched what she ate. Vanessa also spilled beans on why she is low maintenance and what foods she can’t resist.

Workout Secrets 2018

In order to keep her body Coachella-ready, the beauty likes to stick to a robust exercise routine rather than a strict diet. The workouts that work for her include yoga, as it helps maintain her sanity, Pilates, as it helps in toning and lengthening and spinning as a preferred cardio method.

Diet Secrets 2018

Though the stunner likes working out rather than controlling her diet too rigidly, she watches what she eats and controls it more rigidly before a photo shoot. She says the reason for this control is that her body type is such that which puts on weight quite easily.

Vanessa Hudgens wearing glitters on her face in an April 2018 selfie
Vanessa Hudgens wearing glitters on her face in an April 2018 selfie (Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram)

Diet Indulgence

The Thirteen (2003) actress likes to stick to a no carb diet before a photo shoot. When she can afford to be a bit indulgent with her diet, she likes to have pizza, pasta, and ramen. While she is indulging, she doesn’t let herself feel guilty because You Only Live Once.

Fats Source

Her preferred source of fats is having a whole avocado because she needs high fats. If she doesn’t have enough fats, her body holds onto calories which often leads to unwanted weight gain.

Low Maintenance

The star of High School Musical film series says that she only recently realized that she is low maintenance. She used to think that she would need a lot of beauty related stuff to make her feel good but now, she has realized she doesn’t need much of that because she is a confident person and doesn’t need anything else to validate that as long as she feels good about herself. One of the tools that she uses is a concealer as it helps her hide bad spots and feel better about herself.

Which Exercises Help When

The singing sensation also shed light on which exercises work best for her. Talking about why workouts help her, she says that they are like a moving meditation for her. They help her to stay connected with her body, to feel lean, feminine and most importantly, strong.

If she is in a wild mood, she prefers a Soul Cycle class, but if she needs to get centered, she will take a healing yoga class. If she needs lengthening, she opts for a Pilates session, and if she is in a mood to have fun, she goes for aerial silks. In case she wants to be outside, she goes for a hike as it helps her to stay mindful.

Vanessa Hudgens in an April 2018 pic
Vanessa Hudgens in an April 2018 pic (Vanessa Hudgens / Instagram)

Being Grateful

Another thing that keeps Hudgens sane is that she is grateful. She is grateful for her work, the ability to work as much as she wants. She also finds it easy to stay centered and grounded. One thing that supports her is a glass of wine like Cabernet Sauvignon which we assume that she has after a long and testing day. (Well, who doesn’t like some great drink after a long day, we think we all deserve it every once in a while, won’t you agree?)

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