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Victoria Beckham’s Nutritionist Amelia Freer Diet Plan & Winter Diet Tips

Amelia Freer photoshoot in the kitchen
Amelia Freer photoshoot in the kitchen

Amelia Freer is a renowned nutritionist who is best known for helping Victoria Beckham and Sam Smith to initiate healthy eating habits. She recently opened up about her own diet plan and shared some ideas about how food changed her life. She also shared some winter diet tips that will help you stay a tad healthier this year. Do try them all as they are easy to implement and can offer amazing results.

Veggies are a Must

The clean eating Guru says that when she plans her meals, she thinks that vegetables are a must. Protein and healthy fats are next in line while designing a diet plan.


The author of several books usually has sautéed onions, spinach, and tomatoes with two eggs that can be poached or hard-boiled. She has some avocado, oatcakes, a piece of fruit and a cup of black coffee for breakfast too.

Amelia Freer making a pear and almond smoothie ahead of the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show
Amelia Freer making a pear and almond smoothie ahead of the BBC Good Food Eat Well Show


In lunch, the great cook usually has leftovers from the last night. She also has a “cook once eat twice” policy that saves time in the kitchen. So, the lunch includes leftover vegetables, salad, and some protein. It also includes some fresh fruits or warming soup with leftover roast chicken. If she exercises before the meal, she adds 2 or 3 tablespoons of grains like rice noodles, brown rice or a single slice of a type of bread.

Post lunch, she also has green tea or black coffee or an earl grey tea. Sometimes, she also has a few carbs after the lunch if the fruits and vegetables didn’t do the job of curbing her cravings for carbs.


During dinner, the diet expert has chicken and vegetable curry. She makes it by using a slow cooker. (Interesting idea, we must say)

Amelia Freer promoting her book
Amelia Freer promoting her book

Diet Indulgence

The diet indulgence of Freer is having a glass of wine for about two or three times a week, reports Daily Mail.

No Snacking

The Nutritional Therapist is not in favor of snacking. She says that it can result in accidental overeating and can destabilize the sugar levels. She also adds that the so-called healthy snacks contain loads of natural sugars that are at par with sugary drinks or chocolate bars. So, she tries to help her clients off the snacking habits.

Amelia Freer having salad
Amelia Freer having salad

Sweet Options

When the stunner craves something sweet, she opts for the natural forms like fruits. Amelia sometimes uses coconut sugar and honey while making the puddings as an indulgence. At that time, she reminds herself that she is having extra sugar.

Achieving Health Goals through Food

The diet advisor of James Corden believes in keeping things as simple as they can be. She understands that food often plays a key role in social and emotional health, so she doesn’t preach the ideas that the people have to be perfectly disciplined. She just helps the clients to achieve the health goals via good food choices. (That’s a great way to go!!)

My way or the highway approach is never adopted by her because she understands that every client is unique. Hence, she customizes her training to support the individual needs of the clients.

Amelia Freer grocery shopping
Amelia Freer grocery shopping

How Food Changed her Life?

The celebrity nutritionist admits that food has changed her life. She earlier gorged on unhealthy foods like pasta, toast, wine, cheese, etc. which made her bloated and tired. Then she saw a great nutritionist herself and changing her diet revamped her life for good.

Good Food Habits for Winter

Amelia has also shared some amazing winter diet tips for her fans while talking to Telegraph. Have a look at these tips here:

  • Avoid Under or Over Nutrition: Do not try the crash diets and juice fasts this season as they often end up suppressing the normal immune function. Undernutrition and overeating both are bad. Your focus should be to eat a well-balanced, nourishing and adequate diet that contains a lot of hearty stews and soups.
  • Go for Starchy Root Vegetables and Unprocessed Grains: You should have sufficient amount of carbs as they will help in preventing the protein from being used for pure energy. Avoiding processed carbs and depending on starchy root vegetables like potatoes and squash will help. You can also try unprocessed grains like brown rice, wild rice, oats, millet, amaranth, and quinoa.
  • Six Vegetables and Fruit Portions: You must eat 6 portions of fruits and vegetables in a day. Three should be of fruit, either raw or lightly cooked as it will ensure maximum absorption of nutrients. Add vitamin C sources in your diet like red peppers, yellow peppers, oranges, kiwis, tomatoes, strawberries, and broccoli.
  • Get Enough Vitamin D and Zinc: Most people don’t get enough vitamin D in winters and our bodies also stop making it. So, you should eat more eggs, fish, mushrooms or take a 10 microgram vitamin D3 supplement in the months of October to March. If you are susceptible to cold and cough, then you must increase your zinc intake by eating more lamb, beef, nuts, seeds, shellfish and kidney beans.
  • Never Skip Water: People often feel less thirsty in winters and reduce their water intake. You should never make that mistake. Make sure that you drink plenty of fluids. The more water you drink, the better would be your defense against common health ailments as dehydration can lower the natural defenses of a body. The water intake can be measured by the color of urine. If it’s pale yellow or clear, it means that you are having enough water. If not, you need to boost its intake.

Did you like the ideas shared by the beautiful lady? If so, then you might want to check out this interesting article too. You can also have a look at her official website. Alternatively, you can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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