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Vin Diesel Workout Routine Diet Plan

Vin Diesel Workout

Vin Diesel (officially known as Mark Sinclair Vincent) is a 46-year-old action movie hero from Hollywood. His well-built body weighing about 215 lbs and 6 feet tall frame made him an American icon to look up to. His 23-year long career and still counting is attributed to his immense strength. In fact, many of his admirers express sentiments of the impossibility to attain and maintain such a figure. Due to the queries of many fans, Vin Diesel has shared his diet and workout plan to clarify on the feasibility of the outlined emotions regarding his gigantic figure.

Vin Diesel Workout Routine

Vin Diesel’s weekly workout plan has activities scheduled in 3 days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). All these begin with warm up exercises in the form of light jogs of 5-minute duration. Essentially, this gets the blood flowing. On Monday, he concentrates on shoulders and chest by doing 10-15 reps and 2-5 sets of shoulder presses, push ups, bench presses and flyes that are inclined using dumbbells and barbells. These are equally distributed rows and raises. On Wednesday, the target is on the back. Several pull-ups, bent overs, dead lifts and cable rows are done, while gripping them wide.

Vin Diesel Body Workout RoutineUsually, these are less than 10 reps and barely 5 sets. On Friday, he pays attention towards legs and arms. In this case, incline curls, standing curls, push ups (close grip) and rope extensions are done for arms; leg presses, calf raises and lunges are done for legs. These often range up to about 15 reps and less than 5 sets in each case. Essentially, these are the secrets behind Vin Diesel’s huge muscles. The workout plan also includes alternating day offs. Concisely this program is about bodybuilding. To acquire burn fat, free hand and cardio exercises are done by Vin. These include swimming, biking, etc and working to enhance endurance.

A comprehensive schedule for body weight education perfects his figure. To assent to these practices, Vin Diesel says, at this phase in his life he is trying to concentrate on each of his body parts. When he was younger, he tried to gain more and more muscles. Now he focuses on every body part in order to shape it. He shocks his muscles with 2 power lifting sets and then start sets of higher-rep afterwards.

Vin Diesel Diet Plan

To promote the exemplary bodybuilding and toned physique, Diesel has a comprehensive diet plan. He takes massive calories. Often, these should be in a range of 300-500 calories every day. Essentially this does not mean eating a lot of fat but a mass of carbohydrates.  Exclusive consumption of carbohydrates will induce nutritional disorders. As such, the calorie intake should be accompanied with a gram of protein intake, multivitamins and omega-3 containing foods but only in small amounts. Organic protein sources include soy fortified foods and egg white. To reduce the fat intake considering that most carbohydrates have fat, fiber, vegetables and fruits should be present in the meals. As Diesel asserts in his diet plan, fat gain is countered with muscle gain practices.

To be specific, Vin Diesel eats lean beef as an enhancer of muscle mass and a protein source. Every week, the total intake is usually about 500 grams. To maintain a variety of meals, he also takes chicken run as a protein source. Usually, this is served with a variety of carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes. This should be an intake of 180 grams daily. Vin Diesel also takes egg-cellent daily. This super food contains vitamins, selenium, proteins and fats. The daily intake does not exceed six egg-cellents. This food is essential for testosterone production. Sweet foods are considered excellent carbohydrate sources for mass gains. Such foods include sweet potatoes. The range of intake goes even up to three pieces every meal. Unlike the normal three meals, Vin Diesel takes six to eight meals daily.


This analysis shows that Vin Diesel’s weight gains are only a result of well-structured dietary and workout plans. The two programs focus on mainly bodybuilding and calorie balancing with minimal compromise on other nutritional intakes.

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