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The Warrior Diet Plan – Live Life Like a Warrior to Stay Fit

The warrior diet plan

Discovered by Ori Hofmekler, political artist and health expert, The Warrior Diet Plan acknowledges the life of warriors and recommends its users to live life like a warrior to acquire perfect shape.

Ori reckons, instead of having five or six small meals in a day including heavy breakfast, should you eat heavy dinner; you will be able to provide better nourishment to your body. The exquisite diet plan has assisted Liz Hurley in losing baby weight and Ashton Kutcher in acquiring lean physique for his movie, Spread (2009).

What is The Warrior Diet Plan?

Ori devised the magnificent diet plan while bearing in mind athletic and lean bodies of Greek and Roman soldiers. These soldiers being on battle fields in the morning didn’t have much food to consume. However, after spending a long hungry day, they would savor their foods in group at night. Without restraining their consumption, they consumed as much as they wanted. Night used to be the time, which they utilized to fuel their body for next day’s battle activities.

Day time, which has also been named as underfeeding portion activates your nervous system and brain’s hunt for food. This activity keeps both your mind and body agile. At night, overfeeding portion stimulates your parasympathetic system. Since your body gets proper rest at night, it also gets busy in digesting the food.

Why The Warrior Diet Was Discovered?

Since Ori always had an alert eye over the global problem named obesity, he found that millions or trillions of people around world are suffering from it. And the epidemic is spreading at a very fast pace. He did a thorough research and came up with the conclusion that people in today’s time are just surviving. They have no enthusiasm in their life. In fact, they are not living; they are just preparing to die.

Ori found, should you run your body in alignment with circadian clock; you can render the exact nourishment to your body which it demands from you. All you need is omitting your breakfast and lunch, and eating heavy dinner.

Macro Counting in The Warrior Diet Plan

The Warrior diet plan banks on macro counting instead of calorie counting which implies, either abide by 60% of proteins and 40% of carbs, or 60% of carbs and 40% of proteins. Despite containing same number of calories, they both have absolutely different impacts on your body.

Should you begin relying on macro counting, you will better be able to comprehend the nutrient requirements of your body and nourish your body accordingly. That being said, since you all have different kinds of bodies, you shall devote some time to know your particular nutrient requirements.

Flaw in modern Eating Habits

Ori asserts that there is a serious flaw in the modern eating habits. And that is – people in today’s time follow opposite diet regime and instead of having hefty dinner, they dwell on hefty breakfast. When you consume heavy meals in the morning, your parasympathetic system becomes active, as a result of which you feel sluggish and dragging through the day.

Human beings are genetically nocturnal eaters. However, due to wrong eating habits, they have become victims of several epidemics such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and myriad other ailments. These wrong eating habits are also responsible for failing their weight loss programs because your body is programmed to function correctly only if it gets proper diet at proper time.

Why Morning Fasting is Important?

Besides increasing your agility, long and hungry morning hours will also shed unsolicited pounds by magnifying lean muscles in your body. Morning hours are aptly called fasting hours in the diet plan. If you cannot stay without food and feel like eating something in the morning, you can eat organic fruits and vegetables and small portion size of proteins to satisfy your hunger.

How to Follow The Warrior Diet Plan?

The warrior diet plan indeed is healthy and practical. Ori himself has acquired slender and muscular body just by sticking to the diet schedule. He acknowledges the fact that your body feels deprived after spending long hungry hours. You should fuel it with more carbs because carbs are the main energy providing foods. Though Ori has given you freedom to consume your desired foods in the overeating phase, but you are advised to eat raw and organic foods. Besides shedding myriad pounds from your body, these foods will keep you fit and healthy.

How Easy The Warrior Diet Plan is?

When you compare the warrior diet plan with other diet plans prevalent in today’s time, you will find the diet plan quite easy and practical to follow. You don’t have to be vigilant to have small diets throughout the day. Spending day time in fasting is not very difficult because most of your time will pass while working in office and in doing several other busy activities of the day.

In the beginning, you might find it bit difficult to adjust your eating schedule according to the diet plan. However, as you will start abiding by the diet plan, you will begin loving it. The diet plan will revitalize your body and mind and will develop positive and enthusiastic approach in you towards life.

Workouts in The Warrior Diet Plan

Since the diet program is all about warriors, exercises certainly cannot be overlooked. Ori recommends practicing workouts like warriors. Workouts will not only keep you in great shape, they will also maintain you healthy forever. You also don’t have to stress about your weight because you will get permanent weight loss solution.

There are numerous modern equipment available in gyms which can provide your body the same intensity of workouts as were practiced by these soldiers. Since strength and stamina are paramount features of warriors, you can practice various kinds of strength or resistance training to build strength and stamina and make your body resilient. Besides that, since the main focus of warriors is to strengthen their joints and back. You can also endeavor to attain the same goals by practicing squats, lunges, press, and chin-up.

Develop Warrior Like Attitude

Ori recommends its dieters to develop warrior like attitude. Warriors struggle and fight the battles for survival. They try various techniques and methods for their survival. Should you also develop that “never say die” attitude, no matter how difficult things are, you will end up defeating all the odds obstructing your way.

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