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The Aquavore Diet – Shed Weight With High Water Content Diet

Aquavore Diet to lose weight with high water

Water Diet or The Aquavore Diet, which was developed by Dr. William Dunn, cancer specialist, is a healthy weight loss program. In the plan, you will need to consume vegetables and fruits having high water content.

High water content of foods will keep you full for longer and will save you from hunger pangs by keeping check on your appetite. The diet schedule is logical and completely based on scientific facts and principles.

You are very likely to abide by the plan for a really long time or even might feel tempted to make it your lifestyle diet plan. If you have very hectic schedule at work or you are unable to devote much time on any weight loss program, the aquavore diet solution is perfect for you.

What is the Aquavore Diet?

The plan will assist you in attaining your weight loss objective by trimming down your consumption of fats and carbs. Dr. William contends, obesity causes a load of health problems in your body and cancer is one of them. Study shows that bulky body is more susceptible to become host of cancer than slender bodies.

Although the diet schedule is not restrictive, but you should stay vigilant of the kinds of foods you feed to your body, especially the kinds of saturated fats you consume. Prefer diminishing their consumption in your diet.

In addition to that, while inculcating carbs in your diet regime, make sure that the carbs you are consuming have low glycemic index because low glycemic index carbs keep check on spike in blood sugar level.

How Easy The Aquavore Diet Plan is?

In comparison to other weight loss diet plans, it’s convincingly painless to abide by aquavore diet schedule because you don’t have to eliminate the foods you love. All you require to do is prune their consumption and start your meals with water rich foods.

For example, prior to starting your meals, consume high water foods such as mixed vegetable soup. Mixed vegetable soup is dense in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, and water. Veggies are opulent in fiber and thus they keep you satisfied for longer duration.

Besides that, you can have mixed salad anytime of the day you want. Should you still feel hungry after consuming all these water dense foods, you are allowed to consume foods you crave.

Thirst Resistance Diet Plan

The aquavore diet has also been named as thirst resistance diet. Gulping down plenty of water in a day for keeping your body hydrated might pose a challenge in front of you because drinking water without thirst is quite difficult.

However, eating foods having certain flavor is stress-free for you. These foods will fulfill the dearth of water and will maintain proper hydration in your body.

Workouts in The Aquavore Diet

Instead of pointing up intense workouts, the plan speaks in favor of light workouts. You can do the kinds of workouts which make you feel comfortable. If brisk walking works for you, you can do that.

On the other hand, if you find it hard to walk due to pain in joints, execute other light workouts which do not hurt you. Endeavor to give minimum twenty minutes in a day to workouts. Keep yourself agile and stirred throughout the day, considering every new day as a new beginning.

Recommended Foods in The Aquavore Diet

Fruits, vegetables, and soups are the main food items of diet schedule. Instead of animal proteins, the plan emphasizes consumption of plant based proteins. Let’s have a look at some more food items endorsed in the plan.

Turkey, lean beef, egg whites, chicken, tuna, salmon, tofu, peas, low fat yogurt, walnuts, skim milk, cherries, strawberries, peaches, eggplant, whole grain bread, oat bran, spices, gelatin etc. are some of the recommended foods.

You are also allowed to have one or two small cups of wine in a day. However, try to desist from alcohol. Besides raising several inflammatory reactions such as acidity, bloating etc., it also triggers dehydration in your body.

Benefits of The Aquavore Diet

The Aquavore diet has numerous benefits. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

  • Your body requires adequate fuel to work perfectly well and the program accentuates consumption of fruits and vegetables which is one of its strongest points. Apart from trimming down your body, their nutrient density makes you grow healthy.
  • The plan points up the consumption of high fiber and high protein foods. Both of them being capable of keeping control on your appetite uphold you contended for longer.
  • You can manage your weight perfectly well while going along with the plan, and the best part is you even don’t have to count the number of calories.
  • The program will speed up your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, sharpen your memory, detoxify your body, and strip off cancer cells from your body.

Drawbacks of the Aquavore Diet

Despite having several good points, the aquavore diet plan couldn’t be made perfect. There are many loopholes in the diet schedule. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Guidance and directions are very vital for the success of any diet plan. However, aquavore diet solution has failed to provide concrete guidance to its dieters.
  • Since the program is null in recipes, dieters don’t get much help such as what kind of meals they can cook at home to adequately swear by healthy diet regime.
  • You will melt weight while abiding by the diet schedule, but the pace would be relatively slow.

Sample Meal Plan

Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of the aquavore diet.


You can have boiled egg, low fat yogurt, oat bran, whole grain bagel etc. in your breakfast.


You can have sandwich and navy bean soup in your lunch.


You can have grilled salmon, spinach salad, and boiled potatoes in your dinner.


You can have fruit or low fat yogurt with granola in your desserts.

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