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Weight Watchers Diet Plan – Shape up and Slim Down

Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Weight Watchers Diet Plan is one of the most popular fad diets, which has been devised mainly for people seeking to lose weight and build muscles. The diet plan aims to inculcate healthy eating habits in you and that too without poking you to settle on flavorless foods.

The diet plan being supported with workouts will create calorie deficit in your body by scorching bountiful calories. Foods in the diet schedule being ranked on the basis of nutrient density will cater to your nutrient requirements. Besides that, your age, gender, health conditions, height etc. are some of the determining factors, which will decide how many daily points will be allocated to you.

Celebrity Followers of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Diet Plan unquestionably is number one weight loss plan. More than 10 million Brits came out with flying colors after using the diet plan. Numerous celebrities such as Gregg Wallace, Sheree Murphy, Patsy Kensit, Claire Sweeney, Coleen McLoughlin, Jenny McCarthy, Natasha Hamilton, and several others are big fans of the diet plan.

What is Weight Watchers Diet Plan?

Weight watchers diet plan controls your diet by rendering you points. Processed foods, junk foods, and unhealthy foods being high in calories and void in nutrients have been allocated high points.

Contrary to that, organic foods such as fruits and vegetables, which apart from being high fibrous foods contain numerous nutrients. They have been given zero point in the diet plan. For losing weight, you shall check your points and make sure that you don’t cross particular limit of points set by the diet plan.

To make it convenient for dieters, diet plan permits saving points and using them later. For instance, should you save points of five or six days, you can utilize them by savoring your beloved high calorie food on seventh day. However, if you are seeking to melt weight prompter, prefer not using your saved points.

Cause of Wrong Eating Habits

The diet plan reckons, the environment in which you live and easy availability of unhealthy and junk foods are some of the reasons making people consume unhealthy foods. Moreover, the trend of eating food has changed so much over past few years that despite having strong will, you cannot help becoming a victim of obesity.

Should you vow to stay away from confectionery food stores and other places where you can see plenty of them, you can bring your wrong eating habits under control. Low points in the diet plan are directly proportional to low fat, low calories, and high protein foods.

How Weight Watchers Diet Plan Works?

The exclusive weight loss program being very tender and delicate doesn’t banish foods from your diet. There are more than 40k foods in the website of weight watchers. You can simply look at their nutrient density and devise the food chart for you.

The main emphasis of diet plan is on high fibrous and protein rich foods because they are capable of keeping you full and satisfied for longer duration. Since hunger pangs are mainly responsible for weight gain, the diet plan will rid you from hunger pangs and other sinister cravings making you grow obese.

Weight Watchers will also educate you how to select best foods for you from many similar foods present in front of you. For choosing the most suitable foods, which go hand in hand with your fitness objective, you are recommended to go for foods low in sodium, sugar, and high in fiber.

What Kind of Weight Loss Plan It Is?

You might wonder what kind of weight loss plan it is and whether it’s suitable for you or not.

Well!! If you are thinking to go along with the diet plan, you don’t have to give it second thought, for the diet plan is simply incredible. You won’t feel hungry at any point in the diet plan, as there are three meals plus two snacks in a day. Moreover, the points allotted by the diet plan for daily calorie consumption are also more than sufficient for you.

The plan doesn’t believe in eliminating your loved foods your diet regime, it rather encourages you to celebrate your days by having black bean soup, pasta, fat-free ice cream etc. And should you find it difficult to pick your meals on daily basis, you can opt to have pre-packed meals of the diet plan.

Weight watchers diet plan insists on eating five portions of fruits and vegetables in a day, two to three portions of healthy carbs and dairy products twice in a day. Should you practice workouts on daily basis, you shall earn additional points.

Emotional Support by Weight Watchers

Unlike other diet plans, which just tailor the food chart for you and overlook emotional perspective, Weight watchers diet plan is different because it will provide you full emotional support. Once in a week, regular meetings are being held by weight watchers. These meeting are inclined to motivate and inspire dieters to melt weight and stay fit.

Since you will meet several other diet followers in the meeting, you can gauge your performance by comparing you with them. The logic behind these meetings is to make you more eager to shed weight. If you have jam-packed schedule and don’t have much time to physically go for such meetings, you can join online community made by weight watchers to get emotional relief.

Health with Taste

The diet plan promises to provide you healthy and sculpted body along-with taste. Recipes in the diet plan have been modified in amazingly delicious way. You are bound to fall in love with them. Moreover, you will feel like inculcating these healthy snacks in your daily routine, because they are just yummy.

Drawbacks of Weight Watchers Diet Plan

Just like all other diet plans, weight watchers diet plan too has some loopholes. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of the diet plan.

  •  The diet plan didn’t adequately connect diet with workouts. Since workouts are vital for you and assists your body in losing weight and staying fit, proper description of exercises such as pre meal exercises, post meal exercises etc. could be of immense help to dieters. 
  • The diet plan insists consumption of low fat foods. By emphasizing low-fat foods, the diet plan has overlooked people having insulin sensitivity, or people who are not comfortable with low-fat diet.

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