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Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat Review

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1 Yoga and Exercise Mat

If you do yoga regularly, then, you would know that there are certain poses in yoga, as the Table Top Pose, that will hurt your knees if you are doing it on a hardwood floor. There are lots of such poses that can cause knee and joint pain if there is no comfortable support. A yoga mat is very important when you are doing yoga. It cushions your knees and elbows so that you don’t get hurt. However, don’t get tempted to buy the thickest mat because yoga practice means that you should stay close to the ground. The ideal thickness of a yoga mat is ¼ inches or ½ inches. But, if you are looking for something extra, then, you can go up to 1-inch thick mats. If you go beyond that, then, you won’t be able to achieve the result you want to get from doing yoga.

If you are into Pilates, then, a yoga mat can be helpful also. However, though the poses of Pilates may be similar to yoga, the movements are more repetitive and faster. So, you need a thick mat to support your joints as you will be making continuous contact with the floor. If you are looking for an exercise mat that will help you to do yoga and Pilates, then, the Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1’’ Yoga and Exercise Mat will be a good choice. Here we are going to look at the various features of this mat so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.


It is a 72’’ long and 24’’ wide exercise mat that is particularly designed for yoga. This size is perfect for anyone who wants to get a personal space for doing yoga. It is 1’’ thick, so is ideal for people suffering from knee or back pain. It is not that squishy like a mattress so you will get a firm surface to practice yoga. It has non-slip surfaces so it won’t slip or sink. When you do yoga, certain poses can create a lot of pressure on your knees and elbows and this can cause pain. If you do yoga on this extra thick mat, then, it will cushion your body parts and you won’t get hurt. It has one smooth side and one ribbed side. You should place the ribbed side up so that you get the traction needed during standing yoga poses. You get a shoulder strap carrier which rolls up easily for storage. You can choose from 4 different colors which include red, blue, black, and pink.

Build Quality

It is made up of high-density foam that is four times thicker compared to a traditional yoga mat. This ensures that your joints and knees will be protected properly. It is moisture-resistant and so won’t slip. The mat is built in such a way that you won’t feel any knee or joint pain even while doing difficult yoga poses. You won’t get a sturdier and thicker yoga mat in the market. It is not only good for yoga or Pilates, but also for cushioning weak joints and physical therapy. The ridges of the mat create a cooling effect and can take in excess moisture. So, you won’t lose your grip while exercising and get injured. It has a high level of shock absorption capacity which makes it much safer than the other mats.


It is an extra large exercise mat with dimensions 72’’ by 24’’ which is ideal for most people. It is almost four times thicker than the regular yoga mats. So, you get more cushion and comfort by using this mat. You get a carrying strap with it which makes it easy to carry around. You can take it to your yoga studio, camping or any outdoor location as well.


The extra thick yoga mat provides great comfort. If you are feeling pain in your wrist and elbows while doing the downward facing dog position or feeling the tension in your hips and knees while doing the camel pose, then, you should buy this mat. You will be able to do all the difficult yoga poses using this mat. You should exercise on surfaces that have a high level of shock absorption because it will protect your joints. This exercise mat is just perfect to keep your joints in good condition. The extra cushion that you will get from this mat will strengthen your weak joints, mitigate pain, and prevent future injuries.


Considering the extra thickness and large size, it is one of the most affordable exercise mats you will find. You can get it for just $30 at Amazon. The free carrying strap that you get with it is very handy as it will help you to carry it from one place to another. This mat is easy to clean and maintain. So, you will actually get a quality product at a low price.


  • This mat is made of high-density foam that is not very squishy or too firm. It has the right thickness to provide cushion and support to your knees, elbows, and other body parts.
  • It has horizontal ridges that make it slip-free so you won’t get hurt while exercising.
  • It has a good shock-absorbing capacity that prevents any kind of discomfort and keeps your joints healthy.
  • You will get a comfortable personal space to work out which is sufficiently large to perform any kind of yoga pose.
  • If you suffer from knee or back pain, then, this mat will give you comfort.
  • You can get it in different colors.
  • You get a free shoulder strap that makes it easy to travel with it.
  • It is versatile and you can use it for Pilates, MMA, and other exercises as well.


  • As the mat is very thick, it is not good for balance postures. You need a stable surface for these poses.
  • It is not waterproof so might get damaged.
  • As it is extra-thick, it is bulkier to transport and store than the average yoga mats.
  • You may get a slight chemical odor that might be distracting.

Final Verdict

You must have noticed that yoga has become a popular form of exercise for the past few years. It can help you get into shape; improve your posture and flexibility. It can also lower your stress level. This yoga mat is a great choice for those who are suffering from back or joint pain. The surface of this mat has a high level of shock absorbing capacity so it will protect your joints. This mat will provide the extra cushion you need for your hands, wrists, knees, back, and elbows.

This exercise mat has the perfect size and thickness that is good for your health as it will protect you from injuries. Its non-slip surface will prevent slipping and falling. As it has a shoulder strap, you can easily carry it around from place to place. Its non-skid surface will protect you even if you have sweaty hands.

If you are looking for a thick yoga mat, then, you should go for this one. It is affordable, versatile and durable. So, you won’t have to worry about buying another for a long time.

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It is a great exercise mat for those who are looking for a thick yoga mat. It will help to cushion their joints and prevent injuries.Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1" Yoga and Exercise Mat Review