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Younger You Diet – Program Your Brain to Stay Young Forever

Younger You Diet Plan

Designed by Eric R. Braverman, MD, Younger You Diet Plan is a magnificent diet program which is completely based on scientific facts and theories.

There are wonderful revelations made in the diet program which will help you in understanding your body chemistry in a better way. You will also get to know how you can bring changes in your physiology just by changing the way you think.

What is Younger You Diet?

Younger You Diet is actually low carb and high protein diet plan. It’s a total well-being plan. There are myriad food items such as spices, teas, foods etc., which will alter your body chemistry, and will bring balance in the release of chemicals with the help of exclusively chosen food items. Food items and recipes introduced in the diet program are very healthy and are simply delicious.

You will find great stress put on consumption of fruits and veggies by diet solution. These foods have been emphasized mainly because of their nutrient density. They are rich in several vital nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, minerals etc. In addition to that, antioxidant property possessed by these foods also affects your brain in healthy and positive way.

Relationship Between Weight and Aging

Eric contends, aging is inevitable; you cannot stop you from getting older. But, you certainly can put a break on horrible signs of aging such as wrinkles, high blood pressure, high sugar level, arthritis, osteoporosis etc. Weight gain occurs in your body due to imbalance in the release of chemicals from your brain.

With aging, despite pruning your food items and increasing your physical activities, you might find it hard to stay in shape. Weight gain occurs due to decreased brain functioning. Slower your brain will function, more the weight your body will gain and the cycle continues because with increase in weight, your brain functioning keeps getting slower.

Obesity can never be linked with weight gain. No matter what age group you belong to, should you rely on healthy lifestyle and balanced nutrition, you can not only stay away from diseases, but also can look young for a really long time.

Work Mechanism of Younger You Diet

Younger You diet program is a blend of healthy herbs, spices, fruits, and veggies. Dopamine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, serotonin, and acetylcholine are some of the major chemicals released by your brain. These chemicals control various functions of your body. Weight management, craving for foods, changes in personality etc. are some of the major functions controlled by these brain chemicals.

Due to imbalance in release of chemicals, you also find it unable to lose weight despite showing great control in your intake of foods. You will be given a self-assessment test by the diet program. You simply need to take this test, and you will know what chemicals are in deficient quantity in your body.

You are supposed to inculcate at least nine servings of fruits and vegetables and three servings of metabolism boosting spices in a day in your diet. These foods will improve your digestion, will make your appetite become smaller, and will change your brain dynamics.

Forget Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction is not the success secret leading to weight loss. Instead of restricting the number of calories fed to your body, should you start relying more on creating calorie deficit in your body by burning more calories than consumed with the help of exercises, you can shed more pounds of weight from your body.

Calorie restriction is not the solution of your problems because both your brain and body require calories. Whereas your brain requires calories to function perfectly well, your body requires energy for performing various kinds of exercises. Only nutrient dense foods can ensure to bring back balance in the release of chemicals in your body.

Impact of Spices 

Spices come under thermogenic foods which have amazingly wonderful impacts on your body. Consumption of spices not only revs up your metabolism, but also keeps you full for longer duration. When your appetite will come under control, your tendency of consuming foods will naturally go down.

In addition to that, spices enhance your thirst, as a result of which you are likely to drink more water than normal, which again is beneficial for your body. Detoxifying nature of water is effective in removing toxins from your body.

Workouts in Younger You Diet

Younger you diet solution recommends doing aerobic activities and strength training to its dieters. Along-with food items, exercises will also positively affect release of chemicals from your brain and will bring proper balance in their release. Besides that, exercises will speed up your metabolism, will make your body resilient, and will make calorie burning process swifter in your body.

Benefits of Younger You Diet

Younger you diet plan has several benefits, let’s have a look at some of them.

  • The diet program will rid you from various kinds of food addictions and will provide you trim and toned body.
  • Shabby signs of aging such as various diseases, wrinkles etc. will reverse and you will begin getting younger both from inside as well as outside.
  • There are numerous delicious recipes and meal plans introduced by the diet program which will help you in sticking to the diet plan till you reach your desired weight.
  • Weight loss occurring in your body while going along with the diet program will not be transient, it rather will stay forever.
  • There are no strict restrictions imposed by the diet program, so you will feel tempted to adhere to the diet program throughout your lifetime.

Sample Meal Plan

The diet program accentuates consumption of four small meals in a day. Let’s have a look at one of the sample meal plans of younger you diet.


You can have yogurt with cinnamon, herbs, spices, and fresh fruit, tea in your breakfast.


You can have jicama, black bean, mango salad, corns etc. in your lunch.

Afternoon Snack

You can have one cup of plain popcorn with garlic and rosemary in your afternoon snacks.


You can have brown rice with chives and garlic, lean meat, and blood orange salmon etc. in your dinner.

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