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Zac Efron Workout Routine and Diet Plan for “We Are Your Friends”

Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski during the promotion of "We Are Your Friends"
Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski during the promotion of “We Are Your Friends”

Zac Efron has been one of the handsome Hollywood stars who first charmed people with his cute looks and then kept them enchanted with his great acting skills. Some people still know him as the boy who starred in High School Musical, Summerland, and the film version of Hairspray. But for most people, the actor has proved his mettle as a young man by demonstrating excellent acting abilities in the films like 17 Again, New Year’s Eve, The Lucky One and The Lorax.

Making the Headlines

The young celebrity is making the headlines again for his upcoming film “We Are Your Friends.” In the film, he portrays the character of a young man who wishes to be renowned as a successful music producer along with making a mark in the electronic dance music and nightlife scene. Apart from honing his acting abilities, the Zac also changed his workout routine and diet plan for “We Are Your Friends.” What sacrifices did he make and were they successful? Let’s find out.

Who Suggested the New Workout?

If the reports of E Online are to be believed, the director of the film, Max Joseph asked Zac to change his looks for the film. He did so subtly by handing Zac a few photographs and telling him about the looks he wanted. The director also recommended that he should stop lifting weights and concentrate more on running on a regular basis.

What was the New Workout?

Zac Efron running for transforming his body for "We Are Your Friends"
Zac Efron running for transforming his body for “We Are Your Friends”

When the California native looked at the photographs, he realized that the director was right as he really didn’t look like the pictures being shown to him. Hence, he followed the director’s advice meticulously. He started running on a regular basis and it was a cool experience for him. The versatile actor also admitted to trimming his diet, but did not divulge the details of the same.

Zac Efron workout
Zac Efron workout

How the New Workout helped?

The new workout helped the winner of Bravo Otto Award in shooting the film too. The film has many scenes in which he had to run when the temperature was around 110 in the valley where he was shooting. As he had already done a lot of running, he didn’t feel too uncomfortable in shooting for the film in those temperatures.

How the New Workout Tired Him?

The Paperboy actor also paid a bit of a price for getting his new look. Towards the end of the shooting of the film, he had shin splints, his knees hurt from regular excretion and he termed the entire experience as beyond challenging.

His Favorite Running Scene in the Film

Though the talented actor had to shoot many running scenes for the film, he liked the Las Vegas scene the most. In that scene, he and his hot co-star Emily Ratajkowski ran through the Las Vegas while having only a splinter unit of just 10 people. They started shooting as soon as they reached Las Vegas and the actor really had fun with the entire experience.

Staying Fit after the Film

Zac Efron showing his muscular body
Zac Efron showing his muscular body

Some of you might be wondering that as he stopped lifting weights, he might have lost all those sexy and rippling muscles he had. Well, you are not altogether correct. The fact is that Efron still has some serious admiration worthy muscles which he showed off while promoting his upcoming film.

Daily Mail has recently reported that he was spotted promoting the film on 21st August in California where he stole the show by removing his leather jacket and showing off his well toned biceps in a white t-shirt that hugged his body in a perfect manner and made many young girls drool over it. The singer also rocked the show by working behind the DJ booth and making everyone dance to his tunes including Emily. (Hmmm… we guess his love for music is helping him promote the film too.)

Zac Efron as a DJ while promoting "We Are Your Friends"
Zac Efron as a DJ while promoting “We Are Your Friends”

If you are impressed by the new workout routine and diet plan of Zac Efron, then don’t forget to catch the film, “We Are Your Friends” on August 28, 2015 in a theater near you. Also, if you need to read about the detailed workout routine and diet plan of Zac Efron, don’t forget to check out this link.

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