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7 Renowned Celebrity Trainers on Exercises They Really Hate

All of us have a workout we really hate doing and we would like to avoid it at all costs. Celebrity trainers are no different. They are also people who love some workouts while hating the others. A bunch of these well-known trainers recently spilled all the workouts they hate and even mentioned the reasons for it. Read on to know what exercise these are and whether you can relate to their opinions.

Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson in white bikini in 2016
Tracy Anderson in a white bikini in 2016

The trainer of Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like cycling at all, reports People. She says that this exercise burn calories only for a short time and it can even bulk the thighs of a person.

Anna Kaiser

Anna Kaiser celebrity trainer
Anna Kaiser

The trainer of Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t like power lifting much. She says that it’s very intense for the sake of pushing one to their limits. This exercise does not support the movements of everyday life. It overbuilds a person’s muscles and puts a lot of stress on the spine. The trainer of Shakira doesn’t think that the exercise is worth risking one’s spine.

Harley Pasternak

Harley Pasternak celebrity trainer
Harley Pasternak

The trainer of Kim Kardashian doesn’t like to sweat it out in a hot room. He says that many people assume that they burn a lot of fat if they are working out in a hot room because of the extra sweat, but he says that the science of it is the opposite. The trainer of Lady Gaga thinks that people actually get to burn more fat when they are in a cold environment. He gets overheated in the hot and sweaty rooms so he tries to avoid that. The smell of the hot rooms is also a big factor. Pasternak thinks that they smell like old socks. (Do you agree?)

Chad Landers

Chad Landers celebrity trainer
Chad Landers

The trainer of Sarah Hyland also hates hot classes like hot yoga, hot spinning, and many others. He confesses that humid environment makes him feel crazy. The trainer of Corbin Bleu also thinks that getting a person’s body temperature to about 104 degrees can lead to heat exhaustion and even a heat stroke. He adds that many people have the misconception that sweating is a perfect method of detoxing the body. It is not true.

The kidneys, the liver, and the intestines are meant to detox the body, not the sweat glands. If you sweat a lot, you can become a victim of dehydration which makes it difficult for your intestines and kidneys to eliminate toxic materials from your body.

Danny Musico

Danny Musico celebrity trainer
Danny Musico

The trainer of Leonardo DiCaprio is not a fan of Pilates. He thinks that people who opt for this method often claim to be natural athletes but the truth is different. He says such people won’t be able to handle even a few seconds with his workout as they are not as strong as they presume.

Sebastien Lagree

Sebastien Lagree celebrity trainer
Sebastien Lagree

The trainer of Sofia Vergara despises spinning because it is very repetitive and hurts his ass. He adds that the exercise is too hard on the joints and the connective tissues.

Lauren Boggi

Lauren Boggi celebrity trainer
Lauren Boggi

The trainer of Lauren Graham also thinks that riding a stationary bike is not worth it. Even if she takes the help of music, lights, and other things, she still feels like she is a hamster on the wheel who is sitting in a bent-over position and doing thousands of reps.

Indoor cycling overworks the quads of the trainer of Carla Gugino. It also ignores her glutes and hurts her vagina. Her preferred exercises are strength training exercises. She adds that spinning is good for people who are coming off an injury.

Did you relate to the thoughts of these renowned celebrity trainers? If so, let us know. You can also mention which exercises do you hate the most by sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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