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Adele’s Trainer Pete Geracimo Workout and Diet Plan Advice

Celebrity trainer Pete Geracimo
Celebrity trainer Pete Geracimo

Pete Geracimo is a celebrity trainer who has been helping Adele look great for the last 20 years. He has also worked with royals as well. So when he shares some workout and diet advice, we are all ears. Here we get to know what exercises he prefers, what diet plan he loves and what he eats personally. His opinion on workout motivation and what to do if you can’t see workout results are also amazing. Read on to know it all.

Find Time for Exercising

The former competitive triathlete has advised people to take care of themselves. He understands that you have a busy life and often, there are not enough hours in a day to get things done. In such a situation, you need to find a balance where you make the time for work, family, friends and most importantly, yourself. You need to make a more conscious effort to take care of yourself if you want to live a fitter life.

Adele training her body
Adele training her body

Most Reliable Exercise

The most reliable exercise you can trust is bodyweight training as it can be done anywhere and without any equipment. Your body weight is mostly enough to provide resistance to get in a great workout. When you don’t need any equipment or visit the gym, your excuses of not exercising will also reduce. If you are after a great workout, you should do a challenging circuit of lunges, body squats, pushups, dips, pull ups, chin ups, and plank work as it will stress every part of your body perfectly.

Preferred Fat-Busting Exercise

The preferred fat burning exercise of registered deep tissue and sports massage therapist is High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. It takes a person out of their comfort zone and makes them work very hard. The time needed for sessions is just 30 minutes or less than that. It also ensures that your fat burning potential continues long after you finish the session.

Cardio-Weights Ratio

The cardio-weight ratio of every person is different as it depends on your training goal and the type of training you respond to. In general, you should do at least three to four training sessions weekly and two to three cardio sessions in a week. You should also try to be as active as possible in your daily routine.

Pete Geracimo shirtless body
Pete Geracimo shirtless body

No Gym Needed

The talented trainer believes that you don’t need a gym to be fit. You need to be active. For that, you can make simple choices like walking or cycling rather than using a bus or car, taking the stairs instead of the lifts and going for walks or a run instead of sitting on a sofa and watching TV. Your focus should be on moving yourself rather than letting something or someone move for you.

Workout Motivation

A good way to remain motivated to workout is to choose a goal that is deeply personal to you and you really want it. It should be powerful enough to take you off the couch. Mixing workouts and having fun while exercising are also useful methods of staying motivated.

Preferred Diet Plan

The renowned trainer is a big fan of the Sirt Food Diet. It is more of a lifestyle than a diet and it focuses on the positivity of the food and not the negative side. It is about inclusion rather than deprivation because you get to enjoy red wine and dark chocolate in it. All his clients have benefitted a lot from it.

Diet Tip

You should avoid processed foods and pick those food options that are best for your body type. Sticking to raw or whole foods is a smart idea. You should also take the time to make your meals from scratch to get more control over what you are eating.

Personal Diet Plan

Personally, Pete likes to have everything in moderation. He likes to have fish and vegetables in his diet but eats juicy steak only occasionally.

Celebrity trainer Pete Geracimo working out
Celebrity trainer Pete Geracimo working out

Cheat Meal

You can have a cheat meal every 7 days as a kind of reward. You should work hard to get the reward so that you can enjoy it without any guilt.

What to do When You Can’t See Workout Results?

If you are working out hard but not seeing results, the fault is probably with a poor diet and inconsistency of training. To see good results, you need to focus 80 percent on your diet, 10 percent on exercise and 10 percent on resting.

Workout Philosophy

Geracimo thinks that workout should start from the core and then, work peripherally as it’s the foundation of your strength and well-being. It’s not just about big muscles. Exercise should improve your life, not impede it. If you stick to just big muscles, you will end up shortening all your muscles and it can result in lessening all major motion.

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