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Akshay Kumar Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Credited with killer looks and impeccable panache, Akshay Kumar is one of the most illustrious actors of Bollywood. About his family background, the dashing actor belongs to mediocre family, hailing from Amritsar, Punjab. From his upbringing, it’s perceptible that he seldom would have thought of making acting as his profession. However, it didn’t take Akshay long to set his feet in Bollywood. No matter whether its action role, romantic role, or comic one, the macho man of Bollywood doesn’t fail to startle us with his performances.

Akshay Kumar Workout Routine

His muscular yet lean body testifies that the flamboyant actor is quite obsessed with workouts. Not to mention, his passion for workouts didn’t pop up after making an entry into Bollywood. From his college days itself, he was fitness enthusiast. His pursuit for fit and ripped body had him succumb to martial arts. He even got his professional training from Bangkok, Thailand. In action movies, he deliberately performs the audacious stunts on his own. “Khatron ke Khiladi” host is over forty-seven but still he is the most reliable youth fitness icon. With his sculpted physique and unbeatable talent, he surely can outdo any young actor aspiring to compete with him.

Akshay Kumar workout routine and diet plan

As far as his workout regime goes, his day starts at 4.30 am with a long brisk walk to warm up his body. After that, he practices kick-boxing, shadow boxing for one hour. Yoga and meditation, which he practices after vigorous exercises, calm down his mind. Apart from them, he performs varied cardio workouts such as swimming, hopping, running, hiking, stair climbing etc.

The word “idle” seems to be absent in the dictionary of Akki. Despite doing plenty of physical activities, he seldom misses doing his regular workouts in the gym. However, being well-informed about human physiology, he makes sure that multiplicity is there in his workouts. Among sports, he plays basketball thrice in a week which besides boosting his speed and stamina invigorates him. Akshay reckons, if you have strong core, your chances of being injured and becoming victim of back pain trims down. While focusing on his core, he executes myriad exercises meant to condition the core muscles of his body.

Akshay Kumar Diet Plan

Akshay Kumar diet plan

From the kind of image the actor has cultivated into the minds of his fans, he looks like a party-loving person. However, you shall be amazed to know that Akshay refrains from parties, alcohol, cigarettes, and all other vices. Even he has never tasted tea and coffee in his entire life. While abiding by a very strict and disciplined life, the Punjabi guy rises early in the morning and hits bed before 9 pm. He renders the kind of nutrition, which his over-worked body requires from him. Akshay consumes five to six meals in a day and prefers homemade foods.

Charismatic actor being pragmatic in his eating habits banks on fresh and organic foods. His balanced diet has proportionate mix of carbs, proteins, and fats. Since no diet supplements can nurture your body as much as natural foods can, he steers clear from supplements. He even recommends his fans to forbid their consumption because they might get you chiseled body in short run, but you will remain devoid of the health benefits of wholesome and nutrient packed foods. The actor reveres moderation in his diet and gratifies his sweet tooth by consuming his adored sweet Indian dishes on Sunday.

Let’s have a look at typical diet regime of Akshay Kumar.

Breakfast – Breakfast being his heaviest meal of the day consists of paranthas, one glass of milk etc.

Snacks – Fruits, mixed veggies, dry fruits such as cashew, almonds, raisins, avocados etc.

Lunch – Dal, roti, veggies, broiled or steamed chicken, yoghurt etc.

Dinner – Dinner being his lightest meal of the day consists of soup, veggies etc. He is done with his dinner before 8 pm and maintains gap of two hours between his dinner and hitting bed.

Healthy Recommendation For Akshay Kumar Fans

Here comes one healthy recommendation for Akshay Kumar fans. You might feel captivated by the so called fun and high profile lives of your favorite celebs. However, there is a huge difference between their apparent and actual lives. So, don’t feel intrigued by their roles in movies and misconceive them as their real selves. You might find them consuming alcohol and cigarettes in movies, but most fitness conscious celebs forbid them in their real lives.

Alcohol, cigarettes etc. which have become status symbol in modern world are no less than slow poisons. Apart from dehydrating your body, alcohol makes your body acidic in nature. Not only does it debilitate your body, it also robs your common sense, sensitivity, and social dignity. And cigarettes which are even more harmful fosters the formation of carcinogenic cells in your body, making you become victim of cancer. You must remember, momentarily pleasure rendered by these vices can cheer your mood for couple of hours, but they only predict ailed and troubled future for you.

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