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Aly Raisman Workout Secrets and Diet Plan

Aly Raisman is one of the most successful athletes in the world because she is so young to have won 6 medals. She is so popular that scores of people want to know her life story and have read her first memoir, “Fierce,” that shares the details of the years of hard work which has gone into the making of this favorite Olympian.

If you are among her fans and you want to know her better, then we suggest you know about her workout, diet and fitness secrets. You can also know her thoughts on body shaming, bullying and how to stay fit during a holiday season. Keep scrolling!

Workout Secrets

The workout routine of the sports star changes on the basis of the time she has to spare. Sometimes when she is too busy, she works out for just 2 days a week and sometimes, it’s more. A few workouts she prefers are boxing and elliptical.

Diet Secrets

Even when the diva can’t hit the gym, she keeps herself healthy by eating right. She likes eating healthy foods as they make her feel good from the inside and make her feel more energized as well.

Here’s her exact diet plan:


Egg & cheese, bagel with avocado, some skim milk and coffee with a splash of hazelnut or vanilla creamer.

Mid-Morning Snack

Apple or watermelon with some granola bar


Pasta or rice with fish or chicken and some vegetables

Afternoon Snack

Greek yogurt, granola, and some fruit


She has some potatoes with fish or meat and a vegetable.

Snack Preference

Hummus, carrots, pretzels, almonds, avocado, chips and guacamole.

Food Tips

You should eat as much avocado as possible and should pair every serving of fruit with some nutrients to stay satiated for long.

Don’t Diet

Women should not go on diets but should focus on eating healthy. You should never skip carbs or grains because they are good for you.

Holiday Indulgence

You should let go of your fitness addiction during the holidays and indulge a little. A little indulgence won’t do you any harm but obsessing over foods you can’t have would probably harm your overall well being.

Sleep Addict

The Olympic gymnast likes to sleep a lot. She tries to catch up on sleep whenever possible, and that’s why her teammates call her grandma. Interestingly, she has also partnered with mattress retailer, Leesa to highlight the importance of good sleep before a big day.

Talking about things that can help you sleep, she says that you should not watch TV as it will end up making your eyes more awake. Instead, you should try reading any book for a bit. Even if you don’t like reading and prefer TV, you should watch something that’s happy as it will cheer you up.


The two-time Olympian says that Selena Gomez, Michelle Obama, and Emma Watson inspire her as they are doing things which are bigger than themselves.

Thoughts on Bullying

Though Aly is very body confident now and has even admitted to being a victim of sexual abuse, she was not always this body positive. When she was 10 years old, people made fun of her, and it still haunts her at times. She is okay with talking about these issues as it helps her to help other women who are not body confident.

Body Shaming Incident

Talking about a body shaming incident, the Olympic gold medalist has also shared (via social media) that a man made fun of her being a Gymnast when she was at the airport just because she was a woman.

She felt very judged at that time and felt quite uncomfortable. Aly works very hard to stay fit and healthy and so when a man judged her arms, it made her angry as well as sick of the current judgmental generation.

In her opinion, these sorts of incidents should not happen, and people should change their attitudes.

Helping Others

Apart from helping people to accept bullying side effects, sexual abuse they suffered and body shaming incidents, she is also bringing a real change in people’s lives by donating mattresses to the homeless in partnership with Lessa. When she sees the excitement on the faces of homeless people while offering them a new mattress, she feels proud of herself.

Featured Image by Agência Brasil Fotografias / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

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