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Barack Obama Fitness Routine and Diet Plan

The most dynamic and charismatic personality, 44th US President Barack Obama has an athletic and ripped body. This powerful and spectacular man has a naturally calm and composed look, which is holding millions of magnetic words and speeches to inspire people.

Barack Obama being disciplined in his day to day life practices workouts regularly. It’s not just the president who works out on daily basis, even his wife, Michelle Obama and his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, too are equally conscious about their health. Very particular about his health, the man eats healthy foods and executes all kinds of workouts to keep him fit.

No doubt, the renowned personality is setting an example and spreading a strong message among all the middle-aged people through his fitness devoted routine life.

Barack Obama body

When a person at such a high rank, which demands a lot of time, attention, and action, can get time for his workouts, why not any other person of his age can get time for workouts? No other person is supposed to be as busy as the president is.

Alternate Resistance Training

Matthew Ransom, renowned UK Personal Trainer, has all the words of appreciation for Obama’s toned body. While sharing the secrets behind Obama’s fit body, Matthew tells that the alternate resistance training taken by Obama has brought him into this perfect shape.

If your heart works between 65 to 75 per cent of your heart rate, you too can use resistance training to attain maximum fitness. However, if your heart rate crosses this limit, you will still be able to keep you fit, but your body will not burn fat.

Barack Obama Views about Workouts

Obama shares, he generally finds young people keen to keeping them fit but by the time they reach forty, their passion either dies or becomes rare to be seen. 

After crossing the age of 40, man’s body debilitates and becomes more susceptible to become a victim of various diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and strokes. Workouts are the only way to maintain the proper functioning of your internal organs and Obama comprehends this fact very well.

He shares his problem of low blood pressure and believes that to stay away from more diseases, it’s crucial for him to practice workouts. The most dynamic and powerful man feels that if people above 40 try to bring them out of their comfort zones by embarking on workouts; they will be amazed to see the results because it really makes you feel wonderful when you see yourself in good shape.

Barack Obama Fitness regime

In his autobiography Dreams From My Father, Obama shares that he made workout a part of his life at the age of 22 and this was the time when he said a strict NO to drugs and alcohol also. In the beginning, he started with three miles running and ever since, he has been following this.

Naturally slender Barack Obama rises early in the morning and hits the gym at 7:30 am. The president hits gym six days in a week and doesn’t miss even a single day of workout. He frequently alternates his workouts. For instance, if he practices cardio workouts for one day, next day he will play basketball. His alterations also vary according to upper and lower body workouts.

Barack Obama playing basketball

For doing cardio workout, he runs on treadmills or elliptical for 15 minutes. His workout routine has two days reserved for cardio exercises and four days for weight training. Obama has an access to gym and basketball court in White house itself.

The man’s jam-packed schedule doesn’t let him withdraw more than 45 minutes for workouts in a day. Though Obama wishes, he would be overwhelmed if he had got 90 minutes for workouts. Obama feels that workouts are the best way to bring harmony between your body and mind.

Barack Obama Diet Plan

Obama understands the relationship between balanced diet and workouts. He maintains distance from junk and unhealthy foods. His diet consists of foods rich in fiber such as fresh vegetables and fruits, calcium, protein, chicken, and folic acid.

A protein-rich diet works great in conjugation with workouts and makes the weight loss program even more effective by scorching more calories. Vitamin C helps in maintaining good health of joints and calcium ensures bone density.

Simply in love with Broccoli, Obama likes to have organic berry tea, protein bars, and raw nuts in his snacks post workouts. Despite forbidding almost all kinds of unhealthy foods, Obama can’t resist his love for caramel chocolates. He also smokes bummed cigarettes occasionally.

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  1. Good for knowing, that simply in love with Broccoli he is! To health he shall be wedlocked for all time. Or perhaps to doing end runs the US Constitution all around. Choose he must.


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