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Brooke Burke Workout Routine and Diet Plan

“Dancing with the Stars” host Brooke Burke is one of the most relentless celebs who seldom fail to look smashing in bikinis. Who would believe that the exquisite beauty is over forty and mom of four kids? While most women accept their age and stop endeavoring to look slender and gorgeous, Burke seems all set to give an inferiority complex to younger girls in their twenties and thirties. The thyroid cancer survivor has killer abs, streamlined arms, and legs. Without resorting to strong medicine having myriad side-effects, Burke has submitted her to exercises to uphold optimum health. Here are the diet and exercise secrets of the elegant star which are accountable for her toned bikini figure.

Brooke Burke doing abs exercise
Brooke Burke doing abs exercise.

Brooke Burke 2014 Workout and Diet

Booty Burn Class

Burke, being a fitness instructor gives exercise training in Malibu three times in a week. She educates her students on how they can burn numerous calories. Burke favors smart and high-intensity workouts over time-consuming low-intensity workouts. She contends, if workouts are not making you feel exhausted and sweaty, that implies you need to elevate the intensity of your workouts. Unless your body pours out sweat, it doesn’t burn many calories. And if you eat plenty of carbs in your diet, it becomes even more imperative for you to swear by grueling workouts.

Those people who practice sweaty workouts, it’s vital for them to take shower after workouts. Since accumulated perspiration fosters the growth of bacteria, they are prone to suffer from bacterial infection.

Mediterranean diet – No restriction on Foods

Burke confesses that she embraced numerous fad diet plans in her bygone days. However, from several years, she is strictly abiding by the Mediterranean diet plan which is one of the healthiest plans prevalent in today’s time. While renouncing high-salt and high-fat foods available in restaurants, Burke cooks her meals at home. She contends as you grow older, your metabolism too grows older, so you shall nourish your body with healthy and nutrient dense foods.

She incorporates bountiful green and colored veggies, lean meat etc. in her diet and abdicates the consumption of foods such as processed foods, fats, sugar, and wheat. She relies heavily on fresh soup and green tea and takes these in her snacks. Burke has reserved one cheat day to relinquish her cravings. She mostly eats her adored high carb foods such as Margherita pizza with crunchy cereal oil, Spaghetti Bolognese, cream cheese, bagel with lox etc. on cheat days.

Brooke Burke eating ice-cream on her cheat day
Brooke Burke eating ice-cream on her cheat day.

Mixed Workouts

Burke’s sculpted body might have you believe that she must be a fitness freak who shall be spending not less than two to three hours on workouts. However, the brunette refers one-hour cardio exercises more than necessary to render you full body workout. Without having her family pay the toll for her busy schedule, Burke devotes five days in a week to workouts. The pretty star executes a combo of exercises such as Pilates, running etc. In association with a fitness instructor, Gregory Joujon-Roche, she has come up her own DVD namely “30 Day slimdown DVD,” in which you will see one-hour full body workout. The thirty-day program will unravel copious fitness secrets and will support you in acquiring trimmed waist and flat belly.

Brooke Burke workout

Organized Routine

Burke points up living a well-organized life. She allocates her day to exercises, work, family, and different other activities. Just like the timetable we used to prepare in school days to provide justified time to different subjects, you can organize your day’s activities too in the same manner. Burke abides by it and finds it fruitful in her personal case. Writing down your schedule for the day or week in a diary actually directs you and cuts your chances to let go your workouts. Written timetable being more convincing than oral one gives you better guidelines such as how you can save your time, and how much time you wasted in doing futile tasks which could have been utilized otherwise in more important tasks like exercises.

In the tech-oriented world, where internet and technology is all over us, we fritter away so much of our time without even having the realization. If you maintain a diary and write the number of minutes or hours spent on worthless internet surfing, you will be amazed to see how much time availability you have to transform your dream of bikini body into reality.


Brooke Burke Diet Secrets 2018

Brooke Burke has been facing a lot of troubles in her personal life, the biggest one being her divorce from husband, David Charvet. But still, the stunner is managing to look amazing and inspiring people to be fit like her. Here, you can know the diet secrets that are helping her to stay fit and look great.

Brooke Burke on the set of TV Land in July 2018
Brooke Burke on the set of TV Land in July 2018 (Brooke Burke / Instagram)

Diet Secrets

According to Burke’s trainer, Jorge Cruise, Intermittent fasting is the secret that helps her stay fit. Intermittent fasting is a controlled diet plan in which a person eats during an eight-hour window and doesn’t eat anything for 16 hours. It’s an effective way to drop about a pound every day. To follow this routine, a person should eat the first bite at 11 in the morning and the last at 7 in the evening. The benefit of this method is that a person’s body burns fat and repairs itself for 16 hours when a person is not eating anything.

During the 8-hour window, a person must eat 10% carbs, 50% fat, and 40% protein. Some of the foods that must be eaten include healthy options like nuts, avocados, eggs, whole fruits & vegetables and sweet potatoes.

The trainer says that though many people are afraid of the f-word, i.e., fasting, it is an ancient technique of weight loss that has been adopted by many Hollywood celebrities.

Brooke Burke on the Italian island Sardinia in August 2018
Brooke Burke on the Italian island Sardinia in August 2018 (Brooke Burke / Instagram)

Women Should Make Themselves the Priority

Brooke believes that women should make themselves the priority when it comes to fitness and should not put everyone like family, kids and work before their health and well-being. She also believes that if a woman wants to be fit, she should have some self-compassion and stay positive.

Fitness and self-care have helped her to get away from the pains in her life and has worked as an escape for her. Fitness also helps her to learn and grow as a person.

Brooke Burke bidding adieu to Utah in August 2018
Brooke Burke bidding adieu to Utah in August 2018 (Brooke Burke / Instagram)

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