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Busy Philipps’ Trainer Lauren Kleban Workout and Diet Tips

Lauren Kleban body
Lauren Kleban body

Being celebrity BFF is an amazing thing. Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps seem to be very good at it. They do everything together, from looking glamorous on a red carpet to sweating out at a cardio class. Here we try to explore the workout and diet tips that help the divas to look so great by sharing the opinion of popular trainer Lauren Kleban who not only trains the BFFs but also works with other celebs like Kim Raver and Judy Greer. She has also trained Robin Tunney, Sara Foster, Erin Foster, and America Ferrera in the past.

The LEKfit Method

The fitness expert shares that it’s a dance-inspired interval training method that helps her clients to look great. It’s a fun way to keep you engaged. These classes use yoga & ballet-inspired moves for sculpting, mini trampolines for low impact and high-intensity cardio for fat burn. All the exercises are done while music is blaring to keep the spirit up.

Lauren Kleban working out
Lauren Kleban working out

Building Better Lifestyle

Busy is very impressed by LEKfit as it has helped change her lifestyle for better. She likes jumping and dancing around women who support each other, have fun and get healthy together. It has also helped her to get in her best shape yet. She works out with Kleban almost daily and has achieved leaner and more toned body. She also has more energy, she is stronger and literally glowing due to health.

Listen to Your Body

Lauren’s workouts usually last for 50 minutes and celebs usually come to the studio or opt for streaming the workouts when they need to be on the set. She is a big believer in listening to the body. Therefore, some days she trains really hard and some days she opts for a gentler pace.

Lauren Kleban showing a workout move
Lauren Kleban showing a workout move

Achieving Celebrity Body

If you wish to achieve a celebrity body, you need to train not to look like someone but to feel healthy and strong. All celebs she trains also focus on being healthy and strong, not getting ready for a role only.

Go-To Exercise

The former dancer relies a lot on dance-inspired interval training as it’s an effective workout. In this workout, you don’t need to move your body in a proper way, you just need to move the way which gets your heart rate up and makes you feel good.

Ideal Workout

People have become more aware now. They know that doing 60 minutes of cardio is not necessary. They need shorter amounts of intense cardio with some strength training. For an ideal workout, a person should get the heart rate up by 25 minutes of short intense cardio bursts and bring the heart rate down with 25 minutes of strength training exercises. You should change the sequences weekly or daily to ensure that the body doesn’t get bored. Dedicate 4-5 days of the week to cardio plus SCULPT classes, with 1 day of SCULPT only and 1 day for active rest in which you can do some restorative yoga or walking. Switching active rest with complete rest is also allowed.

Workout Motivation

If you wish to stay motivated to work out regularly and with enthusiasm, you should find a workout that you enjoy and is not a punishment for your body. Doing workouts that are fun and effective will not only help you to enjoy them, it will also ensure that you stick to them for longer. You should not only like what you are doing, you should also like the people you are doing it with.

Lauren Kleban has a fit body
Lauren Kleban has a fit body

Diet Plan

The renowned trainer is a pescatarian but if she is craving meat, she opts for lamb or ground turkey. She listens to her body while choosing the foods. Her gluten and dairy are limited but she has all the protein her body needs. She likes indulging in foods she really wants. Her preferred diet indulgence is goat’s cheese and she will always have it.

Diet Tips

The fitness guru thinks that you should never trust quick fixes when it comes to your diet as they are nothing but a waste of time. You should learn to eat healthy while still enjoying fast foods (if eaten in moderation).

Aren’t You Seeing Fitness Results?

If you aren’t seeing fitness results, you are missing out on either of these – eating healthy, drinking water, getting sleep, working out, enjoying life and managing stress. When you do it all, you will be your healthiest self.

The Love-Hate Relationship

The pretty lady says that all her clients love her in the beginning, hate her during the workouts and love her again post workouts. Her classes are small and intimate which helps people to develop friendships. People support each other in her classes rather than being competitive. They are all in it together.

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