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Calvin Harris Body Transformation Journey, Fitness and Diet Secrets

Just mention the super hot DJ and singer Calvin Harris and the first word that comes out of your mouth is ‘Wow.’ From a weirdo DJ with a fatty face and baggy clothes to the refined gentleman who is the current face of Armani, this 31 year old bundle of talent has come a long and surely the right way.

Calvin Harris
Before and After Look of Calvin Harris

He has made a great transformation in his body and appearance, over the years and has become a handsome and charming crooner. He has over 2 million followers on his Instagram and he recently took to the social media site to share his current look and fitness secrets with his fans. Calvin Harris recently posted a shirtless picture on Instagram, while he was preparing for his next Armani shoot and voila, the guy looked absolutely breathtaking.

No wonder the girls just go gaga over him! The caption under his Instagram photo read –

“On tour but also training for next Armani shoot! Staying in a gym routine while on the road is tricky, but as long as you don’t drink, eat well, sleep enough and take one of those mad little ab rollers with u everywhere you’ll be good.”


Calvin Harris Instagram
Calvin Posts a Shirtless Mirror Selfie on Instagram

So how did this dashing young man made such a staggering transformation? Calvin has let the cat out of the bag and here are some of his fitness and diet secrets that can help all of you who want to maintain a healthy and fit body like him.

Calvin Harris Workout Regime

Crowned by Forbes as the highest paid DJ of 2014, Calvin Harris hits the gym every morning, for that perfect body of his. The Scottish man works out in the gym with a female personal trainer, who is doing quite a good job. It is quite evident! So what does Calvin do for that well-chiseled look that has become the talk of the town. Here goes:

  • Ab Rollers – The charming DJ has finally let out the secret about his perfect abs. He exercises with his ab rollers that are also his companion wherever he goes. The ab rollers work wonders for Calvin’s upper torso. Learn here about working out with these ab rollers. It is pretty easy and can yield great results if done with sincerity.
  • Pilates – The DJ gives all the credit of his six packs and perfectly toned muscles to his pilates session. Apart from improving posture and abdominal strength, this exercise also benefits by decreasing the back, neck and joint pain.
Calvin Harris During a Pilates Session with Personal Trainer in LA
Calvin Harris During a Pilates Session with Personal Trainer in LA

Now that the secret of his gruesome workout is out, it does not seem that hard a task. So what are you waiting for? Join a pilates session and get a healthy body like Calvin Harris.

Calvin Harris Diet Mantras

Even though he has not divulged much about his diet, the popular DJ has admitted that he eats a healthy breakfast before heading out to the gym each morning. Read on to find the diet mantras that he follows.

  • Eggs – Every morning before hitting out to the gym, Calvin has a home-cooked omelette. A scrambled egg-white omelette is the best meal before a workout session, which not only helps provide lean proteins to the body but also makes one feel fuller.
  • Salmon – Apart from being a great source of Omega 3, the salmon fish is also a great breakfast option for the daily dose of nutrition. Calvin eats smoked salmon every morning before his pilates workout session and it helps him in getting all the energy that he needs.
  • Spinach – Remember Popeye and his spinach power? Well, spinach is surely an energy punch. Calvin Harris eats spinach for breakfast and it keeps him going all day.
Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris Became the Face of Armani in 2015

He also believes that living in Los Angeles is the main reason that he is able to follow a healthy lifestyle. He said –

“The food is fantastic over here. You can eat healthily, there’s a lot more healthy options than in the UK

— that’s a fact.”

Calvin Harris is quite a motivation for all of us, isn’t it? Let’s get going!

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