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Celebrity Trainer Amy Rosoff Davis on Workouts, Diet, Life Lessons and Beauty Tips

Amy Rosoff Davis in the fitness studio with exercise ball
Amy Rosoff Davis in the fitness studio with exercise ball

Being responsible for maintaining the body of one of the most popular singers of the world is not an easy feat. Yet, celebrity trainer Amy Rosoff Davis has been doing it right for some time now. She is the in-charge of the health of none other than the young singing sensation, Selena Gomez. Apart from being an excellent trainer, she is also a life coach. Here, she talks about various aspects of her life and how a person can stay fit and happy. Read on to know all of it.

How She Became a Trainer

Amy has done various jobs in her life (including being a waitress!!) but, she always wanted to be an actress. When she had some time on her hands as there was a break in her acting career, her friend and the writer of Dark Knight movie, David Goyer suggested that she should become a trainer. He said that she was the fittest person he knew so she should begin by training him. Soon after, in 2010, she started training actress Christine Woods and clothing designer Rachel Pally. Her fame and work as a trainer got great attention and also new clients through word of mouth.

On being a Trainer

The life coach rightly admits that she is much more than a trainer. She focuses not only on the physical training of the clients, but her focus is also on ensuring that the clients become better people. She does life talks with her clients. She also talks to them about their eating habits and offers guidance on what they must eat and what they mustn’t. As she wants the clients to see the results of the physical training, she often feels the need to steer them towards the right foods too.

Selena Gomez and Amy Rosoff Davis enjoying their time together
Selena Gomez and Amy Rosoff Davis enjoying their time together

Sweating it Out

The diva is also a very fit person who is constantly seeking new ways to make her own life better. She recently became a fan of the Shape House, an infrared sweat lodge. It has helped her to detoxify, change her body and skin. She confesses to being addicted to it and is recommending it to all her clients.

A Day of Her Life

A typical day begins with drinking a bunch of alkaline water and some black tea with a bit of honey or soy cream. Then, she usually has a green smoothie with pineapple and spinach as well as coconut or soy milk. It is followed by having a half banana. She then has a fully packed day that may be filled with either training sessions, voice-over auditions or her work as a producer. Her days are always jam-packed and she likes it that way. When she has spare time on her hands, she often doesn’t know what to do with it.

Be Happy not Perfect

The wellness expert thinks that many people aim for looking perfect and can’t take any criticism. In her opinion, every person should focus on being happy and not perfect. She knows that people will scrutinize other people whether one person is a celebrity or not. So, your focus should be on having a healthy relationship with your body and mind. Life is too short to obsess over little things like the shape of your nose or a few extra pounds on your belly and it’s not healthy too. If you can and wish to, you must be able to change your body. But you should do it in stages. At every stage, you must be able to accept who you are and love yourself.

Amy Rosoff Davis on the table
Amy Rosoff Davis on the table

Exercise is a Must

The New York native really believes that exercising and being fit is a vital part of your life. But you must never obsess over it. You should have total control over your workouts and be active at all the times. It is the key to staying fit. She says that she can hike for one and a half hours one day and then walk a lot, the next day. She also likes to keep moving all the time and considers staying active and changing the workouts daily to be vital for her fitness.

No Diets

The physical and mental well-being guru says that she does not believe in dieting, reports Yahoo. She indulges in various delicacies that include wine, sweets, and even French fries. She says that she wants to live the life of a Parisian French girl. It means she wants to enjoy everything in moderation. She finds it irritating when people become obsessive over food.

Selena Gomez Vogue Australia September 2016 issue
Selena Gomez during a photoshoot for Vogue Australia’s September 2016 issue

Preferred Workouts

The preferred exercises of the star trainer are Pilates, hiking, and SoulCycle. She has been a dancer her whole life. She has tried every exercise from yoga to step classes and even kickboxing. Switching up the exercises seems to be her passion.

Fewer Workouts Now

The nutritionist says that she is working out less now. She earlier used to have a routine of kickboxing and intense aerobics. It helped her to build up her muscles. Now, her focus is more on the trampoline, Pilates, yoga, hiking and brisk walking.

Selena Gomez with Amy Rosoff Davis in the swimming pool
Selena Gomez with Amy Rosoff Davis in the swimming pool

Quality of Workouts

The quality of workouts matters the most to the fitness fanatic. She thinks that quality is much more important than quantity. Her big muscle groups get enough exercise from her active daily life so when she exercises, she focuses on the accessory muscles. This approach has helped her to even her body out.

Life Lessons

The talented chef has also shared some life lessons. She says that sometimes you need to expand your dreams and surrender to get what you have wanted from your life. She wants people to dream big, but do not get too attached to the outcome. Go for things that make you happy, challenge you, thrill you and keep you fulfilled. It has worked for her and can work for you too.

She also says that people who don’t love themselves and their bodies may find it hard to find true love. Nobody wants a life partner who has body image or food issues as life is hard enough without it too. (And we agree!!)

Selena Gomez Vogue Australia September 2016
Selena Gomez posing for Vogue Australia’s September 2016 issue

Beauty Tips

The beautiful lady has also shared some amazing beauty tips. She thinks that drinking a lot of water and eating foods like cucumbers, grapes, greens is good for skin as it offers hydration so, she has them on a regular basis. Drinking alkaline water in the morning, having probiotics and refueling with electrolytes also helps her to look stunning. She loses a lot of minerals and electrolytes from working out as well as sweating, so the task of refueling with electrolytes replenishes her body and fills her with energy.

If you liked the tips shared by Rosoff, then you can get more such tips from following her on Twitter and Instagram. You can also get some more of her ideas from this useful article.

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