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Celebrity Trainer David Kingsbury Workout and Diet Tips

David Kingsbury doing deadlifts in the gym
David Kingsbury doing deadlifts in the gym

David Kingsbury is an accomplished celebrity trainer who has been credited with the body transformation of Michael Fassbender for Assassin’s Creed (2016), Rebecca Ferguson for LIFE (2017) and Hugh Jackman for X-Men Series (2000-Present).

So when he shares some workout and diet tips, one can’t help but take notes. Here we have mentioned some of his best workout and diet tips so that you can implement some of them in your fitness journey.

Normal Training vs. Training for a Film

David says that training for a film usually has stricter deadlines and is more structured or focused as compared to normal training. Training for a film has set deadlines which mean it can be as rough as training an athlete for a specific event.

How Can A Normal Person Achieve Celebrity Body?

The talented trainer believes that anyone can achieve any kind of body if they set the right goals and are determined enough to achieve them all. He also thinks that drastic unrealistic changes in a few weeks are rare but achievable. Usually, he spends a few months or even a year to train a celebrity.

How do Celebs Achieve Muscle Gain?

Celebrities achieve muscle gain by doing adequate weight training and challenging their bodies to adapt. Lifting weights helps in breaking down the muscles and growth can be achieved by over-compensating to protect your body from future stress. Remember that if you don’t apply ample stress, there will be no demand for change.

In order to achieve muscle gain, you will also need to keep an eye on your calorie intake during different stages. For instance, if you need to add muscle, you should eat more calories than you are burning and ensure that you have an adequate protein intake.

David Kingsbury six pack abs
David Kingsbury six pack abs

The right combination of exercise and diet is essential to gain muscle.

How Celebs Train for Stunt Work?

It varies from film to film. Assassin’s Creed had loads of fight scenes so the focus was on kickboxing, boxing, speed and power work. In contrast, LIFE needed the actors to hang from wires, so the focus was on core strength and coordination along with TRX movements to ensure that their strength, endurance, and balance were good enough. Sometimes, stars also work for 8 to 12 weeks for 1 scene.

Training on Set

The owner of a personal training studio at Pinewood Film Studios says that he has trained celebs on set before and even during the filming. When the shooting is going on, training is done either at 4:30 or 6 AM or 11 PM so that shooting isn’t halted.

Workout Motivation of Celebrities

Most actors and actresses’ know that training is a part of their work so they are motivated to put the hours on their own. They understand that they can’t be successful unless they train hard for a role.

David Kingsbury showing his back muscles
David Kingsbury showing his back muscles

How to Get Quick Results

If you want to see quick results, you need to focus on nutrition. If you want to lose weight, you need to ensure that your nutrition is good and you are eating the right amount of calories. It will ensure that you lose weight with very little exercise.

To lose weight, you should achieve a calorie deficit which means that you burn more calories than you eat. There should be 10-20% reduction in maintenance calories.

From a training perspective, if you want to see quick results, you should concentrate on heavy lifting in the gym. You should also focus on exercises like squats, lunges, pull-ups, etc. as they work many of your muscles groups in an effective manner.

Many people think that running and medium intensity cardio is the key to fat loss. It’s not that. You will see better results with using resistance work, low intensity (such as walking), and intervals.

Celebrity Diets

Celebrity diets depend directly on the extent of results that require. If large changes are needed, the diet is too strict but if changes are not related to body composition but are related more to health or performance, the diet must not be too strict.

Best Diet Tip

You should never get caught up with all the fashionable diets or diet trends. Instead, count the calories and ensure that the number of calories you are consuming is in line with your fitness goals.

David Kingsbury fitness trainer to the stars
David Kingsbury fitness trainer to the stars

Common Fitness Mistakes

The #1 fitness mistake is the wrong calorie intake while the #2 is training intensity and progression. You need to keep increasing both to ensure that your body keeps changing.

The 3rd mistake is to not ensure that you are taking enough macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats). You need to ensure that you have sufficient amount of all the three in your meals and the amount is usually dependent on your fitness goals. For instance, if you wish to build muscle, your protein intake should be high.

Progressive Overload

Progressive overload means that you need to constantly increase the demands on your body so that you can keep getting fitness results. For instance, to ensure that your muscles can boost their size, strength, and endurance, you need to work them harder with time. The harder you work, the stronger they will be. The same principle applies to cardiovascular fitness and bone and connective tissue strength.

If you want to ensure that progressive overload is in the forefront of your exercise mindset, you should remember 7 simple steps mentioned here:

  1. Increase Sets
  2. Increase Resistance
  3. Increase Repetitions
  4. Increase Exercises
  5. Increase Frequency
  6. Increase Intensity

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