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Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak Workout and Diet Tips: Learn About Resistance Exercises, 5 Weight Loss Tips and Make Use of a Sample Diet Plan

Harley Pasternak

Don’t you feel great when celebrity trainers spill out fitness secrets for free? Isn’t it a good idea to follow the advice of a celebrity trainer who is sharing the info with the masses? If so, then you will be pleased to know that renowned celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak has just shared some amazing fitness tips with all his fans. Do read all of them and follow as many as you can.

Harley Pasternak headshot
Harley Pasternak is known for his 5 Factor Diet

What Are Resistance Exercises?

The star trainer started off the tips by explaining resistance training exercises. He said that they are those exercises in which you use your body to work against any sort of weight. Resistance training exercises may involve push-ups, Pilates, yoga, a kettlebell, dumbbells, calisthenics and an exercise ball or band.

Why Are Resistance Training Exercises Important?

The main aim of resistance exercises is to build strength in your muscles and increase their endurance. Resistance exercises also play a vital role in making you healthy from the inside. They boost your metabolism and burn more fat and calories.

Harley Pasternak sides exercise
Harley Pasternak sides exercise

What Resistance Exercises Are The Best?

The author of “5 Pounds: The Breakthrough 5-Day Plan to Jump-Start Rapid Weight Loss (and Never Gain it Back)” has stated that you need to device a specific resistance exercise plan that works all your muscle groups and would result in a well-toned body. While doing resistance exercises, you must eat the right amount of protein and control your calories to get best results.

How To Make The Most of Resistance Exercises?

According to Pasternak, the first step is to do them regularly. Spending just 5 minutes is good enough, given you have worked hard during that time. Doing them daily is also not mandatory, 3 to 5 days a week is good enough. You also don’t have to push yourself to use heavy weights as it may lead to injuries. Just stick to the weights, you can handle and be consistent in doing these exercises for best results.

Harley Pasternak exercise for sides
Harley Pasternak exercise for sides

Listen to Your Muscles

A useful tip shared by the Canadian-American trainer is that you should concentrate on muscle fatigue. When you are doing resistance exercises, your muscles will get tired sooner or later. When it happens, you should stop doing resistance exercises and switch to any other form of exercise. Remember to use them for at least 5 minutes. Anything less is not good. After 5 minutes of core resistance exercises, if your muscles have become even slightly painful, you must give them rest for at least 24 to 72 hours. The rest period will allow your muscles to bounce back stronger than before and you will get the desired results sooner.

Be Consistent

The famous fitness author also stresses on the importance of being consistent. He opined that one should be really dedicated towards fitness to get desired results. You should make no excuses to skip the exercises and do them regularly. If you try to workout off and on, you will never have long-term results. You may even end up bruising or straining your muscles if you push them hard after long intervals.

Harley Pasternak doing shoulder exercise
Harley Pasternak doing a shoulder exercise

Eat Right and Don’t Push Too Hard

The author of “The Body Reset Diet” also gave his views on eating right before a workout. He said that you should always drink lots of water before exercising and you may also have a light meal. It will help you feel more energized. He also added that one should never exercise when his body is ill or not at its best because he may end up overtaxing the body.

A Healthy Routine

The motivational speaker expressed that working out like a maniac and starving yourself will never lead to good or consistent results. So, all of you who have stopped eating for getting a great body, you should stop right now. Harley also advises you to have a healthy routine that doesn’t involve any extremes like working out for 3 hours every day or not eating enough calories. Rather, he wants you to concentrate on boosting your metabolism.

Harley Pasternak doing lunges
Harley Pasternak doing lunges

5 Golden Weight Loss Tips

Here’s a 5 point plan suggested by Pasternak that has really worked for many people aiming to lose weight and stay fit. Do adopt it for a while and see the results for yourself.

  1. Take a Walk Daily

The television host wants you to walk for at least 5 miles on a daily basis. We know it sounds nearly impossible but once you try it, you will start liking it and you will never miss a walk again. It’s okay to feel extra tired the first few days, but you will slowly get used to it.

  1. Don’t Go Gymming

Yes, you read it right. Pasternak suggests that you should start exercising at home and cancel your gym membership (of course, it’s not mandatory but highly advised). Your focus should be on doing some cardio and resistance exercises regularly. As cardio can be covered by walking, you just need some resistance exercises to complete your fitness routine. Just try doing different resistance exercises to target different muscle groups on different days and the results will be phenomenal.

  1. Take a Break from Technology

You should spend at least an hour every day by staying away from your mobile phones, laptops and computers. Use this time to read a book, have some quiet time or hang out with friends. It will help you stay away from the blue light that damages your brain chemicals and you will reduce your stress levels too. Remember, a stress-free body is a healthy body.

  1. Get Ample Sleep

Harley also advises every health conscious person to sleep for at least 7 hours daily. A good sleep would help you to not crave for bad foods and so, you will never consume excessive calories which will surely make you healthier.

  1. The Perfect Diet

Harley wants you to avoid all the supposedly “cool diets” that are coming up. Rather, you should try to eat only those meals that have a perfect combination of lean protein and fiber. He also devised a sample diet plan, just for you. Take a look:


Have a smoothie with some apples, banana, milk, spinach and peanut powder. Eat a bit of yogurt, slivered almonds and berries around mid-morning.


Try having some salad and salmon for lunch. You can alternatively have some turkey and a sandwich too.


Keep your dinner light but healthy by eating chicken stir-fry.

After going through all the suggestions and tips offered by Harley Pasternak, we wish to add that all these tips seem really feasible and easy to adopt. If you have tried all the crazy diets and stressful workout routine, then what’s the harm in trying these simple tips? At least, try some of them and let us know the results. Won’t you?

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