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Celebrity Trainer Josh Holland Workout and Diet Tips

Josh Holland during his fitness class
Josh Holland during his fitness class

Josh Holland is a renowned celebrity trainer who has worked with celebs like Madonna, Gigi Hadid, Oscar Isaac and Roger Waters. He recently shared some workout and diet tips that will be handy for any fitness enthusiast. His workout tips are not too harsh and the sample diet plan he has shared is doable too. Read about all of it here.

Getting in Shape

The talented trainer wants you to first de-stress, sleep, and recover before you think about getting in shape. He also wants you to eat well and move with a purpose.

Motivation Advice

You should stay motivated by setting up some fitness goals, making plans to workout with a buddy and tracking your results.

Josh Holland training a client
Josh Holland training a client

Workouts without Equipment

If you want to get in a workout without using any equipment, then you should go for exercises like wall sits, planks, squats, step-ups, jump ropes, lunges, dips, push-ups and hanging from handstands or bars.

Favorite Client

The fitness expert doesn’t have a favorite client. He says that all the people he has worked with are great in their own special way.

The Hard Workers

Holland also says that all the people he has trained are hard workers. They have a strong work ethic which assists them to achieve their goals.

Training the President

The Qinetic coach told Hello Magazine that he would love to train the U.S. president, Barack Obama.

Best Training Tip

The best training tip shared by the Certified Micronutrient Specialist is that you should never overdo it. You should learn the primal or most basic exercises and then move on to the tough exercises. Also never underestimate the importance of recovery.

Josh Holland celebrity trainer
Josh Holland

Diet is Everything

The co-founder of Zoomtion Fitness believes that diet is everything. Without having a proper diet, you might not be able to perform in a proper manner and won’t get the results you aimed for. He rightly believes that when a body is properly fed, it has the potential to perform at its peak.

Sample Diet Plan

Josh has also shared a sample diet plan that you can try today. Here it is:


You should start your day with 2-3 pasture raised eggs with half an organic avocado.

The second option is to have some organic tea or coffee with 1 tablespoon coconut oil or a tablespoon of grass-fed butter or MCT oil.

The third option is to have some kefir or grass-fed yogurt with some low glycemic fruits like raspberries and blueberries.

Josh Holland demonstrating an exercise
Josh Holland demonstrating an exercise


Your lunch should include a salad that has a variety of vegetables and some protein like fish, beef or chicken.


At dinnertime, you should have a big plate of sautéed or steamed green, leafy vegetables with some protein like beef, fish or chicken.


You can have either some whole fruits or some whole veggies as snacks. You can also have 85% dark chocolate or Macadamia nuts as snacks.

The Aim

With the aforementioned diet, the aim is to moderate the intake of refined sugar. The aim is also to stay within 100-150 grams of carbs per day as it helps in weight maintenance. Drinking loads of water is highly recommended. Trying this diet for a short span of time will help you understand how your body or mind works with high-quality whole foods.

Thoughts on Body Positivity

The nutrition expert thinks that it’s a good idea to not compare yourself with others because everyone has different genetics and gut biome. People should know that they are much more than what the aesthetic body presents.

Avoiding the Holiday Bulge

If you wish to avoid the holiday bulge, then you can do it by preparing in advance and having a plan. It is a fact that you cannot out work a bad diet, the same rule is applicable to holiday binges as well, believes the Certified Electrical Muscle Stimulation Trainer.

Celebrity trainer Josh Holland
Celebrity trainer Josh Holland

How to See Workout Results?

The creator of POWERED at The Movement has some advice for people who are not seeing workout results. He wants you to understand that while there is a time and place for high-intensity workouts, remember that developing a strong aerobic base is equally important. It is not only crucial for your cardiovascular health, it also allows you to do the higher-intensity workouts. He also believes that exercising at a moderate intensity is technically the fat burning zone. It also gives you the advantage of putting less stress on the body.

Are you willing to try any of the celebrity trainer Josh Holland workout and diet tips? If so, do let us know by commenting below!!

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