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Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone Workout and Diet Advice

Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body Fame Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone Shares Her Fitness Journey and Some Cool Workout Tips in 2017

Celebrity Trainer Lacey Stone is one of the most popular celebrity trainers out there. From appearing on Dr. Oz to helping people get back in shape for Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body, she has done it all.

She also gets mentioned in the pages of Vogue, quite often. Here we learn what fitness means to her, how she ended up being who she is and get some workout advice from her. Keep scrolling to know it all.

How She Became Attracted to Fitness

The stunner says that she was a sports-oriented girl so working out was a habit. Workouts are part of every sport.

When she passed out of college, she didn’t have an idea what to do with her life. The only thing she knew how to do correctly was to be an athlete. As she didn’t play any sport professionally, she opted for a job as a trainer at Equinox, New York City.

At that time, fitness was becoming popular, and people loved grooving to Jane Fonda type of dance.

The Innovative Idea

In a while, she started feeling that she didn’t belong at Equinox because they didn’t have any sports class in the studio. So, she started a class no one had tried before and used all her knowledge to create a HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training class. It became the most popular class in short order, and she got signed by Nike and approached by the TV.

She moved to LA and had to get a new start as people didn’t know her here.

The Bad Phase

After moving to LA, she started feeling bad because all the work she did in New York was wasted and she had to start from scratch again. During this time, things weren’t so good at the personal front as well because she was divorced and lost a friend. These circumstances hurt her diet, and she started to eat & drink poorly.

Getting Herself Back

When she realized how badly she was treating herself, she decided to change her lifestyle. She chose to eat correctly, not drink and be the best version of herself for eight weeks.

The Real Program

Thankfully, the idea worked for her, and her body transformed totally. She was so thankful for the results that she created a program known as eight weeks to change that’s intended to help other people in the same situation. Now, this program is a huge success.

Best Advice

The best advice she wants to share with all her fans is that you should learn to love freely, trust only a few people and always be independent as well as self-sufficient.

Best Fitness Tips

You should love yourself, treat yourself with respect and be the best version of yourself, inside and out. You also need to get a lot of sleep, do some exercise and eat well. It is also essential to be a good person, stop worrying about how you look on the outside because the sexiest thing you can everyday wear is happiness. Your focus must be on things that make you happy, and the rest will be fine too.

Advice for Young Blood

If you want to be a fitness trainer like her, then she wants you to work on yourself and be the best version of yourself. You should exercise, eat right and keep at it for long.

When you show the clients the results you achieved and the results they can achieve too, then they will be more eager to follow your advice. Follow what you preach, and you’ll do fine.

Workout in Jeans

Though Stone doesn’t want you to work out regularly in the gym, she does understand that people often lack the time which forces them to exercise wherever they are.

If you are hoping to get a workout in when you are wearing jeans, then you need to go for elastic jeans as they let you move more.

Upper Body Exercises

If you wish to avoid ripping or tearing the jeans, then you should do upper body exercises that don’t involve a lot of bending of knees or rotation. Some of the workouts you can go for are push-ups, dips or bicep curls.

Lower Body Exercises

In case you want to work on the lower body, then you can do a simple exercise mentioned right here. Hold onto a desk and position your body in such a manner that looks like you are in a sliding chair.

Then you need to pull up your body out and in. It will work your back and chest. If you wish to focus on your core, you should put your hands on the table top and start twisting from side to side. Keep on doing it until you feel the burn.

If you are waiting in a queue at the office, you can use that time by doing leg lifts. After that, you can go up and down on your toes as it will work your calves. These exercises won’t only keep you healthy but will improve your mood as well.

Fun Office Workout Ideas

Some of the other office workout ideas in which you can involve your colleagues as well are doing lunges until you reach a meeting spot rather than just walking there. You cannot forget the cool exercise of racing your colleagues in your desk chairs. It’s fun and a great workout as well.

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