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Chloe Sims Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Chloe Sims Quick Info
Height 5 ft 7 in
Weight 56 kg
Date of Birth November 2, 1981
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Eye Color Hazel

Chloe Sims is known for her appearance on the reality show TOWIE. Before her popularity on the show, she had worked in McDonald’s, sales, bartending, as a makeup assistant, etc. Chloe once also faced an eating disorder called bulimia for some years which took her weight to below 100 pounds. Her career kickstarted in 2011. In her life, she has already been romantically linked with over a dozen men.

Born Name

Chloe Linda Daisy Margaret Sims

Nick Name


Chloe Sims in an Instagram selfie in October 2017
Chloe Sims in an Instagram selfie in October 2017 (Chloe Sims / Instagram)

Sun Sign


Born Place

Newbury Park, London, England, UK


Essex, East England, UK




Chloe had to frequently switch schools because her father kept relocating to upgrade their residence and standard of living.

She began her education at Parkhill Infants’ School, Clayhall, Essex but later switched to Gilbert Colvin Primary School.

Chloe moved on to study at Brampton Manor Secondary School in Newham.

She finally finished her education at a comprehensive arts school called Bower Park in Romford.

Chloe confessed she was never good at school and cared more about false eyelashes and fake tan than her grades convinced that she was destined to be a model.

She failed her GCSE exams and eventually quit school to find a job.


Reality TV Star, Glamour Model, Entrepreneur, Make-Up Artist, Former pole dancer


  • Father – Tony Sims (Pro Boxing Trainer and Promoter)
  • Mother – Estranged (Abandoned Chloe when she was 3 years old)
  • Siblings – Charles Antony Sims aka Charlie (Younger Half-Brother) (Boxing Agent, Delicatessen Owner), Frances Sims aka Frankie (Younger Half-Sister), Demi Sims (Younger Half-Sister)
  • Others
    • Linda Sims (Paternal Grandmother)
    • George Sims (Paternal Grandfather)
    • Daisy Sims (Great Grandmother)
    • Karen Sims (Stepmother)
    • Peter Sims (Uncle – Tony’s Brother) (Pro Boxing Trainer and Manager)
    • Don Sims (Uncle)
    • Tina Essex (Aunt, Tony’s Sister, Frankie & Joey’s Mother)
    • Donald Essex (Uncle, Tina’s Husband)
    • Joey Don Essex (Cousin) (Reality TV personality & DJ)
    • Francesca Essex aka Frankie (Cousin) (Reality TV Personality & Entrepreneur)
    • Scarlett Sims (Cousin)
    • Summer Sims (Cousin)
    • Carly Davis (Cousin)
    • Nikki Davis (Cousin)
    • Tony Davis (Cousin)
    • Keeley Davis (Cousin)
    • Jonny Davis (Cousin)
    • Frankie Tovey (Godfather)
    • Mauren Tovey (Godmother)


  • Luke Mills, Misfits Celebrity Management
  • Borne Media PR and Celebrity Management
  • JR Talent Limited
  • Xtreme Talent Artist Agency




5 ft 7 in or 170 cm


  • Early 2017, Chloe showed visible weight gain in her tabloid pictures and she admitted the stress of being a part of too many projects made her put on weight. It was for the first time, she weighed over 10 stone, that is, 63.5 kg or 140 lbs.
  • She claims her average healthy weight is usually around 56 kg or 123-124 lbs.

Boyfriend / Spouse

Chloe Sims has dated –

  1. Danny Emberson (1996–1997) – Chloe’s high school sweetheart, Danny was her first boyfriend when she was 15. They dated for a year. Chloe lost her virginity to him. Danny broke up with Chloe after cheating on her with another girl named Tracey, whom he went on to get married to and have kids with.
  2. Danny Chapman (1998) – He was the second guy Chloe fancied. She met him at a pub when she was visiting her hometown on vacation from her job in Spain. He was a 19-year-old soccer player who represented Barnet FC at that time. Chloe asked him to wait for her return for a few months. However, as soon as she returned back to work at Majorca, Spain, she started dating a work colleague named Lee. Upon returning to England, Chloe cheated on Lee with Danny realizing she had stronger feelings for Danny and broke up with Lee. But Danny could never forgive her for dumping him abruptly the first time and broke up with her after a few months of dating.
  3. Lee – Chloe’s autobiography does not reveal the last names of the two men she was in a long-term serious relationship with, in her adolescence. Lee was a guy who worked in sales and Chloe met him while she was working as a bar crawl ticket seller in Majorca. The couple lived together for 11 months before breaking up.
  4. Matthew – Introduced to him through mutual friends, Chloe was in a 7-year serious relationship with Matthew and the couple lived together for many years. She got pregnant by him at the age of 19 but, got an abortion. She had a daughter named Madison with him in 2005. The couple separated soon after Madison’s birth.
  5. Adil Rami
  6. Mick Norcross and Kirk Norcross (2011) – During her initial appearance on TOWIE, Chloe was linked to BOTH father and son duo. However, Chloe clarified that what was considered as a date with nightclub owner Mick Norcross was a business meeting while Kirk and Chloe were mere friends who might have shared a flirtation that did not amount to anything.
  7. James Bennewith and DJ Darrell Privett (2012) – After becoming a regular cast member, Chloe went out on one date with fellow cast member James aka Diags (a trained lifeguard) and several dates with Darrell Privett while taking DJ-ing lessons from him in season 7 of TOWIE. These dates did not lead to a relationship. Darrell Privett was eliminated from the show after season 8.
  8. Joe Fournier (2013) – Chloe dated former fitness trainer turned millionaire nightclub owner Joe in the middle of 2013. Both of them appeared extremely happy with their relationship for a few months and eagerly shared pictures of their romantic getaway to Paris on social media. However, Joe was clicked having fun on the side with another glamour model in the South of France that eventually led to their break-up leaving Chloe heartbroken.
  9. Mario Lorenzo Falcone (2014) – Chloe had a fling with reality TV star, Mario during season 11 of TOWIE.
  10. Elliott Wright (2014–2015) – Chloe started dating restaurateur, Elliott in season 12 of TOWIE which lasted until seasons 13 & 14. The couple had a lot of differences and fought frequently. Elliott later shared that their relationship was not completely genuine and was partly for the cameras.
  11. Liam Blackwell aka Gatsby (2017) – Chloe admitted to a brief fling with a former professional soccer player, Essex Businessman, and rapper, Liam in 2017. After their break-up, Liam was still keen on pursuing Chloe but she made it clear that their relationship was not meant to be.
  12. Robert Tchenguiz (2016) – Iranian business tycoon hosted a trip to Cannes for Chloe in June 2016 which set off speculation that Chloe is dating Robert who is 22 years older than her. However, Chloe denied dating him and claimed their relationship was completely platonic and Robert merely liked to play a good host.
  13. Calum Best (2016) – She was seen kissing Celebrity Big Brother star Calum Best in a car park after a charity gala. It is not known if they formally pursued a relationship but they hung out in the same social circle and Chloe often endorsed Calum’s clothing line on Instagram.
  14. Abz Love (2017) – Richard Abidin Breen, better known as rapper Abz Love as a part of Simon Cowell’s boy band Five was frequently clicked showing public display of affection for Chloe. The couple also posted what seemed like intimate pictures on their social media accounts. However, Chloe later confessed the entire charade was a ‘showmance’ to bag another reality show with the ITV2 network.
  15. Tyrone Hermitt (2017) – Chloe shared a racy photograph with heavily tattooed fitness blogger Tyrone who is another TOWIE cast member’s ex-boyfriend but she clarified in her Star magazine column that the picture did not imply anything of significance.
  16. Pete Wicks (2018-2020)
  17. Dan Edgar (2019)
Chloe Sims and Demi Sims as seen in April 2015
Chloe Sims and Demi Sims as seen in April 2015 (Chloe Sims / Instagram)

Race / Ethnicity


Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Usually wears bold eye make-up complemented with luscious lips owing to lip fillers.
  • Almost never seen without a fake tan which is an essential part of her skincare regime.
  • Radically curvaceous figure by virtue of two breast augmentation surgeries and a Brazilian butt lift.

Dress Size

  • Chloe revealed that at a healthy weight of 9 stone (57 kg or 126 lbs), she usually wears size 10 (UK) or 6 (US) or 38 (EU).
  • At her leanest weight of 7 stone (45 kg or 99 lbs), she wore size 6 (UK) or 2 (US) or 34 (EU).

Bra Size


Brand Endorsements

  • Before getting cast on TOWIE, Chloe frequently took up minor promotional modeling jobs at various stores and nightclubs such as at Forever Unique in London’s West End.
  • After becoming a TOWIE cast member, her business ventures are her primary endorsements.
    • A tanning and skincare range named Starship Tanning.
    • Salon based in Brentwood, Essex called Chloe’s Beauty Bar with its own make-up range.
  • Chloe’s social media pages are very commercial and her main platform to promote several brands which have been,
    • Hairburst Vitamins
    • Iconic London Make up
    • Miss Empire apparel
    • Bondi Sands Tanning range
    • Abbot Lyon Watches
    • Glossy Box UK
    • Love Sick London Clothing
    • Protein World
    • Mimi and Bow
    • Swimwear 365 and many more
Chloe Sims promoting Missy Empire Apparel in January 2018
Chloe Sims promoting Missy Empire Apparel in January 2018 (Chloe Sims / Instagram)



Best Known For

Being a cast member of the reality show The Only Way is Essex.

First Film

Chloe had an uncredited role of an ice-cream van girl in the British independent comedy called The Hooligan Factory (2014).

First TV Show

Chloe first appeared on the reality TV show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) in 2011 (March 2011 episode). Since March 2011, she has appeared in over 200 episodes.

Personal Trainer

  • Chloe has a history of yo-yo dieting and maintained a slightly dysfunctional relationship with food all her life.
  • Although she did not gain much weight after having her first child, a belly bulge post-delivery insinuated a burning desire for a perfectly lean figure.
  • Thereafter, she battled bulimia for many years that took her weight below 100 lbs.
  • She used to survive on Go Ahead yogurt bars, a banana and a tin of mackerel and would often throw up right after if her hunger pushed her to consume a heavy meal.
  • Chloe realized she had to make amends when she was turned down for a glamour model’s job in Ibiza because she was considered too thin.
  • She then lost her much publicized 2017 weight gain by giving up on gluten sticking to a diet that comprised of foods such as fish, salads, vegetables, and sushi along with spending several dedicated hours in the gym.
  • She endorses and consumes supplements by Protein World and particularly relies on their weight loss shake mix, Slender Blend.

Chloe Sims Favorite Things

  • Perfume – Creed
  • Fashion IconKim Kardashian
  • Face Cream – E45, Sudo cream for blemishes
  • Childhood MovieDrop Dead Fred (1991)
  • Restaurant – Nobu

Source – Hello Magazine, Google Books, Daily Mail

Chloe Sims in an Instagram pic promoting MotelRocks in 2018
Chloe Sims in an Instagram pic promoting MotelRocks in 2018 (Chloe Sims / Instagram)

Chloe Sims Facts

  1. Chloe’s mother who abandoned her was also abandoned by both her parents as a child and was raised by her grandparents. Hence, Chloe does not hold any grudges over her difficult childhood and evades all possibilities of reconnecting with her mother.
  2. For 9 years since the age of 3, Chloe lived with her next-door neighbors Gordon, Sylv and their daughter Kelly. She was practically raised by them because her father worked very long hours to earn money.
  3. At the age of 5, she made her first ever friend in kindergarten who was an Indian girl named Sangeeta. Her foster mother, Sylv was unable to pronounce that name which annoyed Chloe.
  4. Chloe started living with her father in her early teens after he remarried and his second wife gave birth to her first child.
  5. When in high school, people used to bully her for looking like an alien or someone with Down’s syndrome. Chloe developed the urge to become a model to prove her bullies wrong.
  6. Chloe worked various jobs throughout her teens and twenties. Her first job was working at a card shop followed by McDonald’s, Tele-calling, Bar Crawl Ticket seller, Sales Assistant (selling mobile phones) following by a clothing shop, Bartending, Make-up assistant. She also worked with a courier company before trying her hand as a pole dancer.
  7. Though Chloe entered several modeling competitions in her teens, high fashion modeling never became a career.
  8. During her late teens, she accidentally overdosed on sleeping pills thinking they were not working. Her family misunderstood that action as a suicide attempt.
  9. She briefly lived in France and worked as a Playboy Bunny right before getting cast on TOWIE.
  10. Chloe is very passionate about fashion and aspires to own her own high-street range.
  11. She had her first Botox treatment at the age of 29.
  12. Not happy with her single status, Chloe planned an over-the-top wedding-themed birthday party for her 30th birthday in which she turned up, dressed as a bride and her cousin Joey Essex played the role of a groom.
  13. She published her autobiography called The Only Way Is Up – My Story in 2013.
  14. Additionally, Chloe works as a gossip columnist for Star magazine.
  15. Chloe is close friends with TV personality and magazine editor Vas J Morgan.

Featured Image by Chloe Sims / Instagram

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