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Cindy Crawford Diet Plan and Workout Routine

5 ft 9 in, ravishing beauty, Cindy Crawford is an American model. Apart from being voted as the highest paid model on planet by Forbes, the brunette was nominated one of the “100 Hottest Women of All-Time” by Men’s Health. Not to mention, although the legendary supermodel won all these titles in ’90s but her splendor and charisma are still unbeatable. The bombshell has adorned the cover page of numerous illustrious magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, Shape etc.

The ageless supermodel is about to hit fifty and is resolved not to sweep healthy foods to shed few pounds. Maintaining a curvy and slender figure from more than three decades, Crawford is proud mom of two adorable kids. However, her perfectly toned body defies the fact of her being mom of two kids. Let’s see what the iconic beauty does to uphold the curvaceous figure she is genetically blessed with.

Cindy Crawford in her workout gear
Cindy Crawford in her workout gear

Cindy Crawford Diet Plan

While revealing the secrets of her youthfulness, the supermodel tells that she understood the importance of healthy and nutritious foods very early in her life. And that’s the reason she heavily banks on healthy and vegan foods to nourish her. She eats healthy and nutrient dense foods most of the time. However, she also allows her to eat adored high calorie foods once in a while to relinquish her cravings. Not only does the doting mother herself swear by healthy eating habits, she also tries to inculcate them in her children. She often cooks nutrient dense meals for her family such as pasta while using plenty of nutrient dense veggies in it.

She steers clear from calorie loaded foods such as sweets, white carbs, processed foods etc. The health conscious celeb has figured out healthy swaps to beat her cravings. For instance, when she gets craving to consume sweet foods, she consumes dark chocolates. Being equipped with antioxidant properties, dark chocolates detoxify your body.

The stunner reckons, your body reflects what you eat, so you can make over your body by eating wholesome foods. Instead of consuming calorie dense soda drinks, juices, energy drinks etc., Crawford consumes three liters of water in a day. Apart from cleansing your body, water also keeps a check on your cravings.

Crawford was always fond of coffee but having gotten the ill impacts of caffeine, she constrained its consumption. She in particular purged its consumption with empty stomach because it causes bloating, stomach pain etc. Crawford has religiously been abiding by Zone Diet program, which is one of the healthiest weight loss programs prevalent in today’s time. The diet schedule insists consumption of five to six small meals in a day which are comprised of 40 per cent proteins, 30 per cent carbs, and 30 per cent healthy fats. Provision of small meals in the plan makes sure that you don’t suffer from hunger pangs and your blood glucose level remains stable.

Cindy Crawford Workout Routine

Cindy Crawford weight training
Cindy Crawford doing weight training.

Crawford has earnestly been executing workouts from more than twenty-five years. And it’s only her dedication to regular workouts and balanced diet which has maintained her in enviable shape even at this age. While getting assistance from her personal trainer, Sarah Hagaman, the striking beauty works out three times in a week.

She executes circuit training which is an amalgam of ten minutes weight training coupled with five minutes of cardio workouts. She completes three to four sets of circuit in one session. And being big fan of Pilates, she practices the workout to strengthen her core and boost her flexibility. Apart from the conventional methods of exercises, she follows various other workouts such as biking, hiking, walking etc. She also uses power plate every now and then to tone her body.

Healthy Recommendation For Cindy Crawford Fans

Crawford recommends all her fans to swear by regular workout regime. She contends, most women skip the idea of workouts because they think if they cannot devote straight one hour to workouts, it’s not worth doing them. However, the truth is exact contrary to what they think. Even if you spend ten minutes on workouts, you are going to get its benefits.

Use whatever time you get in a day to do workouts. They rev up your metabolism and keep you away from myriad health issues. Your body is just like a machine, if you don’t use and oil it regularly, it will get rusted and thus will turn dysfunctional. Aside from that, some other women don’t practice exercises because they think they are not lucky enough to afford personal trainer or heavy equipments to work out. However, these are just vague excuses these women use to justify their redundancy to workouts. There are myriad easy to do workouts such as squats, lunges, crunches, push-ups, and dumbbells for weight training. Apart from being simple, they strip off numerous pounds from your body and render you your desired figure.

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