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Dakota Johnson Diet and Workout for Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey star, Dakota Johnson indeed is credited with jaw-dropping beauty and bikini embracing figure. The mirror cracking beauty will appear in slimmer and sexier in the upcoming movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. Here are some of the diet and workout secrets of Dakota which are responsible for her vibrant face and flawless figure.

Dakota Johnson workout on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey
Dakota Johnson running on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey

Reliance on Juice Diet

While being on shooting, instead of eating junk and processed foods, the hottie prefers drinking clean and nutrient dense juice. Without being obsessed about the consumption of cleanse juice, Dakota relies on nutrient-laden raw fruit juice. Her preference for juice varies from apple, lemon, ginger to orange and cucumber. These nutrient-laden juices not only detoxifies her body but they also keep her invigorated for longer hours.

Workouts Make Her Feel Awesome

Dakota Johnson running on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey
Dakota Johnson running on the set of Fifty Shades of Grey

The pretty actress who is looking far younger than her age in the movie practiced workouts first time in her life and needless to mention, she is totally overwhelmed with the astonishingly incredible outcomes of it. She not only acquired toned and sculpted figure but her health too has improved a lot ever since she has submitted her to workouts. Dakota shares; she had seldom thought that workouts could be so marvelous. Dakota candidly tells that she certainly wished to look captivating and sizzling hot in n*de scenes in the movie and there could be no other means as rewarding as workouts. Now she has gotten why sexy people are so passionate about workouts.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Who on earth doesn’t wish to look stunning and acquire enviable shape like celebs? We all wish so but only very few of us are actually capable to achieve our desired bodies. Reason being, some of us are living stressful lives, some others are suffering from health issues, and the list goes on and on. That said, there is one workout namely yoga (perfect blend of body and mind) which can astound you with its amazing benefits. Yoga which requires you to have just a mat and limited space can offer an incredible solution to all your weight and fitness related problems. If you embrace yoga, it will not fail to please you. Within a couple of weeks, you will witness the startling benefits of it. Apart from being easy, yoga is also easy on your joints. Let’s have a look at some of the research-backed benefits of yoga which will make you fall in love with the workout.

Shake off Stress

Hatha yoga is simple yet influential yoga asana which will shake off stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions from your mind and will make your temperament cheerful. The yoga requires you to sit comfortably and join the points of your index figure with that of your thumb. Aside from breathing technique, acupressure too is activated in the process, which provides you bountiful benefits.

In extreme situations, when you are over-stressed and sleep is miles from you, you can perform “legs up on the wall” pose. The posture shall relax your body and mind and shall eliminate tension from your muscles.

Strengthen Your Arms and Legs

If you want to strengthen your arms and legs, yoga imparts solution for that too. That said, you need to switch to intense yoga classes over simple stretching postures. With yoga such as Vinyasa yoga, you can shape up your leg muscles. In the same way, with the help of side plank and crow, you can hone the muscles of your arms.

Torch Calories

If your purpose to perform workouts is to torch surplus pounds, you can melt away 175 to 636 calories with yoga. However, the results vary with the kind of yoga asana you pick. For example, with one hour of vinyasa yoga, you can scorch up to 445 calories in a day. And with one hour of hot Bikram yoga, you can scorch up to 636 calories.

Sharpens Your Memory

Just remember the instances when your mind is all messed up and you are unable to focus on any particular thing in life. Everything in life seems so distorted that you cannot even recall the names of people and places. Well, yoga will provide you with the remedy to overcome that difficult situation too. Research shows that people who practice yoga in routine have sharper memory and brain power. You can even make a simple test, practice hatha yoga consistently for three days in a week, for three weeks. The spectacular influences of yoga shall blow your mind.

Get Rid of Painful Menstruation

Menstruation which comes with myriad other problems such as abdominal pain, mood swings, rough skin etc. can also be improved with yoga. Normally, you either don’t feel like performing any workout during periods. But, you certainly would not like to omit some easy forms of yoga such as Yoga Nidra and other meditation-based yoga. Aside from getting you relief from heavy bleeding, cramps, menstrual irregularity, these yoga postures shall also keep you away from stress and anxiety.

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