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Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Workout and Diet for Fifty Shades Darker

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan at the UK premiere of Fifty Shades Darker in February 2017
Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan at the UK premiere of Fifty Shades Darker in February 2017

The second movie of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker (2017) has hit the screens. As expected, the movie has loads of scenes in which the lead couple, Christian, and Anesthesia, played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are naked. To look great for the said scenes, the duo worked out a lot and ate a proper diet. Here, the competent trainer, Ramona Braganza is spilling Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan’s fitness secrets for Fifty Shades Darker. Read on and get inspired to have a body that looks good everywhere.

Workout Schedule

While talking to Healthista, Braganza revealed that the duo trained for about 5 months with her while they filmed Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed (2018) back to back in Vancouver. She exercised with Jamie about twice a week and with Dakota, she worked out for 4 days a week for 40-minute durations with both. Usually, Jamie liked to workout before the filming while Dakota trained after the shooting ended for the day.

Desired Athletic Builds

In the novels, it is depicted that Christian Grey is a successful businessman who likes to workout too. Making Dornan look like Christian was not a tough thing as he exercises on his own constantly. His body shape was almost perfect for what the producers wanted Christian Grey to look like. In contrast, Johnson was aiming to look graceful, lean and long limbed. She usually works out with a trainer in New York. As Anesthesia is a college girl, not a gym rat, she didn’t have to look too fit.

Workout Routine

Dakota was aiming to tone up a bit more, so Ramona opted for strength training with her, 4 times a week. It included exercises using more body weight and more light weights (up to 5 pounds). They did it for the right amount and intensity. As the actress is a fan of yoga, she did hot yoga on her own twice a week. Towards the end of the five-month duration, she did a lot of cardio and had a ballet coach to prep for her upcoming movie.

Jamie Dornan exercising
Jamie Dornan exercising

The strength training sessions included a dancer type approach in which much of the warm-ups consisted of stretching. Then, they got on the floor and did a lot of body strength by opting for exercises like walking planks. Next came the targeting of abs, which was mostly Pilates based. The last bit included focusing on legs by doing lying down leg stuff. Sometimes, they also did a circuit in which Braganza put them together with a band for back exercises and posture (as posture is very important). This training helped the diva survive five months of training and made her look good.

Braganza did not interfere in Jamie’s upper body training program because it worked fine for him. She just steered him towards doing more leg exercises during their twice weekly sessions. These sessions began with a warm up in which he did everything from jump rope to plyometrics. Just 5 to 10 minutes of warming up were enough. Then, they moved to doing heavy squats with a barbell. The aim was to do 6 of them to target hamstrings and quads. As Dornan has quite good calves, they focused on increasing the mass on the top part of the legs (quads). They also did deadlifts, step-ups, and lunges. Working on his abs was also a part of each session.

Dakota Johnson after workout heading towards parking lot
Dakota Johnson after workout heading towards parking lot

If you wish to have great legs, the fitness expert wants you to progress to single-leg exercises if you have time. It will make sure that you exercise at least twice every week to see the benefit.

Diet Secrets

The celebrity trainer did not work much with the diets of the movie stars as they have a good knowledge of it already. She suggested that Jamie includes a bit more protein in his diet. Dakota was already having a food delivery service that worked for her.

Both of them were already following the principles of the 3-2-1 nutrition plan of the skilled trainer. It’s all about proportions, smaller meals, and when to eat.

For people seeking a great diet, you should have complex carbs like poached eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Also remember to eat more lean meat, fish, and salads. Have grilled foods, not fried. Though you can enjoy a glass of wine (not bottle) occasionally.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson having food
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson having food

The 3-2-1 Training Method

The fitness guru also talked about her 3-2-1 training method. It’s a training method she uses to train most of the clients who wish to prepare for a movie. She started it while training Jessica Alba. As they had just 20 minutes for exercise back then, they interspersed the strength training. They did one, two or even three minutes of cardio and then opted for a circuit of three exercises in a row. Then, they again switched to cardio and followed it up with a circuit. The final stage included cardio and finishing things off with the core. During this exercise session, you end up having a workout for everything in just 20 minutes.

The 3-2-1 training method also applies to the diet. You should have 3 meals in a day, 2 snacks and 1 liter of water. Basically, the 3-2-1 philosophy helps you get ready for anything (usually a life event) physically, mentally and emotionally.

Catsuit Tactic

Another term liked by the fitness professional is the catsuit tactic. Catsuit (a clothing type) can be anything from a pair of jeans to a bikini or even a cheerleading outfit. For Jamie and Dakota, it was having to get naked in front of the cameras. You just want to feel comfortable when you wear a catsuit. Simply, a catsuit tactic means having enough time to get ready to fit into a catsuit.

When you are committed to fit into your catsuit, you will party less hard and the cheat moments also become rare. You’ll also become more dedicated to fitness as you will keep the fitness level at a point you like rather than just throwing in the towel. The entire process of sticking to the catsuit tactic requires a lot of moderation and discipline. It can also be a lifestyle change.

Jamie Dornan in the gym
Jamie Dornan in the gym

Advice for All The Clients

Though the client list of the beautiful trainer includes names like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron and Scarlett Johansson, she has a bit of advice that suits everyone. It is to enjoy the journey and not take things too seriously. Sometimes, people take things too seriously, be it a movie role or fitness or even listening to politics. You should not do it. Your focus should be on enjoying the journey, the experience and do the best you can.

Exercise for Mood Elevation

A hidden benefit of exercise revealed by Ramona is that if you exercise regularly, it will elevate your mood. You will not have to deal with mood swings often and will also achieve better overall wellness when there is a balance in your body.

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