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Dawn French Weight Loss – Lost Massive Seven and Half Stone

Dawn French weight loss
Dawn French weight loss transformation.

If you are overweight and you don’t feel motivated enough to lose weight, just have a look at the dramatic makeover of Dawn French. The comic celeb who had been 19 stone, size 28 from more than three decades shed massive seven and half stone lately. Dawn shares that she was perfectly in alignment with her obese body since it never bugged her. However, losing weight indeed has turned millions of curious eyes towards her. She admits that she can sense people gazing her with astonishment as well as appreciation. Let’s have a look at the workout and diet routine of the celeb who despite being so bulky was never always keen to grow slimmer.

Low Carb Diet

Dawn has always been in love with high carb foods such as processed, fatty, and fried foods. However, when the thought to shed surplus pounds stroke her, she renounced the consumption of all the sinister foods. She in particular refrained from foods such as bread, pasta, pizza etc. Dawn contends that if you wish to slim down, you neither need to resort to starvation or fad diet plan, nor do you have to abide by grueling exercise routine. All you have to do is make a resolved mind and practice moderation in your eating habits. We all know what foods are unhealthy for our body. So use the information and maintain distance from foods having disastrous effects on your body.

Dawn herself had been able to achieve that weight, only by restraining her sloppy eating habits. However, as and when she grew careless and snapped back to her unhealthy eating habits which included numerous high carb foods, it didn’t take her long to bulk up two stone. She admits that she often finds herself unable to control her temptation when she confronts her beloved foods such as bread and potatoes.

No Room for Chocolates

Dawn being big fan of chocolates could easily be spotted eating them. Chocolates having opulent sugar content make you feel good for some duration but at the same time, it packs up myriad calories in your body. Not only did she abdicate the consumption of chocolates but she also swapped them with wholesome and nutrient laden foods such as green and leafy veggies, salads, whole grains etc. Most women end up making chocolate as their best buddy to bring them out from the state of emotional turmoil. But, while eating them, they don’t even realize when they become so much addicted to the sweet poison. Aside from bulking up calories in your body, they also make your body host of copious diseases. If you still crave to eat chocolates, keep dark chocolates in store and eat small portion size of them to purge your craving. Dark chocolate being great antioxidant keeps you away from aging and revitalizes your body.

Walking – Most Trusted Workout

Neither did Dawn hire any personal trainer, nor did she execute vigorous workouts. She simply executed walking and it was her most reliable workout. Moreover, for an overly bulky woman like her, there were high chances of being injured with complicated workouts. Aside from walking, she also adores swimming. She practiced both of them on daily basis and gradually unsolicited pounds began coming off of her body. The most remarkable thing about her workouts is she doesn’t do them with a sense of obligation; she rather enjoys them taking them as fun activities.

Healthy Tips for Fans

If you too are looking forward to transform your body, here are some easy tips for you.

Practice Portion Control

Instead of being intrigued to lose weight quickly by eliminating whole food groups from your diet regime, practice portion control. Usually it’s not the category of foods such as carbs, fats, or protein which cause harm to your body. Instead, it’s their over consumption which makes your waist become round. Abdication of whole food categories might also make your body deficit of nutrients, so avoid doing so.

Embrace Weight Training

No matter how bulky you are, you have no risk from weight training. Aside from cardio workouts, inculcate strength training in your workouts. Without causing any injury to your body, weight training will rev up your metabolism and will magnify the number of muscles in your body.

No Exercise With Empty Stomach

If you are seriously aspiring to drop weight, make it a rule; never perform workouts with empty stomach. When you workout with empty stomach, your body loses muscles over fat; you are likely to remain devoid of the incredible benefits of exercises. Always fuel your body with pre-workout snacks to evade muscle loss.

Don’t Cut Sleeping Hours

The temptation to shed weight swiftly might prompt you to cut your sleeping hours to save you more time for workouts. However, doing so is not going to help you, it will only escalate your troubles. Since lack of sleep promotes the release of ghrelin which is appetite stimulating hormone, you are likely to switch to binge eating to satisfy your hunger.

Don’t Overlook Your Meals

All the beautiful ladies out there – please understand the difference between shrinking the size of meals and entirely weeding out the meal from your diet regime. It might happen that due to busy schedule; you might not be able to have your meal on time. So, always keep contingency snacks handy with you to replenish your body. Having meals after very long duration slow down your metabolism and thus hinder your weight loss process.

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