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Eva Longoria Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Eva Longoria 2014 Workout and Diet Plan

5 ft 2 in, petite Texas-based, Eva Longoria is popular for her stunning and hot figure. Crowned as “2014 Woman of the Year” by Maxim magazine, Eva has buffed arms, flat abs, and sculpted figure. “Desperate Housewives” star is naturally slim and wishes to uphold her fit and skinny figure for countless years. Eva attributes both her diet and workouts for her incredibly toned figure. Here are some of the exercise and diet secrets of the glam actress.

Eva Longoria running

Knowledge is Power

The curvaceous figure of Eva can also be credited to her educational background. The beautiful lady has a degree in Kinesiology (the study of body movements) which has rendered her wisdom to comprehend bodywork mechanism and also the relevance of varied workouts and diet. Most of us embark on workouts without properly understanding our body and the impact of diverse workouts. Instead of doing exercises just because they are suggested to you by your friend or relative, learn their procedure and influence in detail. That being said, you don’t have to get a professional degree in physical science. You can brush up your knowledge by surfing imperative details on the internet.

Organic and Fresh Foods

Eva shares, she is accustomed to eating organic and fresh foods from her childhood itself because while growing up in Texas, she didn’t have the availability of many fast and junk foods. The lovely star delightfully incorporates fiber-rich veggies such as Brussels sprouts, spinach, broccoli, nuts, yogurt, etc. in her meals.

Eva steers clear from sugar and carbs which maintains her energy level high and doesn’t let her body gain unsolicited weight. She allows herself one cheat day in a week and eats her beloved foods such as pizza etc. Here is one sample diet regime of Eva.

Eva Longoria eating pizza on her cheat day.
Eva Longoria eating pizza on her cheat day.

Breakfast – Egg whites, fresh fruits etc.

Lunch – Turkey, chicken, steamed veggies

Snacks – Cucumber slices with lemon juice, apple slices with cheese or peanut butter, vanilla yogurt

Dinner – Fresh salmon, steamed asparagus

Fun Factor in Workouts

Eva being sporty would play wide-ranging games such as basketball, soccer, cheerleading, gymnastics etc. in her childhood. To save her from being pissed with workouts, the bombshell keeps switching to fun workouts such as running, hiking, swimming, yoga, sports activities etc. Apart from rendering great exercise to her body, these workouts also chill her mind. Research shows that workouts done with interest and energy bestow you far more rewarding results than workouts done with a sense of pressure.

Running – Most Reliable Workout for Tours

The star being supposed to be on tours very often banks on running. Instead of skipping her workouts while being on tours, she hits the pavement to run. Besides stripping off numerous pounds, running also bestows her a chance to explore a new place and relish the sightseeing. You too can make running your best buddy when you are away from home. However, make sure that you do have your cell phone with you so you can navigate the area and can safely reach back the place.

Workouts with Personal Trainer

Prior to making her entry into Hollywood, Eva was a fitness trainer and worked out for myriad hours. However, despite having the background of an aerobics instructor, the brunette prefers working out with a personal trainer. Apart from getting guidance from personal trainers, you also develop a sense of accountability towards them which cut your chances of skipping the workouts. Moreover, she admits of being a sufferer of “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADD). Her fitness instructor, Patrick Murphy keeps varying her workouts in such a way that her attention doesn’t divert.

While devoting four days in a week to workouts, she mainly prefers compound exercises over cardio. After warming up her body with boxing, running on the treadmill, elliptical training, jumping jacks etc., Eva performs circuit training. She makes three circuits while giving fifteen reps to each exercise in the circuit. To hone her legs, arms, and abs, she performs different exercises in the circuit.

For Legs – Dumbbell lunges, squat press, skater lunges

For Arms – Tricep extensions, stability ball skull crusher, hammer curls on a bosu ball, bicep curls

For Abs – Bosu ball wood chop, bicycle crunches, reverse crunches

Homemade Meals

Eva prefers homemade meals over outside ones because she feels tempted to consume high-fat cheese and sour cream when she goes out to have her meals. She adores Mexican food and deliciously cooks it while using abundant wholesome ingredients.

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