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Eva Mendes Workout Routine and Diet Secrets

Eva Mendes is an American actress, model, singer and fashion designer. She has been appreciated for her acting abilities in the films like Training Day (2001), 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003), Hitch (2005), Ghost Rider (2007) and The Other Guys (2010). She has also been the face for popular brands like Revlon, Calvin Klein, Cartier, Reebok, Pantene shampoo and Morgan. She is one of the few actresses, who have never been tempted to get in size zero, yet Eva has maintained an impressive figure and a healthy body.

Eva Mendes
Eva looks Lovely in a Red Polka Dress

How does she manage to look so stunning in every fashionable dress she wears? How she has managed to remain hooked up with Ryan Gosling and how has she maintained the curves, many women would kill for? Well, we have all the answers, just for you. We have summed up the secrets pertaining to the gorgeous beauty’s physical and mental health, as well as her diet for all those who are inspired by her fitness.

Gymming is Beneficial for Eva Mendes

Eva has admitted that she is not a fan of visiting a gym. But she knows it’s important for her to hit a gym to keep in shape and get the desired results from her body and achieve her fitness goals. Therefore, she has made gymming an active part of her daily life. In an interview with PopSugar.com, she stated –

“I don’t say ‘Yay!’ I’m going to be in the gym for two hours; it’s something that I find extremely beneficial and I do it.”

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes in her Workout Gear

Eva Mendes Favorite Exercises

Though running (anywhere, be it a track, treadmill or running uphill) with her dog Hugo is her first preference, the actress also participates in various other forms of exercises. Some of them include lifting light weights, doing yoga, going for hikes and strength training with her trainer.

Challenges Eva Mendes Faces

Her former trainer Harley Pasternak had revealed that though the attractive actress is quite good at ab and hamstring exercises, she has difficulty in maintaining her upper body strength. After seeing her perfect body, we would have never guessed.

Eva Mendes Loves The Curves

Her former trainer Harley Pasternak has also confessed that Eva loves the curves that give her an excellent figure. Her aim is to never lose them and she works hard regularly to accentuate them.

Creating a Routine is Vital

The diva has admitted to the fact that creating a workout routine is an essential step towards fitness. If a person has a set workout routine, it becomes easier to fall in line with it and the routine does not seem too monotonous. She has opined that it’s not necessary that a person has to love the set workout routine, but one should learn to make peace with it. She admits to making peace herself.

Eva Mendes
Actress Eva Mendes on her 40th Birthday in 2014

Eva Mendes Diet Habits

Eva has long since removed meat from her diet and replaced it with omega-3 rich fish and whole grains like brown rice. This is the balanced diet plan of her which keeps her in shape. She has also admitted that cutting meat from her diet, proved to be beneficial for her skin too. She said –

“After a year of eliminating it, my skin looked brighter and healthier overall.”

Being Cautious at all Times Helps

The multifaceted actress has also admitted that she likes having a cheat day and indulges in nonhealthy habits sometimes. But she never crosses the line. She is aware of the fact that whatever she uses to fuel her body would have implications for her physical and emotional state. So, she believes in being cautious at all times.

Eva’s Opinion on Mental Health

As most of her fans would know, this Hollywood hottie has also acknowledged the fact that she is working with a therapist to keep her mental health in check. She likes visiting an expert who can point out her behavioral patterns objectively, as it helps her a lot.

The star celebrity does not believe in therapy where the expert is too agreeable. On the contrary, she likes someone who hears her out and tells her what’s wrong with her so that it can be corrected. And she is lucky to have got that too.

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