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Fitskuad Jump Rope Review

Fitskuad Jump Rope

If you are into skipping, then you will know that double unders are very effective and a popular technique that most athletes use today. Double unders are a very effective jump rope exercise as you need to have 2 complete rotations under your feet when you jump and so it provides an intense workout. This helps to improve strength, balance, and endurance. According to a study, it has been found that doing double unders can increase the sprint speed of an athlete.

A standard rope is not appropriate for double unders. To perform well, you need a good skipping rope. You need a rope that will be easy to control and provide speed for performing double under. The rotating mechanism and handles of the rope are also important factors to consider when buying a rope for doing double unders. Here, we are going to review Fitskuad Jump Rope which is one of the best ropes for double unders.


It is a 10ft long cable that is suitable for people of a height between 4’6’’ and 6’10’’. You can adjust the rope easily with the hand screws available. You can get this rope in 5 different impressive colors including cherry red, blue, green, gray and silver. The cable is all black and it looks very attractive. This rope is tangle-free and so you will be able to workout without any interruptions.

The rope is ideal for amateur and professional boxers, cross-trainers, and beginners. It has aluminum handles that are durable and provide excellent grip. The cable is very thin and so it moves quickly through the air with less resistance. There is a double ball-bearing system that improves the rotation.

Build Quality

It is made up of 2.3mm steel wire and has a PVC coating for extra protection. It has the perfect weight and thickness to provide better control and extra speed. The handles of the rope are made of aluminum which makes them very sturdy. They provide a nice foam grip. The handles are also of the right size and appropriate for all handle sizes, so you will be able to maintain control of the rope without any problem. It has a double ball bearing system that provides a smoother rotation and extreme speed that is good for double unders.

The rope is long enough to suit users of various heights. All you need to do is adjust the length of the rope using the screws in the handles. The rope is extremely durable and so you won’t have to think of replacing it for a long time. The rope is particularly made for double unders which means it can withstand intense exercise sessions. There is no chance that the rope will tear or the handles will break. So, you will be able to continue exercising without any problem.


The rope is 10 feet long and is ideal for very tall users as well. You can easily adjust the rope to your desired length. The length of the rope is perfect for double unders. It is lightweight and you can easily pack it in your bag when you travel.


The handles are covered with foam and so they are comfortable. As they are long, they provide excellent grip. The handles are anti-slip, so your hands won’t slip off even if you sweat. You won’t feel pain on your wrists even after long hours of workout. You will have a comfortable exercise session with this jump rope.


It is one of the best speed ropes you can find and you will be able to achieve about 320 revolutions per minute with this rope. You will be able to improve your speed and coordination by exercising with this rope. So, you will be able to perform well in sports. This jumping rope is a fitness choice for MMA and HIIT professionals.

This skipping rope is suitable for both beginners and advanced users and can help to improve their fitness. This rope provides a full-body workout and helps to tone up your muscles. If you jump 10 minutes with this rope, then it will be equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging.

You get a free eBook with this skipping rope which will help you to master double unders. So, you will be able to burn calories faster and improve your performance. The rope is very helpful for staying fit and is suitable for users of all ages and fitness levels.

Fitskuad Jump Rope Parts


You can buy this rope for $19.99 at Amazon. You will not be disappointed after buying it as it is a very high-quality rope providing lots of unique features. You also get a lot of free things like extra cable, carry bag, and eBook with this jump rope which gives you great value for money. So, buying this jump rope is a smart decision.


  • You can choose from 5 different colors.
  • The rope is long and appropriate for tall users as well.
  • You can easily adjust the rope using the adjustable thumbscrews.
  • The cable is coated with PVC for extra protection and this makes the rope durable.
  • It has long handles that provide a better grip.
  • The handles are made of aluminum and covered with foam to give extra comfort.
  • It has a double bearing system for smooth rotation and great speed.
  • The rope is appropriate for double unders and triple unders.
  • You get a free extra cable, carry bag, and eBook with it.
  • You get a lifetime warranty for the handles and 120 days guarantee for the cable.


  • Many people complain that the rope is too thin.
  • The screw may not remain tightened, so you need to be very careful.

Final Verdict

It is one of the best speed ropes you will find in the market today. This rope is perfect for double unders. It provides quick spin and smooth function. The rope is made of high-quality materials and is durable. You can find this rope in various colors. It is a stylish rope to carry it in the gym or anywhere else. The handles are lightweight and responsive. The handles are coated with foam which prevents the hands from slipping due to sweat.

The rope is long and you can adjust it according to your height. So, it is perfect for both short and tall users. Adjusting the rope is quite simple as well. This jump rope will cut through the air with just a flick of your wrists. There is no possibility of tangling which allows for smooth movement.

If you exercise with this rope regularly, you will be able to lose weight fast, increase your heart health, and build your muscles as well. It will improve your coordination and reaction. If you have a good quality jump rope, then you don’t have to buy any complicated fitness equipment. If you are someone who doesn’t like going to the gym, then buying this skipping rope is a great decision. You will be able to get your desired body by simply working out at home with this simple equipment.

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This skipping rope is ideal for both the beginners and advanced users. You will be able to lose weight, build up your muscles and improve your coordination by exercising with this skipping rope regularly. Fitskuad Jump Rope Review