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Giada De Laurentiis Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Food Network queen Giada de Laurentiis

Food Network’s Giada at Home host, Giada De Laurentiis is in incredibly enviable and slender shape. With her flawless skin and toned body, the stunner makes it hard for us to believe that she has already crossed forty. Besides that, the fact of her being a chef has been unable to have her pack up surplus pounds which is very likely to happen when you are surrounded with foods all the while. Let’s have a look at the workout and diet secrets of Giada De Laurentiis, which helps her keep up the curvaceous and captivating figure.

Portion Controlled Diet

The gorgeous celeb abides by portion controlled diet and without being insensitive to her cravings; she eats all her beloved foods in moderation. She contends, it’s not the food themselves which have you grow overweight. It actually is your tendency to splurge on foods which make you gain unwanted pounds.

Giada shares, she belongs to an Italian family and has been eating pasta since her childhood. However, she seldom had to come across with weight problem with its consumption. And the reason why it never occurred to her was – she always kept her portion size of foods small. If you too make a habit to eat everything in moderation, you too can beat your cravings and secure lean and slender body for you forever.

Wholesome and Organic Foods

Giada de Laurentiis diet

The charming star favors wholesome and organic foods which are packed with essential nutrients required to nourish your body. She contends, nutritious choice of foods inevitably shall take you closer to fit and beautiful body. At the same time, processed and junk foods not only pack up unwanted calories in your body, they also make you look older. Best way for you to pick nutrient filled foods is to make your selection of foods which are seasonal, clean, and simple.

Aside from sticking with healthy eating habits, Giada also managed her sinister hormones very tactfully even during her pregnancy. She shares, her craving for sugary foods were all high during that time. She swapped sugary foods with agave nectar which not only aided her keep a check on weight but also saved her from myriad inflammatory reactions.

Nurture the Habit of Cooking

Giada being a pro chef knows different means through which she can make her meals both delicious as well as nutritious. If you too have interest in cooking meals, try new ways to cook food. Since frying and over-cooking snatches the nutrient quotient of foods, prefer eating clean and steamed foods such as baked chicken, steamed or sprouted veggies etc.

Regular Workouts

Giada de Laurentiis coming out of gym
Giada de Laurentiis coming out of gym

No matter what, Giada being very particular about her exercises practices them four to five times in a week. Her regular workout regime inevitably keeps her active and full of beans throughout the day. Prior to the birth of her child, daughter Jade, Giada was simply in love with cardio workouts. And there had been myriad times when she astounded us with her incredibly slim and enthralling figure which she acquired with intense cardio workouts. However, past the birth of Jade, she turned to yoga to purge her body from post baby pounds. And since then she has religiously been sticking to yoga.

Healthy Tips for Fans

Shedding unwanted pounds and acquiring desired weight might sound too difficult or next to impossible to you.

Here are some easy to follow tips which shall guide you and help you achieve your weight loss goal in a stress-free way.

Restrain Calorie Consumption

The main culprit which has you bulk up unsolicited pounds is your surplus calorie consumption. To scorch 3500 calories in a week, you need to cut minimum 500 calories in a day, which might not look very feasible to you. So, to get started, aim to trim down 250 calories from your daily diet. To attain the objective, you can either avoid having one serving of ice-cream or shun the consumption of couple of other small things. Use calorie calculator and get to know about your exact required calorie consumption and make sure that you don’t exceed your daily calorie consumption.

Seldom Skip Evening Workouts

After spending the entire hectic day at office, you might find it very convincing to pacify you not to hit gym for workouts. However, make a resolution that you do not skip workouts after tiring day at office. Gradually, evening workouts shall become an indispensable part of your life which will further secure your way to fit and slender body. And if you don’t feel like hitting gym, don’t let the excuse tarnish your plan to work out. To maintain continuity, practice workouts at home.

Bump up Your Metabolism

Abide by varied activities which shall help your body bump up its metabolism. Be it breakfast in the morning, or incorporation of strength training, or any other thing; dedicate your energy towards revving up your metabolism. You certainly shall torch calories faster and efficiently when your metabolism is fast.

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