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Hilaria Baldwin Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hilaria Baldwin Post Pregnancy Fitness Secrets (3rd Time) – 2016 Edition

Hilaria Baldwin is a proud mother of three kids. She has become a kind of expert in post-pregnancy weight loss as she has given birth to her babies almost back to back. Previously, we let you know how the diva was losing weight via a proper workout routine and diet plan after giving birth to her second child, Rafael Thomas Baldwin who joined the world on June 17, 2015. Now, we are letting you get acquainted with her post-pregnancy fitness secrets the third time. It includes jogging for 23 minutes just a week after birthing. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Hilaria Baldwin workout selfie
Hilaria Baldwin workout selfie

Welcoming the New Baby

The wife of Alec Baldwin shared the birth of her third child, Leonardo on September 12, 2016 via Instagram.

Post Pregnancy Workout

Just one week after the birth, the stunner was seen jogging while wearing a sports bra and leggings that showed off her abdominal region. She admitted that she was working out again and exceeding her own expectations. Interestingly, she had set the goal of jogging for 5-10 minutes but she ended up running for 23 minutes. She said that staying up and being active gives a person a lot of energy and sluggishness begets sluggishness. After the jog, she felt great and refreshed.

Hilaria Baldwin selfie
Hilaria Baldwin selfie

Be Wise

The yoga instructor truly believes that every new mom might not be able to return to a workout regime so quickly after giving birth. She said that how soon you return to workouts post-pregnancy should be between you and your doctor.

Dealing with Critics

There are many people who criticized her for sharing the photograph of working out so soon after a pregnancy. She hit back at the critics by saying that her pregnancy, the birth, and her recovery was between her and her doctor. People should just stop with the negativity.

Hilaria Baldwin post pregnancy selfie
Hilaria Baldwin post-pregnancy selfie

Expert Speak on Hilaria Baldwin Post Pregnancy Workout Ideas

An ob-gyn (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) from San Francisco, Jen Gunter, MD, thinks that though it seems that all new mothers probably need a lot of time to recuperate, there is actually no one size fits all healing period. She said that in reference to a vaginal birth. She added that if Baldwin’s body is telling her she is ready, that’s a great thing.

The wise doc added that she was in excellent physical shape beforehand which helped her become active so soon. She is going to recover fast as compared to someone who was not active before or during her pregnancy.

Labor time plays a key role in recovery too, the Doctor Gunter revealed. She says that a woman who has a larger tear and spent more than 36 hours in labor would have a long road back to exercises as compared to a woman who has had no stitches and has spent just 6 hours in labor and delivery. The best advice would be to let your body guide you, go slow and talk to your doctor.

The Big Responsibility

Hilaria accepts that being a mother of three kids now is not an easy feat. She sometimes becomes very tired. She even falls asleep while breastfeeding and without washing her face. Her goal is to ensure that her newborn gets everything he needs from her. At the same time, she wants to ensure that her older babies feel special too rather than feeling ignored. It’s a tough lifestyle as she is running between her kids all the time.

Still, she is optimistic about the whole deal. She says if she invests now in creating a happy environment for them, they will be an inseparable unit. She shared that her older babies, Carmen and Rafael had a hard time when she was in the hospital. Usually, she never stays away from them even for a night, but she was in the hospital for 2 days. The result is that every time she leaves their room now, they start crying. Carmen even says that her mommy shouldn’t leave her or forget her. (Isn’t it heart-touchingly beautiful?)

Pregnancy Workout Routine

Hilaria Baldwin Fit Pregnancy Magazine August 2016
Hilaria Baldwin posing for Fit Pregnancy Magazine’s August 2016 issue

The beautiful lady has shared her pregnancy workout routine too. When carrying Leonardo, she jogged for four miles and that too for four days a week. She later switched it to swimming. She also did Barre class for three times a week along with doing yoga daily. All this was a part of a healthy mindset for her.

The Social Media Posts on Workouts

Apart from the shared workout routine, the stepmom of Ireland Baldwin also kept sharing her workouts via her social media posts. She was often seen doing strength training exercises. She was also into weight lifting as once she was seen lifting 7 lbs. weight over her head. It was done to work her triceps and she did 3 sets of 15 tricep curls.

Using furniture for exercise was also done by the author of @ Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-be Prenatal Yoga. She performed leg exercises while using a coffee table. She stuck to Barre classes until the end of her pregnancy. It helped her target different muscle groups.

Workouts during Each Pregnancy

The brunette beauty is so dedicated towards fitness that she worked out every day when she was carrying Carmen. Her workouts reduced while carrying Rafael, but she really worked hard to stay fit during this pregnancy. She made time for workouts and got creative too. She confessed that staying fit is toughest during the tail-end of a pregnancy.

Hilaria Baldwin pregnancy workout
Hilaria Baldwin pregnancy workout

Bothering about Weight is not Worth It

The sister-in-law of William Baldwin truly belies that worrying about weight during and post pregnancy is not a smart idea. She really struggled with an idea of having a healthy weight or the right weight. She obsessed about it, focused on it and put herself in bad places where she was too skinny. It was a very unpleasant experience and not worth it.

Sharing Her Journey via Social Media

The Yogi has often been questioned on why she shares everything about her body on her social media profiles. She says that she does so to promote healthy self-esteem and normalize a real body. She loves to show the impact of real-life experiences on a body.

Hilaria Baldwin exercising
Hilaria Baldwin exercising

Advice for Mothers – Don’t give up

The Extra Life correspondent advises women to never give up and focus on health if they want a great body. Many women wrongly believe that they are a mom now so they will be out of shape. It’s not a smart thing to do. Women should realize that being pregnant is not equal to being sick. They should be strong and keep striving to be in the best shape of their lives.

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