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Hilary Rhoda 2016 Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hilary Rhoda in a restaurant
Hilary Rhoda in a restaurant

When a super hot model spills her fitness secrets, we are all ears. It allows us to have an insight on what she eats and how she works out to look so gorgeous. It also motivates us to try a bit of her exercise or diet routine to get fitter. This time, the stupendous American model Hilary Rhoda has shared her fitness secrets. She works out every day, eats loads of salads and stays away from crash diets. Keep reading to know her other fitness secrets.

Being Fit as a Young Girl

The face of Estée Lauder has always had an athletic personality. She was 5’11” at school and towered over many boys at that time. The amazing thing is that she never felt insecure about it. The reason for her being so tall was that she played a lot of basketball and considered being tall to be a cool thing.

Workout Routine

The workout regime of the diva currently revolves around working out for 90 minutes on a daily basis. Some exercises she loves are spin classes and dance cardio classes. She also visits the gym of renowned celebrity trainer, Tracy Anderson.

Hilary Rhoda holding dumbbells
Hilary Rhoda holding dumbbells

Travel Workouts

As the supermodel has to work at different locations, she tries not to skip the exercise sessions. She carries 3 lb weights and a skipping rope to workout when traveling.

Workout Motivation

The stunner stays motivated to workout by making them an appointment so that it doesn’t remain optional anymore. It allows her to not skip it. She also takes the help of her friends to stay motivated. She would tell a friend that she will be working out with him or her. This helps her to stay motivated too as she will be more accountable and would not want to make the friend mad by not showing up for a workout session after promising the same. She also reminds herself that she feels better after a workout so she must do it.

Hilary Rhoda fitness selfie at Soulcycle
Hilary Rhoda fitness selfie at Soulcycle


The Maryland native does not like running at all. She has accepted that running is very hard for her and doesn’t even know why that is. The talented model gets very tired and bored while running. She tries to run for fitness when she is traveling and she calls working out in a hotel gym to be a tough option too.

Refueling Post-Workout

After a grueling workout, the wife of former professional hockey player Sean Avery usually, has some salad or scrambled eggs. She likes to workout in the mornings.

Hilary Rhoda working out her legs
Hilary Rhoda working out her legs

Freshening up Post-Workout

The brunette gets very sweaty during her workouts. She even says that she looks like she was dunked in a pool so she freshens up by taking a quick shower. Hilary uses face wipes and makeup remover to freshen up when taking a shower is not possible.

Summer Workout Routine

A key member of the Veronica Beard Fall ’16 campaign also shared her summer workout plans. She says she is a devotee of Tracy Anderson and likes to be a part of the classes Tracy teaches in her Hampton’s studio during the summer season. Hilary calls these classes fun and considers them the best workout. She further states that the workouts are not easy but the results she gets are awesome. She just loves Anderson.

Hilary Rhoda in her workout gear
Hilary Rhoda in her workout gear

No Crash Diets Ever

Rhoda thinks that food is a fuel that keeps her going and that she would never crash diet to look amazing in a photo shoot. (Good choice gal!!)

Diet Plan

The blue-eyed beauty starts her mornings with having some Greek yogurt with granola, some fruit and eggs and hot sauce. Lunch and dinner usually involve having salads as she is a big fan of them. She is also a fan of Sriracha sauce and adds it to spice up her meals often.

Diet Indulgence

The lovely beauty likes to indulge in chocolates and peanut M&Ms.

Hilary Rhoda by Liam Warwick for ES Magazine in July 2016
Hilary Rhoda by Liam Warwick for ES Magazine in July 2016

Not Aiming for Skinny

The Sports Illustrated model recently joined the strong, not skinny campaign. She stated that she loves to remain fit not to look skinny but because it gives her mental clarity. And we totally agree with her, please aim for being fit, not skinny.

If you liked the fitness ideas shared by Rhoda, you might want to follow her on Instagram and Twitter. To know her previous workout routine and diet plan, click here.

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