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Hugh Hefner Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

Hugh Hefner Quick Info
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 67 kg
Date of Birth April 9, 1926
Zodiac Sign Aries
Eye Color Dark Brown

Hugh Hefner managed to overhaul the soft p*rnographic magazine industry completely. Not only did he make Playboy mainstream, but also made it one of the best-selling publications in the world. While he was establishing Playboy, he managed to make himself a pop icon of sorts. His hedonistic and partying lifestyle was widely discussed and covered by the media. He also made Playboy Mansion one of the most popular monuments in the U.S.

Born Name

Hugh Marston Hefner

Nick Name

Hef, Puffin, The Pajama Man

Hugh Hefner at Glamourcon in November 2010
Hugh Hefner at Glamourcon in November 2010 (Toglenn / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)


Hugh Hefner was born on April 9, 1926.


Hefner passed away at the age of 91 years on September 27, 2017, at his iconic house in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California. The post-mortem report found respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, sepsis, and an E. coli infection as the causes of his death.

Sun Sign


Born Place

Chicago, Illinois, United States




Hugh Hefner went to the Sayre Elementary School. He later got admitted at the Steinmetz High School. In 1949, he graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He had also earned a double minor in Art and Creative Writing.

After graduating from college, he got enrolled in a semester of graduate courses in Sociology at Northwestern University. However, he dropped out without having completed his studies.


Businessman, Magazine Publisher


  • Father – Glenn Lucius Hefner (Accountant)
  • Mother – Grace Caroline Hefner (Teacher)
  • Siblings – Kieth Hefner (Younger Brother)
  • Others – James Marston Hefner (Paternal Grandfather), Lois Nina Hefner (Paternal Grandmother), Frank David Swanson (Maternal Grandfather), Ida Swanson (Maternal Grandmother)


Hugh Hefner was represented by Playboy Enterprises, Inc.




5 ft 9 in or 175 cm


67 kg or 147.5 lbs

Girlfriend / Spouse

Hugh Hefner dated –

  1. Joyce Nizzari
  2. Susan Nero
  3. Rae Hefner – RUMOR
  4. Suze Randall
  5. Mildred Williams (1949-1959) – In 1949, Hefner got married to Mildred Williams, who was studying at Northwestern University at that time. They had been dating for quite some time. Just before their marriage, Mildred told Hefner that she had cheated on him while he was serving with the U.S. Army. Hefner would later call it the most devastating moment of his life. Many claimed that it was the moment that served as the start of the Hefner whom the world would later know as the Playboy founder because Mildred allowed him to sleep with other women out of guilt and to save their marriage. However, it didn’t work out as they got divorced in 1959. In 1952, she gave birth to their daughter, Christie. She gave birth to their son, David in 1955.
  6. Janet Pilgrim (1955-1956)
  7. Joni Mattis (1960-1961)
  8. Gale Olson (1966-1969)
  9. Barbi Benton (1969-1976)
  10. Caroline Imhof (1970)
  11. Karen Christy (1971-1976)
  12. Marilyn Cole (1972-1974)
  13. Daina House (1976)
  14. Lillian Müller (1976-1977)
  15. Patti McGuire (1976-1977)
  16. Constance Money (1977)
  17. Serena (1977)
  18. Sondra Theodore (1977-1980)
  19. Candy Loving (1978)
  20. Terri Welles (1980-1981)
  21. Shannon Tweed (1982-1983) – Actress Shannon Tweed was one of the many women who Hefner lived with at his Playboy mansion. The couple dated right up till Hefner’s friend musician and actor Gene Simmon came to his mansion one fine day and Shannon fell head-over-heels for him and left Hugh in 1983.
  22. Carrie Leigh (1983-1987)
  23. Brandi Brandt (1987)
  24. Jessica Hahn (1987)
  25. Marina Baker (1987-1988)
  26. Kimberley Conrad (1988-2010) – In July 1989, Hefner got married to Kimberley Conrad. It created quite a stir as he had become well-known for his sexualized lifestyle. After the marriage, Kimberley also managed to turn the Playboy mansion into a conservative household for a brief period of time. In April 1990, she gave birth to their son, Marston Glenn Hefner. In September 1991, she gave birth to their second son, Cooper Bradford Hefner. They officially decided to separate in October 1998. However, they didn’t officially get divorced for another decade. Their divorce was finalized in March 2010.
  27. Jill St. Marks (1998) – RUMOR
  28. Brande Roderick (1999-2000)
  29. Sandy Bentley (1999-2000)
  30. Amanda Bentley (1999-2000)
  31. Heather Kozar (1999-2001)
  32. Buffy Tyler (2000-2001)
  33. Katie Lohmann (2000-2001)
  34. Jessica Paisley (2000-2002)
  35. Kimberley Stanfield (2001)
  36. Stephanie Heinrich (2001)
  37. Christi Shake (2001)
  38. Sandee Westgate (2001)
  39. Regina Lauren (2001)
  40. Dalene Kurtis (2001-2002)
  41. Cathi O’Malley (2001-2002)
  42. Michelle Winchester (2001-2002)
  43. Charis Boyle (2001-2003)
  44. Tiffany Holiday (2001-2003)
  45. Cristal Camden (2001-2003)
  46. Tina Jordan (2001-2003)
  47. Holly Madison (2001-2008)
  48. Tricia Wertz (2001-2009)
  49. Teri Harrison-Keaton (2002)
  50. Stacy Burke (2002)
  51. Izabella St. James (2002-2004)
  52. Zoe Paul (2002-2004)
  53. Lana Kinnear (2002-2004)
  54. Bridget Marquardt (2002-2008)
  55. Sheila Levell (2003-2004)
  56. Kendra Wilkinson (2004-2008)
  57. Janine Habeck (2006)
  58. Amanda Paige (2006)
  59. Jessica Burciaga (2008)
  60. Ida Ljungqvist (2008)
  61. Amy Leigh Andrews (2008) – RUMOR
  62. Melissa Dawn Taylor (2008-2009)
  63. Darya Astafieva (2008-2010)
  64. Karissa Shannon (2008-2010)
  65. Kristina Shannon (2008-2010)
  66. Jenna Bentley (2009-2010)
  67. Crystal Harris (2009-2017) – Hefner started dating Crystal Harris, a glamour model, in January 2009. She replaced Holly Madison as his #1 girlfriend. In December 2010, they got engaged and were scheduled to get married in June 2011. However, just 5 days before their marriage, she decided to call off their engagement. They eventually managed to reconcile and got married in December 2012. They were still married when he passed away in September 2017.
  68. Anna Sophia Berglund (2011)
  69. Shera Bechard (2011-2012)
Hugh Hefner with the Playboy Bunnies in September 2009
Hugh Hefner with the Playboy Bunnies in September 2009 (Mark Dunne / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Race / Ethnicity


Hefner had English and German ancestry on his father’s side and Swedish roots on his mother’s side.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation

He was probably ‘Bisexual’. He was believed to have a physical relationship with his doctor Dr. Saginor. He himself said that –

There was some bisexuality in the heterosexual, swinging part of my life.

Distinctive Features

  • Attended public events in pajamas
  • Often smoked a pipe

Brand Endorsements

Hugh Hefner had appeared in TV commercials for the following brands –

  • Motorola
  • X Games IX
  • Stolichnaya Vodka
  • Bavaria
  • Guitar Hero

He was also featured in the print adverts for Tanqueray London Dry Gin.


Hefner was raised in a devout Methodist household. But, as an adult, he was believed to be agnostic.

Hugh Hefner as seen in April 1978 at the premiere of the movie F.I.S.T.
Hugh Hefner as seen in April 1978 at the premiere of the movie F.I.S.T. (Alan Light / Flickr / CC BY 2.0)

Best Known For

  • Being the founder of the iconic publication, Playboy, of which he served as the editor-in-chief and was the driving force in making it a popular institution
  • His womanizing habits as he was linked with numerous women and was seen with younger women at public events during his lifespan

First Film

In 1981, he made his theatrical film debut in the historical comedy movie, History of the World: Part I.

First TV Show

In 1959, Hugh Hefner made his first TV show appearance on the music TV series, Playboy’s Penthouse.

Hugh Hefner Favorite Things

  • Food – Lamb chops, fried chicken with mashed potatoes, and poached egg with mashed potatoes
  • Fruit – Grapefruit

SourceHaute Living

Hugh Hefner (Left) with Lillian Muller and Maurice Rinaldi (Right) as seen in 2012
Hugh Hefner (Left) with Lillian Muller and Maurice Rinaldi (Right) as seen in 2012 (Eva Rinaldi / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Hugh Hefner Facts

  1. In his honor, a species of rabbits has been named after him. The species is called Sylvilagus palustris hefneri.
  2. After dropping out of college, he started working as a copywriter with Esquire. However, he resigned from his job in January 1952 after the management refused to give him a $5 raise.
  3. In 1953, he managed to raise $600 with a bank loan and overall $8,000 from 45 investors, which included $1,000 from his mother. He used the capital to start Playboy.
  4. Interestingly, Hefner had initially planned to call his venture Stag Party. However, as there already existed a magazine with a similar name, he decided to go with Playboy.
  5. In December 1953, the first issue of Playboy was published and it featured Marilyn Monroe from her calendar shoot in 1949. The issue sold over 50,000 copies.
  6. Although he had never met Marilyn Monroe in his lifetime, he decided to buy a crypt next to hers for $75,000 at the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in 1992.
  7. In June 1963, he was arrested on the charges of promoting obscene literature after he had featured Jayne Mansfield‘s n*de pictures in the Playboy issue. The case went to a trial and resulted in a hung jury.
  8. In the 1960s, Hefner started establishing private key clubs. And, he went against the social norms by making his clubs racially diverse, which was very unique in the society that was still dealing with segregation.
  9. In 1970, he publicly came out against the militant feminists and was particularly stinging in his criticism. He also ordered his magazine to feature a hit piece against them.
  10. In 1971, he revealed that he had experimented with bisexuality but found that it did not suit him.
  11. At the age of 59, he suffered a minor stroke in 1985. In the aftermath, he decided to make changes to his lifestyle, which included decreasing his participation in his signature all-night wild parties.
  12. In 1988, he decided to hand over the operations of the Playboy empire to his daughter, Christie.
  13. He served with the U.S. Army during World War II when he had just graduated from Steinmetz High School.
  14. He told in an interview with Esquire that he had slept with more than 1,000 women. But, he never cheated when he was married.
  15. Despite his love for wild parties, he remained away from alcohol and drugs all his life. It is even reported that whoever was caught doing drugs at his house was permanently banned from attending his parties.
  16. In his will, he inserted a clause stating that the beneficiaries of his trust which included his daughter Christie, sons – David, Cooper, and Marston, and his widow Crystal Harris could only receive money from his trust as long as they remained clean and sober.

Featured Image by Toglenn / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

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