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James Haskell Diet Plan and Fitness Tips

James Haskell is not just a rugby player who helps England and Northampton Saints win, he is also a fitness expert who helps people to stay fit and feel great by writing helpful books. One of his books is Cooking for Fitness that he has written alongside chef Omar Meziane. The information shared by the sports star is tried and tested because it is based on personal experience. If you are impressed by the way he moves on the field and how he looks off the field, then, you must read on to know his diet plan and fitness tips.

James Haskell in an Instagram post as seen in December 2018
James Haskell in an Instagram post as seen in December 2018 (James Haskell / Instagram)

Eating to Perform

The handsome hunk admits that he is constantly thinking about eating right so that he performs well in the game and recover from his training quicker to ensure that he continues to perform well in the future too. Poor nutrition may lead to poor performance, and a diet for rugby demands that he consumes ample amounts of carbs, fats, and protein at the right time.

Diet Plan

The diet plan followed by the famous player on a typical training day includes the following:

  • Breakfast – Toast with eggs, chicken sausage, protein porridge, 2-liter water, probiotic drink, and a coffee with whole milk
  • Pre-Training – Before the training session, he has a protein shake with carbs and a greens drink.
  • Post Training – After the first post-training session, he has some chicken breast or fish with broccoli, brown rice or potato, and 1-liter water. Then, he has the 2nd post-training meal that includes sun-dried tomato rice, sea bass, olives, and 1-liter water.
  • Snack – Almond seed bar and banana
  • Dinner – Courgette beef lasagna followed by 1-liter water
James Haskell as seen in January 2019
James Haskell as seen in January 2019 (James Haskell / Instagram)

Tips for Fans

Monitor Constantly

James wants people who eat for performance to track their foods and made slight modifications after accessing how you are feeling. You should also have your goal in mind, whether you are eating just to fuel your training or whether you are eating to stay lean and healthy.

Healthy Eating is Simple

Haskell is a bit blunt when it comes to the right eating. He opines that the media focuses a lot on diets that aren’t too good and many doctors have minimal knowledge of nutrition. He thinks that healthy eating is not rocket science. Instead, it’s simple, and everyone can do it.

The Pie Chart

If you want to eat healthily, you should know the basics about calories and burn more calories. You should also consider your plate as a pie chart that should include protein, carbohydrates, decent vegetables, and fats. You should have 3 meals a day to keep things simple.

James Haskell promoting his book Cooking for Fitness in an Instagram post in January 2019
James Haskell promoting his book Cooking for Fitness in an Instagram post in January 2019 (James Haskell / Instagram)

Thoughts on Indulgence

The amazing player has trained himself to eat 3,800 calories in a day, but he still indulges from time to time. His guilty pleasure is pizza, and he doesn’t stress about indulging in it. He admits to being a foodie and likes going to nice restaurants to have nice food and wine like all of us. He doesn’t believe in setting portion limits that suit all. In his opinion, you should eat according to your body needs. One should also customize the recipes to suit individual needs.

3 Golden Rules

No matter whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat, you should track your intake of food, opt for suitable sustenance, and remember the fact that sustainable results usually take time. So, patience is very important.

Perfect Fitness Partner

As James is married to Chloe Madeley who is also a celebrity and a fitness guru, staying in shape is easy for him. He insists that there is plenty of anecdotal and scientific evidence of the fact that if you train with a person who knows nutrition, you will be more likely to be successful in achieving your fitness goals. Though Chloe’s training and diet are very different from his, he has learned plenty about nutrition from her.

James Haskell in an Instagram post while working out as seen in June 2018
James Haskell in an Instagram post while working out as seen in June 2018 (James Haskell / Instagram)

Thoughts on Fitness Revolution

The fitness icon says that Britons need a health and fitness revolution as most people can be compared to burst sausages. He recommends that schools should enhance the quality of nutrition information that is shared with young people and believes that NHS is also providing obsolete advice because it’s relying a lot on food pyramids. When he sees pictures of people on a night out in news outlets, he thinks that most of the population are similar to burst sausages. It makes him realize that Britain needs a fitness revolution to come quickly. When kids know about nutrition, they are more likely to make the right choices and live healthier lives.

Featured Image by James Haskell / Instagram

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